Important Questions Class 12 Hindi Aroh

Important Questions for CBSE Class 12 Hindi Aroh

CBSE Class 12 Hindi Aroh is a high-standard study material that can help you develop a good grasp on the subject. Students preparing for their Class 12 examinations must follow this book for good scores. In addition to studying the NCERT Hindi Aroh textbook, students are also advised to try solving the important questions for CBSE Class 12 Hindi. Here, at Extramarks, you can easily download the Class 12 Hindi textbook as well as the important questions for Class 12 Hindi Aroh.

Downloading the important questions will help you understand the question pattern and the important topics. It also helps in developing the art of answering literature questions and improving your time management. You must download the important questions for Class 12 Hindi Aroh after thorough study of the NCERT textbook. Solving the important questions will help you prepare for your exams and score good grades.

Having a good grasp on the subject will open many doors of opportunity for you. Whether you choose to pursue teaching, aspire to get a job as a translator in a foreign country, or revive the charm of this language by becoming a modern writer, there are many opportunities that open up when you study Hindi in  high school. That’s why learning this language with utmost sincerity is important. 

Extramarks provides you with all the necessary study materials in one place. You can visit the site anytime using your mobile, tablet, or laptop and download the PDF version of NCERT textbooks, important questions, NCERT Solutions, previous year papers, and notes, among other things.

There are 18 chapters in the Class 12 Hindi Aroh Book. Ten of these chapters are poems, and the remaining eight are prose.

Important Questions for CBSE Class 12 Hindi Aroh

CBSE Class 12 Hindi Aroh Important Questions 

For Class 12 Hindi, CBSE redefined the syllabus to cope with modern educational needs, and NCERT published the new Hindi textbooks as per the new guidelines that adhere to the CBSE Syllabus

In the literature portion of the 2022 Board Exams, all questions will be strictly based on these NCERT Class 12 Hindi NCERT Books, which are Aroh and Vitan. The chapters in these NCERT books are organised to assist students in developing a strong understanding of the subject. They are introduced to significant concepts that help them develop a deeper understanding of the subject. 

In recent years, schools that are not associated with the CBSE but are instead governed by other government boards have also begun using the NCERT textbooks. It is because of the clear explanations, easy- understand language, and logical explanations given in the NCERT textbooks that learning is simple.

While studying the NCERT textbooks is pivotal for getting good scores, students must also try to solve the question papers to analyse their level of preparation. At Extramarks, you can download all the important questions based on these NCERT books and CBSE syllabus.

CBSE Class 12 Hindi Aroh Important Questions

Hindi Class 12 Aroh Important Questions 

Due to the widespread misperceptions surrounding language subjects, most students do not put much effort into preparing for them. They either have the notion that these subjects are easy and the syllabus can be covered overnight or they feel their contribution to one’s career is limited. But this is far from the truth.

Studying the language subjects every day is important to scoring well in your exams. Apart from studying your NCERT textbooks, you must also go through the reference materials, take notes, solve important questions, and check out the solutions. Having a strong grasp on the subject is always a perk, no matter which career you choose to pursue.

To help students understand the subject well and develop an interest in it.Extramarks brings you all the materials on one site. You can easily download the important questions for the Hindi Aroh NCERT book for students in Class 12.

Class 12 Hindi Aroh Important Questions

The Aroh textbook used in the CBSE Class 12 Hindi curriculum contains 18 chapters that have been divided into two portions. The book’s first part, known as “Kavya Khand”, contains a selection of different poems. Gadya Khand, the part of the book that contains prose, is the second part. Ten different poets have provided eight poems and eight different prose chapters that students are expected to know before the board exams. The literature part is all written by well-known authors. Listed below are the chapters of the Aroh Hindi book in more detail.

The following is a list of the chapters within the Kavya Khand of the Aroh book for class 12 Hindi. Each chapter is divided into sections titled after the poets who contributed to it.

  • Harivansh Rai Bachchan
  1. Aatmaparichay
  2. Ek Geet
  • Aalok Dhanva
  1. Patang
  • Kunwar Narayan
  1. Kavita Ke Bahaane
  2. Baat Seedhi Thi Par
  • Raghuveer Sahay
  1. Cameraey Mein Bandh Apaahij
  • Gajanan Madhav Muktibodh
  1. Saharsh Sveekara Hai
  • Shamsher Bahadur Singh
  1. Usha
  • Suryakanth Tripathi ‘Nirala’
  1. Baadalraag
  • Tulsidas
  1. Kavitavali (Uttar Kaand Se)
  2. Lakshman-Moorchha Aur Raam Ka Vilaap
  • Firakh Gorakhpuri
  1. Rubaiyan
  2. Gazal
  • Umashankar Joshi
  1. Chhota Mera Kheth
  2. Bagulon Ke Pankh

The Kavya Khand of Aroh covers a wide range of themes, which are very significant in developing a student’s broader view on the subject. The important questions and answers will enable students to understand these poems better. 

