Important Questions Class 6 English Honeysuckle Chapter 1

Important Questions: Class 6 English Honeysuckle Chapter 1: Who Did Patrick’s Homework?

Chapter 1 of the CBSE Class 6 English syllabus is about “Who did Patrick’s Homework”. Patrick is a boy who despises doing homework. He enjoys games. Even though his mentors caution him to complete it, he barely listens. One day, he sees his cat playing with a doll and takes it away. Surprisingly, he realises it is not a doll but an elf. He begs Patrick to rescue him and, in return, vows to grant him a wish. He asks the elf to do his homework in return. So, he settles and begins to do the work. But, he frequently asks for Patrick’s support while doing his homework. For example, he would ask about the meaning of a term or describe the events in history. Finally, the results come out, and Patrick gets an A grade. Ultimately, he becomes independent and happy.

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Important Questions Class 6 English Honeysuckle Chapter 1-With Solutions

Our English subject experts have studied and collated a complete record of Important Questions for Class 6 English Honeysuckle Chapter 1 by looking at various materials. Every question is prepared by the entire team with step-by-step explanations that will assist students in understanding the concepts utilised in each question. Furthermore, the questions are chosen in a way that would cover the main topics of all the chapters while ensuring not a single topic has been left out. So, by practising from our question bank of Important Questions for Class 6 English Honeysuckle Chapter 1, students can revise their chapters and know their strengths and weaknesses to improvise on their grades.

Some of the questions and answers from our question bank of important questions are provided below.

Question 1: Did Patrick like doing homework?

Answer 1: No, Patrick didn’t like doing his homework. According to Patrick, it was too boring.

Question 2: What kinds of indoor and outdoor games did Patrick like to play?

Patrick liked to play two outdoor games, hockey and basketball, and an indoor game, Nintendo.

Question 3: Did the elf-like do what Patrick had asked?

Answer 3:No Elf didn’t like it , but he had to do it because he had endowed a wish to Patrick.

Question 4: What was the elf man wearing?

The tiny man was wearing a woollen shirt with old-fashioned britches and an elevated hat.

Question 5: Why did Patrick dislike doing homework? Give your views in detail.

Answer 5:Patrick never liked to do his homework. He hated doing his homework because it was too boring for him. Rather than doing his homework, he played hockey, Nintendo, and basketball.

How did Patrick convince the elf to do his homework?

Answer 6:One day, Patrick saw his cat playing with a doll. When Patrick grabbed it, he discovered it was not a doll but rather a tiny guy. The elf yelled at Patrick to save him from the cat, and he would endow him with a wish. Patrick rescued him from the cat, and in return, he expected the elf to do his homework for one semester, that is, for 35 days.

What did Patrick assume his cat was playing with? What was it actually?

Patrick thought that his cat was playing with a doll. It was, in fact, a very small-sized man,an elf.

Question 8:Why did the tiny man grant Patrick a wish?

Answer 8: The little man granted a wish to Patrick because he saved him from the cat.

Question 9:What was Patrick’s wish?

Patrick wished that the elf would do all his homework till the end of the semester.

In what subjects did the tiny man require help to do Patrick’s homework?

To do Patrick’s homework, the little man needed help in English, mathematics, and human history.

Question 11: How did Patrick help him?

Answer 11: Patrick helped him by bringing books from the library, consulting a dictionary, guiding the little man in doing arithmetic problems and reading out portions from a history book.

Question 12: Who do you believe did Patrick’s homework—the tiny man or Patrick himself? Please give reasons for your answers.

Patrick himself did his homework, as the tiny man did not know anything about English, mathematics, or human history. Patrick had to go through the dictionary, guide him with mathematical rules, and aid him in reading too. He stayed awake all night and worked hard to complete his homework. Thus, Patrick did his own homework.
While helping the elf with doing the homework, Patrick did his own homework. Do you believe self-help is the best help?

Patrick was a lazy boy who loved to play hockey, basketball, and Nintendo, but when the elf gave him the wish that he would do all his homework for a semester, He became extremely happy. To his amazement, the elf did not understand anything about his homework. Patrick helps the elf with English, mathematics, and human history. To assist the elf, Patrick started going to the library, trying to solve the sums, and reading Human History to explain everything to the elf.

