Important Questions Class 6 English a Pact With the Sun Chapter 1

Important Questions Class 6 English A Pact With The Sun Chapter 1- The Tales of Two Birds 

English is an important subject for pupils to study and concentrate on. As a universal language, having a firm grasp of the language is essential as the student grows up. Students not only learn from the rich literature of stories and poems, but they also learn new vocabulary and phrases that will help them improve their spoken English. Because students may believe that English is simple, they may put off preparations until the very last minute. However, it can have a negative impact on their performance. Thus, studying English and important questions is vital to achieving good grades and reaping the benefits of the huge wealth of stories and poems. As a result, students can benefit from the Extramarks tools.

The Important Questions Class 6 English A Pact With The Sun Chapter 1 is one resource that will help students thoroughly comprehend the chapter A Tale of Two Birds. In this chapter, students will read the story of two siblings of birds who get separated due to a storm. The storm winds carry both birds in different directions, and they land in contrasting companies. One bird grows near a gang of robbers, and the other grows in a rishi’s ashram. Students can easily witness the change in both birds’ characteristics when encountering a king lost in a dense forest. It teaches young minds an important lesson that our company is a huge determinant of the character and habits that we shall possess, so choose your company wisely. With the help of the Important Questions for Class 6 English: A Pact With The Sun Chapter 1, students can complete the chapter practice.

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Important Questions Class 6 English A Pact With The Sun Chapter 1 With Solutions 

Class 6 English textbooks present students with various engaging stories and poems that work to expand their minds with beautiful stories and poetries while also assisting them in learning new and polished vocabulary and phrases. Extramarks has produced a list of important questions for all of the chapters, for example, the Important Questions Class 6 English A Pact With The Sun Chapter 1, to help keep students in mind. It will be an incredible asset for students during their test preparations.

Below are some of the Important Questions in Class 6 English A Pact With The Sun Chapter 1, with solutions provided for students’ practice:

Question 1. Where do the two baby birds live with their mother?

Answer 1: The baby birds lived in a tall, shady tree with their mother.

Question 2. How did the two birds get separated?

Answer 2: The two baby birds shared a nest in a tall and shady tree with their mother. One day, there was a great storm with thunder, lightning, and rain. A large, hefty branch fell on the nest and killed the mother bird. The powerful wind drove the two baby birds away to the opposite side of the forest, thus separating them.

Question 3. Who is the fourth character in the story, apart from the birds, rishi, and robbers?

Answer 3: Except for the rishi, birds, and robbers, the fourth character in the story is the king of a kingdom. He pursues a deer that has run deep into the forest. As a result, the king gets lost in the jungle.

Question 4. Where did each of the birds find a home?

Answer 4: The baby birds were blown to the opposite sides of the big forest. One of the birds came near a cave occupied by a group of robbers, while the other baby bird landed outside a rishi’s ashram. Both birds had very different environments while growing up, which directly impacted their characteristics.

Question 5. A person is known by the company they keep. Comment on the statement.

Answer 5: Yes, a person can be judged by the company they keep. The storm separated the two birds in the story. One lived with robbers, while the other stayed outside an ashram. The difference in the company can be seen in how the birds interact with the king.

The first bird imitated the robbers since it had learned unpleasant lessons from them. It discussed robbing and injuring people. The second bird talked about assisting people and reiterated what it had learned at the ashram. It greeted the monarch, handed him his drink, and suggested that he rest. Due to differences in their upbringing, they both behaved differently even though they appeared the same.

Question 6. The parent should nurture the child well to make them a good citizen. Do you agree or not?

Answer 6: If a child is properly groomed, they will become a responsible citizen. A child, like a bud, should be prioritised in terms of its mental, psychological, and social components. The kind of environment a person grows up in will determine the person they become. A positive environment will result in the person becoming a well-natured citizen. A negative environment will result in the person having some negative characteristics. Education is key in the process of developing good and productive citizens of a country. Education allows a person to earn a living. And the characteristics he adopts will determine how he will behave. Thus, a lot of care is required while nurturing a child to become a good-natured citizen of society.

Question 7. What was the conversation that took place between the king and the bird at the ashram?

Answer 7: After the bird begged the king to make himself at home and drink from the pot, the king was taken aback and exclaimed, “This one looks like the other bird outside the cave.” The bird concurs and informs the monarch that the first bird he saw was his brother. His brother had become friends with the robbers and had acted in the same manner as them. His brother no longer spoke to him. The king was thus surprised to see such a stark difference between the siblings.

