Important Questions Class 6 English A Pact With The Sun

Important Questions Class 6 English A Pact With The Sun

English is a significant subject for students to acquire and concentrate on. As a universal language, having a firm grasp of the language is essential as the student grows up. Students not only study from the extensive literature of stories and poems but also learn new vocabulary and phrases to help them improve their spoken English. Because students may believe that English is simple, they may put off preparations until the very last minute. However, it can have a negative effect on their performance. Thus, studying English and important questions is essential for gaining good grades and benefits from the huge wealth of stories and poems. As a result, students can benefit from the book A Pact With The Sun’s Extramarks Important Questions.

Extramarks is a well-known resource for students to prepare, review, and study for exams. It is an online study resource that assists thousands of students nationwide. The NCERT textbooks, reference books, CBSE sample papers, and other materials have been used by subject experts to produce the Important Questions Class 6 English A Pact With The Sun. It gives students a rough idea of the types of questions they can encounter on the exam. SSubject specialists provide step-by-step solutions to the questions, making the Important Questions: Class 6 English A Pact With The Sun an indispensable study tool for students learning and preparing for exams.

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Important Questions Class 6 English A Pact With The Sun Chapter- Wise Solutions

Class 6 English textbooks present students with various engaging stories that strive to enrich their minds with beautiful stories and significant learnings, as well as help them learn new and honed words and phrases. With this in mind, Extramarks has compiled a list of important questions for each chapter in the textbook A Pact With The Sun, which will serve as a useful study source for students during their exam preparations. The Important Questions Class 6 English A Pact With The Sun are easily available on the Extramarks website. Students can employ these resources in their study schedules, which will help them earn good marks for their examinations.

An overview of all the chapters included in the Important Questions Class 6 English A Pact With The Sun is below:

Chapter 1: A Tale of Two Birds

The story “A Tale Of Two Birds” is about two birds separated from one another owing to a storm and ending up in different houses.

One bird grows up with a gang of criminals and acts like them, whilst the other grows up with a hermit and becomes polite and gentle. The two birds demonstrate how our company influences our behaviour. The moral of the story is to choose one’s company wisely. While bad company corrupts us,  good company transforms us into gentle and kind individuals.

Chapter 2: The Friendly Mongoose

The chapter is about a farmer’s family and a pet Mongoose. This narrative, taken from the classic Panchatantra Tales, illustrates the link between people and animals. It demonstrates how a lack of trust between the two can have fatal consequences. The narrative concludes that trust is essential in any relationship. The Mongoose was loyal to the farmer’s family, but his wife’s mistrust of him led to his untimely demise. Loyalty should be rewarded with trust and comprehension. Our elders have repeatedly told us that we must never make hasty decisions. We must think carefully before acting.

Chapter 3: The Shepherd’s Treasure

The story “The Shepherd’s Treasure” is Iranian folklore in which the king rewards a wise and honest shepherd for his honesty, wisdom, and goodness. The goal of this chapter is to guide pupils and help them understand the importance of retaining kindness, humility, wisdom, and sympathy for others.

The shepherd rose to the position of governor of a larger district after demonstrating his integrity. It tells us that we must stay humble even when we reach the pinnacle of success.

Chapter 4: The Old Clock Shop

Ray was an elderly and deaf clock merchant who constantly tried to help others. Two people went to his shop with malicious intent. He did, however, offer them fifty dollars for an antique clock. It was done as a kindness and peace gesture. The timepiece played a melodic message of hope. The moral of The Old Clock Shop is that an act of kindness can go a long way. Ray’s story demonstrates how excellent behaviour and compassionate treatment can warm anyone’s heart. He manages to prevent the two men’s evil objectives with his good nature. They leave peacefully rather than using force or violence.

Chapter 5: Tansen

Tansen, a famous musician in Emperor Akbar’s court, displayed his talent and merit in singing and was a personal favourite of the Emperor in the story “Tansen.” This chapter raises students’ awareness of the illustrious legacy of music, art, and culture displayed by the great singers and musicians who were the pride of the kings’ courts. No matter how hard their opponents attempted to discredit his noble qualities, they always triumphed against all difficulties. The Emperor punished the courtiers who hatched the plan while honouring Tansen by retaining him in his court until he died in 1585. Tansen’s grave in Gwalior is still revered to this day.

Chapter 6: The Monkey and the Crocodile

It is a well-known Panchatantra story involving a monkey and a crocodile. It takes the reader on a journey during their brief friendship. A story loaded with feelings of friendship, betrayal, and greed, it teaches students that quick thinking can be their greatest saviour. The crocodile’s stupid mistake puts an end to their friendship. It also demonstrates how the monkey uses his knowledge to save his life.

When the monkey gets to the tree, it bids the crocodile a final goodbye. The crocodile weeps because he is betrayed and has lost a great friend. Their narrative demonstrates the importance of trust and dedication in friendship. It demonstrates that our intelligence can save us from harmful situations and foolish companions.

