Important Questions Class 6 English A Pact With The Sun Chapter 4

Important Questions Class 6 English A Pact With The Sun Chapter 4 – The Old-Clock Shop

This chapter, The Old Clock Shop, teaches us how we must consistently have goodwill in our hearts and, at the same time, help out the needy. Ray devoted himself and showed the right path to the robbers. Furthermore, it demonstrates how an honest approach and a calm mind can help us get out of the most bizarre situations.

English A Pact with the Sun Chapter 4 of Class 6 tells us about the story that happens on Christmas Eve. Two men enter Ray’s shop. Ray hands them a notepad and asks them to write, as he is deaf and dumb. However, Ray notices that the man has a gun. He thinks that the man will rob him. So, he understands that they must need money. He tells them that he has exchanged a good sum of money with people for their watches or wall clocks. He claims it is only for goodwill and not for profit then, that man shows his old wristwatch to Ray, and Ray gives him fifty dollars in return for it. This makes the man very happy, as the watch was not worth that much money. Furthermore, he does not have to harm anyone in order to obtain money, and he leaves happily. Thus, we learn how peace and goodwill work for everyone.

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Important Questions Class 6 English A Pact With The Sun Chapter 4 – With Solutions

By reviewing various study materials, our experienced English teachers have analysed and compiled a comprehensive list of Important Questions for Class 6 English: A Pact With The Sun Chapter 4.

Each and every answer is designed by an experienced team with step-by-step explanations that will help students understand the concepts covered in the chapter. Likewise, the questions are chosen in such a way that they cover whole chapter topics. So by practising from our question bank of Chapter 4 Class 6 English A Pact With The Sun Important Questions, students can fully revise the chapters.

The following are a few questions and answers from our English question bank for “A Pact With The Sun,” Class 6, Chapter 4: Important Questions:

Question 1: Ray was handicapped; how was he managing his customers?

Answer 1: Ray was the proprietor of an old clock shop. He was dumb and deaf. He intercommunicated with his customers by making notes on a required notepad.

Question 2: Who arrived at the shop at the time of closing?

Answer 2: The two people arrived at Ray’s shop just before the shop closed. One was young, while the other older one was nearly fifty. They had an evil plan to loot Ray of his cash.”

Question 3: What was the given purpose of the intruders?

Answer 3:The two individuals visiting Ray’s shop desperately needed money. They were willing to take away all of Ray’s cash by force.

Question 4: How did Ray tolerate the two shoppers?

Answer 4:Ray noticed that two men hadn’t come to purchase anything. Ray concealed his growing fear, and he always kept his cool. He paid fifty dollars in place of an old watch. That delighted the man. He voiced ‘Merry Christmas’ to Ray before he stepped out of the shop.

Question 5: What message was passed on by old clocks?

Answer 5:The old clocks and timepieces in Ray’s shop dinged altogether. They pass on the message of peace on earth as well as goodwill towards all.

Question 6: ‘Ray was an inspiration. How?

Answer 6: Ray was the aged and deaf owner of an old clock shop. He fixed and sold old clocks. He intercommunicated with his customers using pen and paper. He was smart, generous, and helpful, furthermore. He overpaid his guests when they were in need. He sent the unfriendly guests away quite cheerfully.

 Question 7: How did the old clock provide a timeless message through Ray?

Answer 7: Ray was an old and deaf dealer in old clocks. He also used to pay needy customers for the security of their old clocks. Two visitors arrived at his shop when he was going to pull down the shutter. He questioned their intentions. But he always kept his cool. He presented them with fifty dollars for an old clock. He did so as a gesticulation of goodwill as well as peace. The timepiece tingled out a musical message filled with hope. All three individuals who stood in the shop listened to the timeless message of peace on earth as well as goodwill towards all.

Question 8: “A single person can bring change in life”. Discuss in light of the lesson.