Question 8. How did the rishi explain the different ways in which the birds behaved?

Answer 8: The king was taken aback by the differences in behaviour between the two birds. The rishi stated that the first bird repeated the phrases he had heard from the robbers, whereas the second bird replicated the words he had always heard at the ashram. It implies that the two birds’ behavioural differences were caused by the company in which they live. The first bird had a negative character, and the second had a very positive one.

Question 9. Which of the following statements sums up the story best?

  1. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
  2. One is known by the company one keeps.
  3. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Answer 9: The line that best summarises the story “A Tale of Two Birds” is known by the company one keeps.

Question 10. How did the king reach the rishi’s ashram? Why did the two birds  behave differently toward the king?

Answer 10: The monarch arrived in the woods to hunt a deer. He was riding after the game when he got lost. He stood beside a cave, exhausted. One of the birds alerted the criminals to rob the traveller of his valuables and horse. When the monarch felt threatened, he galloped off. He soon arrived at the ashram of a rishi. He took a seat in the shade of a tree. The king was taken aback when he heard the voice of another bird. It asked him to come into the ashram and rest. The two birds were brothers, but one became a thief while in the company of robbers. The others softened in the presence of the rishi. The holy man advised the king that one’s company, whether good or bad, determines whether one is noble or evil.

Question 11. What is the moral that students can learn from the story “A Tale of Two Birds”?

Answer 11: The story “A Tale of Two Birds” reminds us about the influences that people and our surroundings have on us. The story describes how the two birds lead distinct lives due to the company they engage with throughout their growing years. If you surround yourself with terrible influences, you are likelier to become a bad person like them. And if positive influences surround you, you are more likely to become a decent person like them. As a result, we must choose our company and friends carefully. Because what we see is what we learn, and that is how others perceive us. We see one bird as corrupt and ill-minded because it always stayed in the company of robbers. The second bird was polite and always on the lookout for doing good. It was because of the positive company at the ashram. The story teaches the readers to surround themselves with positive and good-natured people and be careful who they befriend.

Question 12. What is the difference between the first and second bird?

Answer 12: The first bird represents a negative personality. He is egotistical and lives with robbers. The robbers and their activities persuaded him that he had turned his back on right and wrong and on his own brother. The second bird at the ashram represents a positive character. He is courteous and kind to the forest’s wanderers. He attempts to talk to his brother, but he does not listen. The second bird is encouraged by the ashram’s behaviour and acts wisely. He understands the distinction between what is good and what is bad. The birds, in spite of being siblings, acted so differently just because of the circumstances and the company that they had when they grew up.

Question 13. Explain the tale of two birds in your own words.

Answer 13: In a jungle, there once lived a mother bird. She has just given birth to two baby birds. A thunderstorm with thunder and lightning struck one day. The storm killed the mother bird in the story. However, the strong winds blew the baby birds to the opposite end of the forest. One lived with robbers. The other individual chose to live with a rishiA king overheard them speaking one day. While chasing a deer, the king lost his way into the forest. The one ordered the robbers to loot and kill the king.The other nobles bird welcomed him warmly. They acted differently as a result of the company they kept. The king was surprised by such drastic behaviour between the two birds. It teaches the readers the value of keeping good company and being wary of the people you befriend.

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1. How many chapters are there in Class 6 English book A Pact With The Sun?

One of the books taught in the Class 6 English curriculum is A Pact With The Sun. There are a total of ten chapters. The chapters present students with engaging stories that help them enhance their English language skills and extend their vocabulary. Students interested in studying and reading will find the chapter and stories incredibly interesting. Extramarks supports students in preparing these chapters and developing an in-depth understanding of the essential ideas by providing the Important Questions for Class 6 English A Pact With The Sun Chapter 1 to help students review the chapters quickly and score higher in their exams.

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The list of Chapter 1 Class 6 English A Pact With the Sun Important Questions on Extramarks is a dependable and valuable resource. Students can use the questions and solutions in their study schedule to see a considerable improvement in their test performance. English A Pact With The Sun Class 6 Chapter 1 Important Questions by Extramarks is written in an easy-to-understand format that any student can grasp. Subject matter specialists develop these resources by examining various sources, including NCERT texts, previous years’ question papers, CBSE sample papers, and so on. Furthermore, the questions are created with the CBSE standards in mind, ensuring students have access to the most up-to-date resources.