Chapter 7: The Wonder Called Sleep

Sleeping is a human activity that involves the body resting and the mind becoming temporarily unconscious. It is a necessary condition for our bodies to function normally. It provides much-needed rest for our bodies and minds. The narrative “The Wonder Called Sleep” teaches students about the necessity of sleep in maintaining optimal health. It describes how the body rests and performs better while we sleep and how it aids us in maintaining a normal heartbeat, body temperature, and blood pressure. Sleep is a blessing that offers energy, refreshes us from exhaustion caused by a long day’s work, and prepares us for the next day. It allows the body to recharge its batteries. As a result, good sleep is essential for us to wake up fresh and active.

Chapter 8: A Pact with the Sun

‘A Pact with the Sun’ is a touching story about an ailing mother and her little daughter. The small daughter makes a deal with the sun’s rays to return the next morning so that her mother’s health will improve. It underlines the significance of the sun’s warmth in maintaining good health. It depicts how a sick woman recovers thanks to the warmth of the sun and the fresh air. It is possible thanks to Saeeda’s agreement with the sun’s rays. The sun’s rays were so powerful and well-coordinated that they penetrated the clouds and arrived on Earth as promised. The sun shone brightly, and Saeeda’s pale and frail mother also shone brightly. The fresh air and warmth of the mighty sun aided her recovery. It shows how outdoor air and the sun’s warmth are important for one’s health.

Chapter 9: What Happened to the Reptiles?

“What Happened To The Reptiles?” is a story about Pambupatti, a pleasant village home to a diverse group of individuals. Long ago, only reptiles lived in the jungle, and the story describes how the loss of certain reptiles disrupted the existence of other living species. Prem learns from this narrative that all people must coexist peacefully. He resolves to return, hoping to relay the story of the reptiles to the people of his community. The chapter teaches pupils that every living thing has an important role to play in the environment. It underlines the importance of coexistence and living in peace and harmony with all living species.

Chapter 10: A Strange Wrestling Match

The chapter ‘A Strange Wrestling Match’ is a hilarious thriller story. It is about Vijay Singh, who has a weakness for boasting. He once boasted that he would want to see a ghost and teach him a lesson. Regrettably, he is advised to visit the Haunted Desert.He couldn’t say no. To prove his claim that he is not afraid of ghosts, the wrestler travels to the Haunted Desert. He deceives the ghost and returns unharmed to the village. Vijay Singh reclaimed all the wealth the ghost had collected by robbing people and returned the majority of it to its rightful owners. He thanked the old woman whose packet had assisted him in his quest and married her granddaughter. He learned a valuable lesson about not being boastful from this experience.

Benefits of Solving Important Questions Class 6 English A Pact With The Sun

Extramarks provides materials to students to help them study for exams in a wide range of subjects, including English. The Important Questions Class 6 English A Pact With The Sun is a study tool that helps students easily learn, practice, and revise core concepts given in class. A short review of the fundamental topics can assist students in revising more rapidly, giving them more time to revise other crucial study resources such as CBSE sample papers, past years’ question papers, and so on.

Following are some benefits for students solving the list of Important Questions Class 6 English A Pact With The Sun:

  • The Important Questions Class 6 English A Pact With The Sun list was made using the most recent CBSE syllabus, so students can use it as a study resource when studying for exams. It ensures that students have access to up-to-date information while studying for exams.
  • Students should practise questions identical to those they will face during their exams in order to perform effectively and achieve remarkable results. The important questions list allows students to practise a variety of questions that may appear on their exam papers.
  • Examining the Important Questions Class 6 English A Pact With The Sun will assist pupils in reviewing the entire chapter for the exam because they are selected from crucial chapter portions.
  • Students may rely on the study material because it is created by subject experts who have years of experience in the English language. Many students benefit from the English A Pact With The Sun Class 6 Important Questions solutions since they are given in an easy-to-understand language so students can easily comprehend the whole chapter.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How many chapters are there in Class 6 English book A Pact With The Sun?

A Pact With The Sun is one of the books taught for the Class 6 English curriculum. There are ten chapters in total. The chapters introduce students to interesting stories that enable them to improve their knowledge of the English language and expand their vocabulary. Students who develop a passion for learning and reading will find the chapters and stories extremely engaging. Extramarks assists students in preparing these chapters and building an in-depth comprehension of the core ideas by offering the Important Questions for Class 6 English A Pact With The Sun to support students in swiftly reviewing the chapters and scoring better scores in their exams.

2. How can students access the textbook A Pact With The Sun’s important questions for Class 6?

The Class 6 English A Pact With The Sun Students who register on the Extramarks website can access Important Questions. Students who register on the website will have access to more than just the important questions. They will, however, be able to study from various resources, including NCERT books, NCERT solutions, reference materials, CBSE essential questions, and so on. These materials will assist students in having a well-rounded study session, allowing them to do better on exams.