Important Questions Class 12 Physics

Important Questions for Class 12 Physics

Physics is a core part of the science curriculum and is a complex subject. During a student’s academic career, the importance of Physics as a subject cannot be understated. It is essential to have a good base in Physics for all students looking to pursue a career in engineering, whether mechanical, electrical or computer engineering. Physics is a very subjective topic that requires students to write accurate answers to questions.

Our academic experts at Extramarks have developed important questions for class 12 Physics, which have proven to be very useful for students in their Physics preparation. These crucial questions form a basis for preparation for various board exams and competitive tests. 

Important questions for class 12 physics with answers have been prepared by keeping in mind all the guidelines of the NCERT textbooks. Competitive examinations need a high level of preparation from students. As a result, we cover all of the important questions that students need to prepare for their class 12th boards and other entrance examinations.

Further, explore more resources on the Extramarks website for both primary and secondary classes. All materials such as NCERT books solution, CBSE previous year question papers, CBSE revision notes, and many more are available for free. Special tips and tricks have been used in our solutions to make formulas easy and easy understanding for the students. The following are some reasons why our CBSE (NCERT) board important questions for class 12 Physics can help students prepare for their board exams:

  • Extramarks has some of the finest teachers in the country who prepare the important questions for class 12 Physics.
  • The questions in each chapter are carefully chosen after going through the last 10 years of board exam papers.
  • Answers to the questions are formed so that it is easy for the students to understand and retain them.
  • A special section is dedicated to important questions for class 12 Physics at the end of each chapter. It saves students a lot of time. They can go through them while preparing for their final revisions.

What Chapters Are Covered in Important Questions for Class 12 Physics?

The CBSE Class 12 Physics syllabus is vast, with 15 chapters, and many students find it overwhelming. The chapters from the NCERT textbook for Class 12 Physics are listed here:

  • Chapter 1: Electric Charges and Fields
  • Chapter 2: Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance
  • Chapter 3: Current Electricity
  • Chapter 4: Moving Charges and Magnetism
  • Chapter 5: Magnetism and Matter
  • Chapter 6: Electromagnetic Induction
  • Chapter 7: Alternating Current
  • Chapter 8: Electromagnetic Waves
  • Chapter 9: Ray Optics and Optical Instruments
  • Chapter 10: Wave Optics
  • Chapter 11: Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter
  • Chapter 12: Atoms
  • Chapter 13: Nuclei
  • Chapter 14: Semiconductor Electronic: Material, Devices and Simple Circuits
  • Chapter 15: Communication Systems

Important questions for class 12 Physics presents you with a high-level of questions that will help you prepare for the class 12 Physics examination. Practising CBSE Class 12 Important Questions would help them clarify their concepts and improve their subject understanding. Students planning to appear for competitive examinations such as the IIT-JEE should definitely go through this set of important questions for class 12 Physics.

A student must be very organised to complete the Physics class 12 syllabus and get good grades. A student should prepare a timetable and allocate time for regular practise. This is where 12th physics important questions come in handy for the students. For each chapter in the CBSE Class 12 Physics syllabus, the Extramarks team has provided the Important Questions for Class 12 Physics section. This section has various questions such as objective type questions (fill in the blanks, true or false), Multiple Choice Questions to subjective type questions like the answer in brief and answer in detail, etc. Hence, this section of important questions will be beneficial in revising key concepts and grading yourself for your examinations. 

Important Questions for Class 12 Physics – Weightage

The following table shows the CBSE 12th Physics chapter wise marks distribution:

Unit Chapter Marks
Unit 1 – Electrostatics Chapter–1: Electric Charges and Fields 16
Chapter–2: Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance
Unit 2 –Current Electricity Chapter -3: Current Electricity
Unit 3 –Magnetic Effects of current and magnetism Chapter–4: Moving Charges and Magnetism 17
Chapter–5: Magnetism and Matter
Unit 4 –Electromagnetic induction and electric currents Chapter–6: Electromagnetic Induction
Chapter–7: Alternating Current
Unit 5 – Electromagnetic waves Chapter–8: Electromagnetic Waves 18
Unit 6 –Optics Chapter–9: Ray Optics and Optical Instruments
Chapter–10: Wave Optics
Unit 7 – Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter Chapter–11: Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter 12
Unit 8 – Atoms and Nuclei Chapter–12: Atoms
Chapter–13: Nuclei
Unit 9 – Electronic Devices Chapter–14: Semiconductor Electronics: Materials, Devices and Simple Circuits 7
Total 70

Important Questions for Class 12 Physics – Chapter-Wise Weightage Strategy

Presenting below are some tips and tricks to score well in CBSE Class 12 Physics:

  • Students who struggle with Physics should begin by reading Modern Physics. The chapter Semiconductor is one of the most essential, with a weighted average of roughly eight marks. Atoms and nuclei are for a total of six marks.
  • Dual Nature of Radiation carries four marks in the next set of chapters. Around three marks are assigned to the communication system. Students will benefit significantly from having a solid grasp of these chapters to achieve higher grades in Physics.
  • Now you can start studying the most important and most complex topics, such as Optics, worth 14 marks in the board examination.
  • Ray optics, which is an easy topic to study, must be completed first in Optics. It would be best to focus more on difficulties involving interference, diffraction, and Young’s double-slit experiment in Wave Optics.
  • Current and Electricity is likewise a simple chapter that carries seven marks.
  • If a student has not started with Electrostatics and Magnetism until the end, it is preferable to skip these chapters because they take up more time than the others. On the other hand, these two chapters are critical for competitive examinations.
  • Electromagnetic Induction is another chapter on which you should concentrate if you want to do well. It is a crucial chapter for both boards and competitive examinations.
  • You should thoroughly practise the ray diagram and other relevant diagrams. Drawing and learning at the same time will help you grasp numerous things more quickly and easily.
  • Try to solve objective type problems to improve your ability to solve one mark questions in the examination; this will benefit you.
  • Go through Extramarks’ Important Questions for class 12 Physics section to retain and revise all the important concepts. 

