Important Questions Class 6 English A Pact With The Sun Chapter 5

Important Questions Class 6 English A Pact With The Sun Chapter 5 -Tansen.

This chapter, Tansen, teaches us how having total information and wisdom can be so valuable for us. Moreover, how efficiently we utilise this information as per our knowledge makes all the difference.

Chapter 5 of Class 6 English, A Pact with the Sun Important Question Summary, briefs us about the life of a renowned musician from India named Tansen. It tells us how he is the only child of a singer, and they live in a village. Tansen is a mischievous child but is competent and wise. One fine day, Swami Haridas discovers himself in the forest, roaring like a tiger. He brings him in and teaches him music. After that, Tansen goes to Mohammed Ghaus in Gwalior to learn music. After Tansen evolved into an accomplished singer, Emperor Akbar appointed him to court as a musician. His success makes the other courtiers jealous, and one plans to ruin him. They make him sing the Raga Deepak, a raga that can produce heat. Nevertheless, Tansen teaches his daughter to sing Raga Megh, which makes rain. Therefore, as the fire begins to break out, the girls begin to sing, and it pours heavily, saving Tansen’s life.

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Important Questions Class 6 English A Pact With The Sun Chapter 5 – With Solutions

By reviewing various materials, our English-proficient students have researched and compiled a comprehensive list of Important Questions for Class 6 English: A Pact With The Sun Chapter 5.Each question is developed by the entire team in detailed descriptions that require students to understand the ideas used in each question.Correspondingly, the questions are picked in such a way that they cover complete chapter topics. So by just practising from our question bank of Chapter 5 Class 6 English A Pact With The Sun Important Questions, students can consistently revise their chapters.

The following are some frequently asked and answered questions from our English question bank: A Pact With The Sun Chapter 5 Class 6 Important Questions

Question 1: Why did Swami Haridas tell Tansen he was ‘talented’?

Answer 1:Tansen was an extremely naughty child who could flawlessly mimic the calls of birds and animals. One particular day, a famous singer called Swami Haridas, along with all his disciples, sat down in a shadowed grove to take a rest. Seeing them, Tansen attempted to terrify them away by roaring just like a tiger. When the travellers discovered it was Tansen who was the one to make the sound, Swami Haridas was impressed by his skill and named him ‘talented’.

Question 2: Why did Akbar invite Tansen to join his court?

Answer 2:Tansen studied music from Swami Haridas for eleven years and evolved to become a significant and well-known singer.Tansen went to Emperor Akbar’s court to sing one day and quickly became the Emperor’s favourite.Akbar was favourably impressed with his performance and requested Tansen to join his court instantly.

Question 3: How do we understand that Akbar was fond of Tansen? Provide two reasons.

Answer 3: Tansen evolved into a great favourite of Emperor Akbar. The Emperor would frequently call upon Tansen to sing at any given time of day for a performance. Akbar would usually just walk into Tansen’s house to listen to him practice. He would also give the singer varied and exquisite presents.

Question 4: What did the different courtiers feel about Tansen?

Answer 4: With the growth in Tansen’s popularity, the different courtiers of Akbar’s court became envious of him. They were determined to destroy his music career and do away with him forever.

Question 5:(i) What occurs if Raga Deepak is sung properly?

(ii) Why did Tansen’s opponents want him to sing the Raga?

Answer 5:

  1. If Raga Deepak was sung appropriately, the air and surroundings would become so hot that the singer would certainly be burned to ashes.
  2. Few courtiers in Akbar’s court were envious of Tansen and his popularity, and they soon became his adversaries. They wanted him to sing Raga Deepak so that he would die of heat and also burn to ashes.

Question 6:Why did Tansen approve of singing Raga Deepak?

Answer 6: Tansen was terrified to sing Raga Deepak but approved of it as he dared not violate the king. Besides, he also desired to display his singing ability and talent in music.

Question 7:

(i) What steps were taken by him to save himself?

(ii) Did his strategy work? How?

Answer 7:

  1. Tansen was anxious and terrified after being requested to sing Raga Deepak. He asked the king to permit him some time to prepare for it. Meanwhile, he thought of a clever idea. He guided Raga Megh to his daughter, Saraswati, and her companion, Rupvati, for two weeks. He informed them that soon after he finished singing Raga Deepak, they should begin singing Raga Megh to bring rain and alleviate the effects of the heat.
  2. Yes, Tansen’s plan operated perfectly. When he was the one who sang Raga Deepak, the surroundings started warming up – the leaves of trees parched up, birds fell dead, the water of rivers started boiling, and people were frightened that flames shot up out of nowhere and burned the lamps. Solely then, Saraswati and Rupvati started singing Raga Megh, the sky began to fill with dark clouds, and the rain came down unexpectedly and saving Tansen’s life and the surroundings from all the more damage.

Question 8: Word – Meaning from the given chapter:

(i) Shady grove

(ii) Pilgrimage

(iii) Downcast

(iv) Courtier’s

Answer 8: (i) Dark wood

(ii) Religious journey

(iii) To feel low and discouraged

(iv) A person who attends courts as well as advises the king or queen.

Question 9: Fill in the blanks:

(i)Tansen‘s tomb is in Gwalior. It is a place of _____.

(ii) When he started singing, the air became warm. Soon individual in the audience was bathed in ______. 

(iii) ‘It will be fun to _____ them ‘. He secreted behind a tree and _____ like a tiger.

(iv)Tansen – the greatest _____ our country has produced.

 Answer 9: (i) Pilgrimage for musicians

(ii) Perspiration

(iii) Frighten; roared

(iv) Musician

Question 10: State whether the subsequent statements are True – False:

(i) Akbar did not punish Tansen’s enemies. 