So that elf does his homework without making mistakes. But Patrick did not even realise that he was studying everything himself and helping the elf do his homework. At the end of the semester, Patrick got an A grade, and his attitude and behaviour changed for the better. All this. was the result of Patrick’s sheer hard work that he did while helping the elf. He was a totally changed boy and had developed a positive attitude. Patrick’s teachers and parents were now proud of him. We can say that self-help is the best help because if the elf had done Patrick’s homework, then Patrick would not be a changed boy. He might have been the same as before , but now he enjoyed studying and doing his own homework. He too realised the benefit of self-help and hard work.

Children don’t like doing homework; explain by giving examples from the chapter about the importance of doing homework.

Homework is a really important and integral part of learning, especially in schools. It is a kind of revision for the work done in the class; it helps in preparing and understanding the chapter. Patrick did all his homework while he was helping the elf. He studied Human History as well as Mathematics and English.

During this semester , he developed a liking for studying. Now he did not feel that homework was boring. He had adopted a completely new approach to learning.He got A grades. All this happened because of the homework he did himself. Therefore, it is very important for all the students to do their homework.

Question 15: What did Patrick believe his cat was playing with? What was it really?

Answer 15: Patrick thought that his cat was playing with a small doll. It was, in fact, a very tiny man, an elf.

Question 16: Why did the little man grant Patrick a wish?

Answer 16: Patrick rescued the little man from the cat and saved his life. As a goodwill gesture, the elf vowed to fulfil one of Patrick’s wishes.

Question 17: What was Patrick’s wish?

Answer 17: Patrick despised doing homework. His greatest wish was that the tiny man should do all his homework till the end of the session.

In what subjects did the little man need help to do Patrick’s homework?

The little man needed Patrick’s help in math, English, and history.

Question 19: How did Patrick help him?

Answer 19: Patrick sat beside the little man and guided him. He got books from the library and read them to him. He was by his side late at night to help him complete his homework.

Question 20: Who do you think did Patrick’s homework — the little man or Patrick himself? Give reasons for your response.

Answer 20: Patrick did all his homework himself. He had to assist the elf every now and then with guidance and books from the library.

Question 21: Fill in the blanks in the sentences below with the terms from the box.  

semester, chores, between you and me, True to his word, lookup, mystery, out of luck

  1. Some people find household__________________ a bore, but I like to help at home.
  2. Who stole the diamond is still a_____________________ .
  3. This_________________ we are going to have a class exhibition.
  4. _______________ , the elf began to help Patrick.

5.Can you__________________ this word in the dictionary?

6.I started early to be on time, but I ran _____________________ . There was a traffic jam!

7.She says she’s got a lot of books, but  ______________________ I think most of them are borrowed.

Answer 21: 1. chores 2. mystery 3. semester 4. True to his word

  1. look  up 6. out of luck 7. between you and me

Question 22: Utilise the clues given below to finish this crossword puzzle.


  1. extremely tired
  2. had an enraged look on the face
  3. short trousers
  4. a defect in a machine that prevents it from working properly
  5. a little and naughty boy-fairy


  • the work that ought to be done every day is often boring
  • a basket with a lid
  • have a short, high-pitched cry

Answer 22:

Question 24: In the given story, Patrick does challenging things he despises doing because the elf pre­tends he ought to help. Have you ever done something challenging or frightening by pretending about it in some way? 


Express what you feel about Patrick’s homework. (The terms and phrases in the boxes may help you.) Do you believe it is useful, even though you may not like it? Form pairs

For example:

You may state, “I am not fond of homework.”

Your partner may respond, “But my sister assists me with my lessons at home, and that provides a boost to my marks.”

                                 (not) be fond of (not) take to (not) create a liking for

                                (not) appeal to (not) be keen on (not) have a taste for

                                             support assist with the aid of

                                             help be a boon and provide a boost to

Answer 24:

  1. I am not very fond of keeping my room neat and tidy.
  2. But my sister does all this for me.
  3. I am not fond of non-veg.
  4. But my elder brother does not assist me.
  5. I have taken to playing football.
  6. I have also developed a liking for chess.
  7. I begged my friends to play some games.
  8. Sports can be an advantage in aiding career prospects.
  9. Sports increase my confidence.
  10. My classmate is keen on getting an “A” grade.
  11. I was wondering whether he would also assist me in preparing my lessons.