Answer 8: Even though Ray was deaf, his observation was impeccable. He comprehended the purpose of his customers and was terrified. Yet, he managed to hold on to his fear and answer in a friendly manner. He was understanding, generous, and pleasant in nature. These habits allowed him to win over unfriendly customers. His warmth softened the hearts of the two men. As a result, a good person always leaves a lasting impression on the minds of many people.Question 9: What is more important in life, to be rich – or to help humanity? Give your opinion.

Answer 9:  A person can earn wealth through different means. Whereas if he is not a good person, the person can go in the wrong direction and his character can fall by indulging in wrongdoing. In such cases, the individual will not receive any assistance.Moreover, he would be abandoned by his own people.

At the same time, a person who is good at heart and thinks and contributes toward the good of other human beings and the overall welfare of humanity may not be rich in monetary terms but becomes rich in winning hearts. Therefore, in my opinion, a person should work for the common good.

Question 10: What made Ray feel the visitor was not really a shopper?

Answer 10:Ray’s old eyes, full of wisdom, told him that the visitor was not a shopper since there was no indication of friendliness in his eyes, and his other friend stayed at the door.

Question 11:Why did visitors come to the shop?

Answer 11: The visitor had not arrived at the shop to purchase anything. Conceivably, he intended to steal the owner of his cash. He was in immense need of money.

Question 12: How did Ray communicate with him?

Answer 12: Ray was deaf. So he used a notepad and a pencil. He wrote it down on the notepad. The visitor also noted his reply on paper.

Question 13: What do you think the man told his friend who waited at the door?

Answer 13:The man must have told his friend what Ray had said to him by shaking his head and pointing to his ears. Hence, the man perhaps said to his friend that the shop’s owner was deaf as well as dumb.

Question 14:Ray was not a pawnbroker. Then, why did he loan money to people in trade for their old watches and clocks?

Answer 14:Ray was not a pawnbroker, an individual who lends money on the security of some items. He did not lend money on interest. He was, however, kind and helpful. He couldn’t say ‘No’ to needy people.

Question 15: “The watch was nothing special and yet had great powers”. What was the meaning did it have ‘great powers’?

Answer 15:The watch was normal. But it had the ability to pull a person out of a difficult situation. The stranger got the money he required, and Ray, the shopkeeper, furthermore, escaped any injury. Therefore, in this sense, the watch had great powers.

Question 16: Do you feel the man would ever come back to pick up that watch?

Answer 16: Yes, I believe that the man would return to pick up the watch.

The reason for it is that before leaving the shop, the man himself conveyed that he would come back to pick up the watch. Furthermore, he was thankful to Mr Ray for his compassion.

Question 17:When did “the unfriendly face” of the visitor turn into something truly friendly?

Answer 17: The unfriendly face of the visitor turned into something truly friendly when Ray handed him over a fifty-dollar note for his ordinary watch. And that watch was not even worth fifty dollars. Furthermore, he was surprised to learn that Mr Ray was deaf as well as dumb and willing to help him.

 Question 18: What made Ray feel the visitor was not really a shopper?

Answer 18: Ray’s old eyes of supreme wisdom understood that the visitor who came at a  late hour was not actually a shopper. There was no pleasantness in the visitor’s eyes.

Question 19: Why do you feel he came to the shop?

Answer 19: I feel he had come to the shop to steal the shop. He was in desperate need of money.

Question 20: How did Ray communicate with him?

Answer 20: Ray was deaf, so he expressed with his visitor through a notepad as well as a pen.

Question 21: What do you feel the man said to his friend who was waiting at the door?

Answer 21: The man would have told his friend, who was waiting at the door, that the owner of that shop was deaf.

Question 22: Ray was not a pawnbroker. Why, then, did he loan money to people in trade for their old watches and clocks?

Answer 22: Ray was an extremely kind person. He was not a pawnbroker, someone who lends money on the security of an item. While he consistently helped people in need. That’s why he loaned money to people in trade for their old watches and clocks.

Question 23: “The watch was nothing special and yet had great powers.” What was the meaning did it have ‘great powers’?