(ii)Tansen requested his daughter and her companion to sing Raga Megh soon after Raga Deepak to balance all the effects of the latter.

(iii) One time, he tried to terrify a group of travellers by roaring just like a tiger.

(iv) Tansen was his parents’ second child.

Answer 10: (i) False


(iii) True

(iv) False

Question 11: Match the Following:

                      i. Tansen                           Emperor
                      ii. Mukandan Misra                         Holy man
                    iii. Mohammad Ghaus                         Singer
                    iv. Akbar               Greatest Musician

Answer 11:

                          i. Tansen                         Greatest Musician
                          ii. Mukandan Misra                         Singer
                          iii. Mohammad Ghaus                         Holy man
                          iv. Akbar                 Emperor

Question 12: The story is based on which musician?

Answer 12: The story is based on the great musician Tansen.

Question 13: What was Tansen’s father’s name? 

Answer 13: Tansen was the only child of Mukandan Misra, a singer.

Question 14: Where did they live?

Answer 14: Mukandan Misra, his wife, and Tansen, their only child, lived in Behat, near Gwalior.

Question 15: What did Tansen do in the forest?

Answer 15: Tansen used to run away, playing in the forest, where he learned to mimic the voices of birds and animals that lived there.

Question 16: Who was travelling through the forest? 

Answer 16: A famous singer named Swami Haridas travelled through the forest along with his followers.

Question 17: What did Tansen do after witnessing the stranger in the forest? 

Answer 17: “Strangers in the forest, it will be fun to frighten them,” Tansen expressed to himself. He spoofed a tiger and roared just like one.

Question 18: How did Swami Haridas, as well as his followers, respond to hearing the noise of the tiger?

Answer 18: Swami’s followers spread fear in the forest, but Swami asked them not to be afraid, as occasionally, tigers are not at all detrimental.

Question 19: How did Swami Haridas respond to seeing Tansen behind the tree? 

Answer 19: When his followers found out that there was no tiger but a mischievous boy, they took him to Swami Haridas. He did not punish him and instead took him to his father and told him that he was very talented and that he wanted to make him a singer.

Question 20: How old was Tansen when he moved away from his parents? To whom did he go, and why?

Answer 20: Tansen was ten years old when he moved away from his parents. Swami Haridas, who himself was a singer, named Tansen with him as he desired to produce a renowned singer like him.

Question 21: How long did Tansen live with Swami Haridas? What did he do there? 

Answer 21: Tansen lived with Swami Haridas for eleven years. Swami had instructed him on various things. But most significantly, he trained him in the art of music. Tansen learned music and excelled as a singer.

Question 22: Who was Mohammad Ghaus? 

Answer 22: Mohammad Ghaus was a righteous man. He lived in Gwalior. Tansen’s father paid him frequent visits and was a vocal supporter of him.It was his father’s final wish that Tansen should meet him. Tansen lived with Mohammad Ghaus and frequently visited a fantastic musician, Rani Mrignaini.

Question 23: What happened when Tansen sang Raga Deepak? How did he save himself?

Answer 23: Tansen could not disregard the wishes of  Akbar. He was terrified of him. So he approved of taking some time and training himself. Yes, he did sing the Raga Deepak, and the air started to heat up, people began to perspire profusely, birds died, and the waterways started boiling.

To protect himself, Tansen had prepared his daughters, Saraswati and Rupvati, to sing Raga Deepak. When they arrived in Tansen, the sky dimmed, and it started raining; this is how Tansen was spared.

Question 24: What occurred after Tansen and his daughters were all done singing the Raga Deepak? 

Answer 24: After Tansen finished singing, it was witnessed that Tansen fell ill as it took tremendous power for Tansen to sing the song. The Raga Deepak absorbed all of his lungs’ power.He’d been in pain for a long time, and Akbar was sorry that testing Tansen had forced him to go through it.

Question 25: Who is your favourite musician? Write about him in brief.

Answer 25: My favourite musician is A.R. Rahman. A.R. Rahman is his professional name. Originally, his name was A.S. Dileep Kumar. He observes his birthday on 6 January. He is a music producer, singer, and Indian music director.  However, he is also well-known for his significant contribution to Indian classical music through world music and composition.He is the Padma Bhushan winner. And he has won numerous other awards, such as the Berklee College of Music, Grammy award, National Film Award, BAFTA Award, and the Golden Globe Award.

I, as well, aim to be a musician someday, and A.R. Rahman has  always  been an inspiration to me. He encourages millions of people all around the world, as well as myself.

Question 26: Write a biography of Tansen in 80-100 words.

Answer 26: Tansen was the only child of Mukandan Misra, a renowned vocalist. Tansen belonged to Behat, near Gwalior. He himself was a musician. He was a mere asset to Hindustani classical music. He understood music under the influence of the King  of Rewa, Raja Ramchandra Singh. Tansen’s talent delighted Akbar so much that he requested  that he join the Mughal court musicians. He stayed in Akbar’s court till 1585, when he died. Gwalior is the home of Tansen’s Tomb. For musicians, it is the destination of a pilgrimage.

Question 27: Write a biography of Akbar in 80 words. 

Answer 27: Akbar was the third Mughal Emperor; he was the child of Humayun. Akbar grew the Mughal Empire and embraced many subcontinental lands. He had a powerful personality and was a successful general. He was a wonderful fan of the great musician Tansen. He requests that Raja Ramchandra Singh allow Tansen to sing in his own court alongside all of the other Mughal musicians.Tansen married his daughter Meherunnissa with all of Akbar’s gifts and agreements.Akbar died on October 27, 1605, of dysentery.

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  • Chapter 5: Tansen
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