Important Questions for Class 12 Physics – Chapter-Wise Questions – Article Links

A lot of practice and preparation are required with such a vast syllabus for Class 12 Physics. There are a variety of topics to be covered and concepts to be cleared, and the only way to do so is by practice. It is advised to constantly practise the difficult topics, so there is no scope for any mistakes. 

But with Extramarks, you no longer need to be concerned about this as we give you access to all of the important questions for Class 12 Physics for each chapter, along with their solutions. 

Click the chapter-wise questions and solutions below to check the CBSE important questions for class 12 Physics:

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Important Questions for Class 12 Physics – Types of Questions

According to CBSE‘s recent guidelines, the current exam paper format for Class 12 Physics is as follows:

  • The Physics Class 12 test paper is divided into five sections. It has 33 questions in total.
  • Section A contains very short answer questions and four assertion reasoning MCQs for one mark each.
  • Section B has two case-based questions of four marks each.
  • Section C has nine short answer questions of two marks each.
  • Section D contains five short answer questions of three marks each.
  • Section E contains three long answer questions of five marks each.

Benefits of Solving Important Questions for Class 12 Physics

  • Students tend to search for important questions in a particular chapter after studying and understanding it. 
  • The important questions for class 12 Physics comprise the main and significant parts of the chapter. As a result, this booklet of the most important questions under each chapter will help the students immensely.
  • The important questions for Class 12 Physics will serve as a guiding light for a student, allowing them to concentrate on the most significant aspects of the chapter.

Extramarks important questions for class 12 Physics is a carefully curated collection of important questions collected from each chapter. Once you subscribe to the CBSE Class 12 Physics plan, you can access this section. It will help you practise and improve problem-solving.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What kind of questions from CBSE Class 12 Physics are the easiest to score?

Although subjective questions from CBSE class 12 science Physics such as “answer in brief,” “identify between,” and “explain in detail” are long, they are the simplest to score since they are open-ended. You can enhance your replies if you have the required knowledge and concept of the questions asked in the exam. Close-ended questions include Multiple Choice Questions, fill-in-the-blanks, Assertion – Reason Questions, and Case study based -cum- MCQs. For these sorts of questions, the response should be explicit or precisely stated in the textbook. If your answers to these questions are wrong, you will straight away get a zero mark for the question. On the other side, if you have a good understanding and knowledge of your entire syllabus, it will become easier for you to score well in subjective and objective questions. As a result, Extramarks offers you a comprehensive course structure and resources to practise a variety of questions.

2. How to attempt the Physics paper in the board examination?

To start with, write down all of the formulae and practise them regularly so that you can memorise them. In Physics, derivations are extremely important. Retaining the derivations of the formulaewill make it much easier for you to answer the questions on the board. Exam questions will be asked unusually. To comprehend them, you must have a good command of different concepts and applications.

Always concentrate on the topics that carry the most weightage in terms of marks. Topics like sound waves, wave optics, modern physics, and alternating current should be your primary focus. Thermodynamics is one such topic that is covered in both Physics and Chemistry. This is also one of the most essential areas in Physics. A thorough practise of all topics is a must.

3. How will practising important questions for Class 12 Physics help me improve my score?

Students have a habit of searching for important questions in a chapter after studying and comprehending all of the concepts taught in CBSE class 12-science Physics. As a result, this particular resource of Important Questions for class 12 Physics listed under each chapter will benefit students. This resource will act as a guiding light for a student, allowing them to concentrate on the most significant aspects of the chapter. Extramarks’ important questions for class 12 Physics is a curated collection of the most important and relevant questions drawn from the different chapters. You will get access to important questions for class 12 Physics after you have subscribed to CBSE’s Class 12-science programmes, which will help you practise and improve your problem-solving abilities.

4. Summarise the teachings of the chapter Electricity and Magnetism.

The CBSE and NCERT textbooks on Electricity and Magnetism explain electromotive force (EMF) and voltage, resistance and resistivity, the origin of resistivity, the temperature dependence of resistivity, electrical current, resistance, and Ohm’s law, the temperature dependence of resistivity and resistance, the battery and the electromotive force, heating effect of currents, cell grouping, electrical measuring instruments, chemical effect of current, thermoelectricity confines of Ohm’s law, superconductivity, resistors in series and parallel and electric circuits and Kirchoff’s law.

The chapter also focuses on electric charges, conductors and insulators, Electric potential energy, electric potential, charging of a body, Coulomb’s Law, Electric field, the relationship between electric field and potential, Gauss’law, properties of a conductor, equipotential surface, electric dipole, the spontaneous explosion of grain silos, the attraction of paper to a charged scale, the damage of electronic components during manufacturing, photocopier & laser printer operation, electric field and potential due to charged spherical shell or solid conducting sphere and electric field and potential due to a solid sphere of charge. The important questions of this chapter can be found in the Important Questions for Class 12 Physics

5. Which is the most important chapter of class 12 Physics?

According to the CBSE’s blueprint or marking plan, the chapters with the highest marks weightage are regarded as the essential chapters. Although every chapter in the Class 12 NCERT book’s syllabus is important for further study, the chapters Electrostatics and Current Electricity (16 marks), Magnetic Effects and Electromagnetic Induction (17 marks), and Optics and Dual Nature of Radiation and Light (18 marks) are the ones that require more attention.