Answer 23: “The watch was nothing unique, but nonetheless, it had great powers. It had extraordinary powers in the sense that it rescued Ray from any sort of physical injuries he would anyway have to face from the late-hour visitors. Furthermore, it saved the visitors from executing a robbery. They required money and got it by keeping the watch as security.

Question 24: Do you feel the man would ever return to pick up the watch?

Answer 24: No, I don’t feel the older man would ever return to pick up the watch. He received more money than the watch was worth.

Question 25: When did “the unfriendly face” of the visitor turn really friendly?

Answer 25: The unfamiliar face of the visitor turned really friendly when he got a fifty-dollar note for his regular watch. Both Ray and the older man learned that the watch was not even worth that much money. Therefore, the older man genuinely felt forced by Ray’s kindness.

Question 26:Very Short Answer Questions

i. Deaf

ii. Restless 

iii. Pawnbroker

iv. Goodwill 

Answer 26: i. A person who cannot hear

ii. Uneasy

iii. A person who provides a loan in exchange for a valuable kept as security

iv. Friendly

Question 27: Fill in the required blanks.

i. Ray noticed _____ in the grey eyes looking at him.

ii. The older man approached the counter with _____ in his eyes. 

iii. The lights were still burning in the _____.

iv. As _____ we’re going home, a thick, white sheet of snow layover Salt Lake City, USA. 

Answer 27: i.A little shame

ii. no sign of friendliness

iii. old-clock shop

iv. last-minute shoppers

Question 28: State whether the required statements are True – False. 

i.The owner loaned him 50 dollars and kept his watch. 

ii. Two men, both young, arrived to buy something from the shop.

iii. The owner loaned some money to the shoppers by keeping gold as collateral. 

iv. The owner of the shop was a young, healthy man.

Answer 28: i.True

ii. False

iii. False

iv. False

Question 29: Match the following.

Column I  Column II
i) The shopkeeper was a) 24 December
ii)Ray was a b) 31 December
iii) New Year’s Eve c) Shopkeeper of the Old-clock shop
iv)Christmas Eve d) Old and deaf

Answer 29:  

Column I Column II
i) The shopkeeper was d) old and deaf
ii)Ray was a c) Shopkeeper of the Old-clock shop
iii)New Year’s Eve b) 31 December
iv) Christmas Eve a) 24 December

Question 30: In which country and city is the story based?

Answer 30: The story is totally established in Salt Lake City, in the United States of America.

Question 31: Describe the owner of the shop.

Answer 31: The owner of the shop seemed old, weak, and deaf, although he helped others.

Question 32: What was the owner doing on Christmas Eve?

Answer 32: On Christmas evening, the owner of the shop was operating on the clock that he traded on that day.

Question 33: What happened after he was finished working?

Answer 33: After completing his work, Ray stood up and was already on his way to the back room. The rear portion of his neck was hit by a cool gush of air from the front side door.

Question 34: What did he notice on turning back?

Answer 34: On turning back, he noticed a last-minute shopper. Then, he told himself that he was not a shopper. He then saw two males, one in his twenties and another in his fifties. The younger man stayed at the door. With no hint of empathy in his gaze, the older man approached the counter.

Question 35: What kind of thing did Ray notice in the old man’s pocket?

Answer 35: In the old man’s pocket, Ray noticed an object that seemed like a gun.

Question 36: Why did two men come to Ray’s store?

Answer 36: The two men came to Ray’s store as they were in need of money. They felt compelled to seize the cash because Ray was alone.While they changed their minds, they got to learn he was weak and deaf.

Question 37: If Ray was deaf, how did he express himself to his visitors?

Answer 37: Ray was deaf, though he could write as well as read. He kept a notepad where he wrote and conveyed it to visitors. Ray asked about the shoppers’ requirements, and in reply, the shoppers also reported them and let him know.

Question 38 Why did Ray loan money to people in trade for old watches and clocks?

