Important Questions Class 12 Maths

Important Questions for Class 12 Mathematics 

Class 12th Mathematics is crucial, especially for students interested in engineering and architecture-oriented courses. All engineering entrance tests, including JEE (Main and Advanced), BITSAT, and numerous state engineering examinations, feature a dedicated section to Mathematics. Some entrance tests require applicants to get a minimum score in their board exams for Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry.

At Extramarks, our subject specialists have prepared important questions for class 12 Mathematics, which prove to be quite beneficial for the students in their Mathematics preparation. These important questions provide a framework for preparing for various board examinations and numerous competitive exams. 

All questions in our important questions for class 12 Mathematics solution have been prepared, keeping in mind the NCERT textbook guidelines. Students need an exceptional level of preparation for competitive examinations. Thus, we cover all of the crucial questions that the students need to prepare for both class 12th boards and other entrance examinations. 

Further, explore more resources on the Extramarks website for Mathematics Important Questions Class 12. All materials such as NCERT books solution, CBSE revision notes, and many more are available to the students for free. Special tips and tricks have been included so that the students can grasp the concepts easily.

What Chapters Are Covered in Important Questions for Class 12 Mathematics?

CBSE Class 12 Mathematics has an extensive syllabus with 13 chapters, and it becomes pretty intimidating for many students. Below are the chapters from the NCERT textbook of Class 12 Mathematics that are covered in important questions for class 12 mathematics  solutions

  • Chapter 1: Relations and Functions
  • Chapter 2: Inverse Trigonometric Functions
  • Chapter 3: Matrices
  • Chapter 4: Determinants
  • Chapter 5: Continuity and Differentiability
  • Chapter 6: Application of Derivatives 
  • Chapter 7: Integrals
  • Chapter 8: Application of Integrals 
  • Chapter 9: Differential Equations
  • Chapter 10: Vector Algebra
  • Chapter 11: Three Dimensional Geometry
  • Chapter 12: Linear Programming
  • Chapter 13: Probability

One needs to be very organised first to cover all the chapters and then have a study plan that allocates time for practise on a regular basis. This is where Chapter wise Important questions for class 12 Mathematics solutions help the students. For each chapter in the CBSE Class 12 Mathematics syllabus, the Extramarks team has provided the Important Questions Class 12 Mathematics section. This section has various formats of questions such as the objective type questions (fill in the blanks, true or false), MCQs to subjective type questions like the answer in brief and answer in detail, etc. Hence, this section of important questions will be beneficial in revising key concepts and grading the student for the exams. 

Important Questions for Class 12 Mathematics – Weightage

The marks distribution of the CBSE 12th Mathematics chapter-wise syllabus is tabulated below. Our academics team has browsed through the last ten years’ question papers and gathered this information.

No. Units Marks
I. Relations and Functions 08
II. Algebra 10
III. Calculus 35
IV. Vectors and 3D Geometry  14
V. Linear Programming 05
VI. Probability 08
  Total 80
  Internal Assessment 20

Important Questions for Class 12 Mathematics – Chapter-Wise Questions PDF Download

Mathematics for Class 12 has a vast syllabus, and a lot of preparation and practice is required. There are numerous topics to be covered, and the only way to keep them in mind is to practise regularly. It would be best if you practised the difficult questions regularly so that there is no scope of making any mistake during your actual exams.

But you no longer need to be concerned as Extramarks give you access to all of the important questions for Class 12 Mathematics for each chapter, along with their solutions. 

Click the chapter-wise questions and solutions below to check the CBSE class 12 Mathematics important questions.

Make the best use of these solved questions covered in our important questions for class 12 Mathematics solutions pdf file. Be on board with Extramarks to get exclusive notifications and news about the upcoming examinations. Along with study material, syllabus, exam pattern and various other information. 

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Important Questions for Class 12 Mathematics – Types of Questions

According to CBSE‘s recent guidelines, the current exam paper format for Class 12 Mathematics is as follows:

  • The Mathematics Class 12 test paper is divided into five sections.
  • There are 16 questions in section one, and each carries one mark.
  • The case studies will be used to answer the questions in section two. This section will include two case studies. Each case study will have five multiple-choice questions, with the student just having to answer four of them. Each MCQ is of one mark
  • In part three, there will be ten questions. Each question will be for two marks each.
  • There will be seven questions in section four. Each question is three marks each.
  • Section five will have three questions of five marks each.

Benefits of Solving Important Questions for Class 12 Mathematics

  • Students tend to search for important questions in a particular chapter after studying and understanding it. 
  • The important questions comprise the main and significant parts of the chapter. As a result, this booklet of the most important questions under each chapter will help the students immensely.
  • The important questions for Class 12 Mathematics will serve as a guiding light for a student, allowing them to concentrate on the most significant aspects of the chapter.

Extramarks important question bank for class 12 Mathematics is a carefully curated collection of important questions collected from each chapter. Once you subscribe to the CBSE Class 12 Mathematics plan, you can access this section. It will help you practise and improve your problem-solving skills.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How can you get good marks in Class 12 Mathematics?

To score well in Class 12 Mathematics, the first and foremost thing is to start preparing when the academic term begins. This will help in finishing all chapters without rushing. The next step is to attend all the Mathematics classes and ask your teachers in case of any doubt. Asking questions helps clear the concepts. And lastly, practise and practise.

2. How can Mathematics Important question Class 12 help you study?

Download and practise chapter-by-chapter Important questions for class 12 Mathematics booklets. Solve the important questions of Mathematics class 12 problems and compare your solutions to the 12th Mathematics Important Questions solution. With practice, you will improve dramatically. You will be able to answer queries quickly and efficiently. Your score will improve when you utilise the strategies outlined in the solutions.

3. Is Class 12 Mathematics easy?

Class 12 Mathematics has an extensive syllabus. But it is considered to be simple for students who understand the concepts properly. You may easily understand the principles of Class 12 Maths if your Class 11 concepts are well-established. However, if your Class 11 concepts aren’t completely clear, you can have trouble learning Class 12 Mathematics. Still, if you begin preparing at an early stage, you can avoid this problem. If you do this, you will have more time to read your past years’ concepts and your Class 12 chapters.