Here is a list of the chapters included in the Gadhya Khand, as well as the authors who contributed to the writing of those chapters:

  • Mahadevi Verma
  1. Bhaktin
  • Janendru Kumar
  1. Bazaar Darshan
  • Dharmveer Bharti
  1. Kaale Megha Paani De
  • Phaneeshwar Nath Renu
  1. Pehelwaan Ki Dholak
  • Vishnu Khare
  1. Charlie Chaplin Yaani Hum Sab
  • Raziya Sajjad Zaheer
  1. Namak
  • Hajari Prasad Dwivedi
  1. Shireesh Ke Phool
  • Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar
  1. Shram Vibhajan Aur Jati-Pratha
  2. Meri Kalpana Ka Aadarsh Samaaj

The Gadya Khand has chapters divided into three categories: fictitious stories, narratives based on true events, and essays written by notable people like Ambedkar, who made an effort to change how the country perceived injustice and inequity. It is essential to know the world in its more comprehensive setting, read about such people’s lives, and understand what they have written.

It is wonderful that the textbook for Class 12 Hindi Aroh has a broad assortment of prose and poetry since it gives students a strong literary sensibility. Literature is among the essential aspects of life because it enables us to understand the nuances of communication and expression and gives us different viewpoints on the world.Understanding other people’s perspectives and experiences is necessary for humans to coexist with one another and continue to live.

Benefits of Hindi Class 12 Aroh Important Questions

All students who have selected Hindi as an elective subject in their final year must study the important questions from the Hindi Aroh book. These important questions are available on the Extramarks website. Going through these questions has several benefits. Some of them are listed below –

  • Extramarks has compiled the important questions after going through the CBSE Previous Year Question Papers; therefore, there is a greater possibility of these questions being asked in the final board exams.
  • Solving these important questions helps students develop a better understanding of the subject and its topics. Their writing skills will develop as they practise solving different questions.
  • By studying theseimportant questions, students will get to know the format of the questions asked in the board exams. They will also understand the right way to approach the questions and the techniques to frame their answers.
  • The important questions are divided based on the chapters of the Hindi Aroh book for Class 12, making it easy for students to categorise the questions and study for the exams more effectively.
  • Solving the important questions will give them an idea of the length of their answers and the time it will take them to answer these questions. Regular practise canhelp them improve their speed while avoiding silly mistakes.


The Hindi Aroh book covers a wide range of topics, allowing students to gain a thorough understanding of the subject.Students must study the chapters included in the book thoroughly. Each chapter is written by a renowned writer and delivers knowledge of great value. To get a deeper understanding of these chapters, students must download the Aroh Class 12 Hindi important questions offered by Extramarks. These important questions will stimulate their analytical thinking and help them develop a deeper understanding of the author’s words.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How exactly would the NCERT questions for Class 12 Hindi Aroh benefit me?

Solving NCERT questions for Class 12 Hindi Aroh is highly recommended by experts and subject teachers. This is because solving these questions will help you develop your critical thinking and have a better understanding of the topics. Also, practising the important questions will help you score well on your boards.

2. Do I have to go through all of the 12th Hindi Aroh questions and practise them?

When it comes to preparing for language subjects, you should get as much practise as possible. Gaining proficiency in a language with excellent written and verbal skills is not that easy. It develops with regular practise and patience. Along with studying the NCERT course textbook, you must also try solving the Class 12 Hindi Aroh questions. Apart from that, reading Hindi novels or newspapers can also help you get a good grasp on the subject.

3. What is the total number of chapters in the Hindi Aroh for Class 12?

A total of 18 chapters are included in the Aroh textbook used for NCERT Class 12 Hindi. Students are encouraged to read all of them because each chapter is crafted by well-known poets and writers who not only teach you the language but also broaden your perception

4. How reliable are the Class 12 Hindi Aroh NCERT important questions on Extramarks?

The NCERT important questions for Class 12 Aroh that are available on Extramarks are drafted by subject matter experts with years of experience in teaching. These materials can be completely trusted to point you in the right direction.

5. Why should one prioritise the study of NCERT Hindi Aroh for Class 12?

Learning becomes simple and interesting when you have the right materials handy. NCERT Hindi Aroh for Class 12 is curated by experts to help students understand the complexity of the language in a simplified way. It not only helps them understand the subject but also helps  develop their interest in the language. The chapters included in the book are carefully chosen from the best  Hindi literature currently available.