Answer 38: Ray was not a pawnbroker. He was also a kind-hearted man. He couldn’t say ‘No’ to the needy people who positioned their old watches or clocks before him for anything they could reach. He helped them as much as he could and spent more money than their watch was worth.

Question 39: Why was the other man waiting outside the door?

Answer 39: The other man was waiting outside the door since they had come with wrong and misbehaving attention. They have arrived to rob the old Ray’s shop.One of the men also had something that seemed like a gun in his coat’s pocket. They considered taking the cash forcefully.

Question 40: Why did the man become friendly suddenly?

Answer 40: The man became too friendly all of a sudden because the old man asked him whether he was there to pick up watches and clocks. He then suggested the loan banner. The men understood that the old man also provided loans, so they could also get them. The man then handed his watch to the old man and requested that he keep it until he repaid the money.

Question 41: Describe Ray’s character.

Answer 41: Ray was an aged and deaf shop owner. He owned his own shop of clocks and watches. He speaks with his visitor using a notepad and pen. He can read and write. He was wise. When he noticed the gun in the pocket of the man’s coat, he grew angry but then cooled himself. He was obliging everyone, even the men who visited his shop, to steal it. He overpaid people for something that was not even worth  a single amount.

Question 42: Explain the character of another old man in the required story.

Answer 42: The old man appears to be in his fifties. He saw the clock shop when it was about to close. He was unfamiliar. He stayed there with the intention of burglarising the shop. The man had a gun, too. When it came to his knowledge that the old man was deaf, heturned to the other person who had been standing at the door and murmured something. On asking what he needs, he asks for a loan and gives his watch to the old man until he returns the money.

Question 43: Was the watch worth fifty dollars? Give a reason for your answer.

Answer 43: No, the watch was not worth fifty dollars.However, Ray gave that amount because he realised the man was in desperate need of money.The old man comprehends as the man comes to the store late on Christmas Eve, along with a gun in his coat pocket. Ray was an extremely helpful man, and he consistently helped others who were in need of help.

Question 44: Write the summary of the story “The Old Clock Shop”.

Answer 44: The old man called Ray had a clock shop in Salt Lake City, in the U.S. The man was deaf, although he was very wise as well as helpful. Christmas Eve had come, and the last-minute customers were going home. Though the old man was working around the clock, he traded only that day.He had risen up and was on his way to the backroom after completing his work when a cold gush of air from the front entrance struck the back of his neck. He turned behind to meet the last-minute customer, but he was not alone. There was the other boy, who was in his twenties. He was standing at the door the old man scribbled something in his notebook after asking what he needed.The man turned to the other man, and then they had a murmur for quite some time. The old man again noted whether they were there to select clocks and watches. The old man then displays the loan board holder, suggesting that he also provides a loan. The old man then shows the loan board holder, implying that he, too, provides a loan.The old man offered fifty dollars in trade for a watch that was not worth all that amount. The man then asked to keep the watch with him until he repaid the money.

Question 45: What would you do if you were in Ray’s place and the robbers approached you?

Answer 45: Suppose I was in Ray’s position, and I was approached by the robbers. I would be in a condition of panic at that particular moment. Maybe I cried out in that situation. But at first, if the burglars saw my shop in disguise, then I would have asked them what they desired. If I could recognise them, then I would respond normally and not show any kind of fear. But whatever Ray did represents a reflection of a young man.

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3. How many chapters are there in the prose section of A Pact With The Sun?

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  • Chapter 1: A Tale Of Two Birds
  • Chapter 2: The Friendly Mongoose
  • Chapter 3:The Shepherd’s Treasure
  • Chapter 4: The Old-Clock Shop
  • Chapter 5: Tansen
  •  Chapter 6: The Monkey and The Crocodile
  • Chapter 7:The Wonder Called Sleep
  • Chapter 8: A Pact With The Sun
  • Chapter 9: What Happened With The Reptiles
  • Chapter 10: A Strange Wrestling Match