Question 25: This story contains a lot of rhyming words, as a poem does. Can you note out some parts of it like a poem so that the rhymes come at the end of different lines? For example:

Patrick never did homework. ‘Too boring”, he said.

He played baseball, and Hockey and Nintendo instead.

Answer 25: The fellow of the tiniest size

was faithful to his word and wise

Patrick rescued the elf from the cat

The elf vowed to do all that

Patrick adored sports and hated homework

He wasted his time and studies shirk

Question 26: Rewrite the following incomplete sentences carefully so that the reader does not have to guess what is left out.

  1. more and more books.
  2. too difficult.
  3. I got up late and missed the bus.
  4. solved the mystery.

Answer 26:

  1. The writers and poets read several books.
  2. This personal question is extremely difficult to answer.
  3. Yesterday morning when I woke up late,  I missed the school bus.
  4. Lord Krishna decoded the mystery of life after death.

Question 27: Look at this cartoon by R. K. Laxman. Read the sentence given below the cartoon. Discuss the following questions with your partner.

  • What is it all about?
  • Do you find it funny? If you do, then why?
  • Do you believe a cartoon is a serious drawing? Why or why not?
  1. Answer 27: 
    • It is about a father’s consideration for the betterment of his child.
    • Yes, the cartoon is genuinely funny. The father demands the child study. (labour) . But he prohibits the boy from reading the laws against child labour.
    • A cartoon is primarily meant to make us laugh, and this one is no different.
  2. It is also a serious drawing as it reflects upon common issues that demand attention.

    It raises awareness about similar problems at home and depicts the typical helicopter parent’s response.

    Question 28: What was Patrick’s chief interest?

    Answer 28: Patrick’s chief interests were playing hockey, football, and video games.

    Question 29: What warning did the teachers give to Patrick?

    The teachers observed that Patrick never did his homework. So they cautioned him that he would remain a fool, an illiterate person.

    Question 28: How did Patrick get his wish granted by the elf?

    Answer: Patrick rescued the life of the elf from a cat. So the elf vowed to fulfil one wish of his rescuer.
    Question 29: What made Patrick believe that he was lucky?

    Answer 29: Patrick abhorred doing his homework and loved sports. He called himself lucky when the little man approved of doing all his homework.

    Question 30: Why did the little man’s face wrinkle and frown?

    Answer 30: The small man was an elf. He did not know any maths or English. So he was enraged when called upon to do Patrick’s homework.

    Question 31: The little man kept his word. But there was one glitch. What was it?

    The tiny man did not step back while fulfilling his promise. But his only concern was that he did not know mathematics, English, or human history.

    Question 32: The little elf was a nag. How did it impact Patrick’s health?

    Answer 32: The tiny elf agreed to do Patrick’s homework. But he had a problem. The elf always sought Patrick’s help. Overwork exhausted him and caused swelling in his eyes.

    Question 33: What changes came to Patrick’s behaviour in the end?

    Answer 33: In the end, Patrick ended up being a role model. He cleaned his room regularly, did all his homework, and became cheerful and polite. He was no longer a lazy and lethargic boy.

    Question 34: Who did Patrick’s homework? Why and how?

    Answer 34: Patrick had no interest in his studies. He despised doing homework. He was fortunate to get help at the right time. It was a tiny little man, the elf. He had rescued the elf from a cat, and the elf vowed to do all of Patrick’s homework for 35 days. But the poor little elf was blank in all subjects. He sought Patrick’s assistance and guidance. Patrick got him some books from the library and worked much harder to complete his homework. It was actually Patrick who did all his own homework and scored excellent grades.

    Question 35: How did Patrick get magical help? Was the elf smart enough to answer questions in every subject?

    One particular day, Patrick discovered his cat playing with a doll. He saved the tiny doll, who, in fact, was an elf. He vowed to grant his rescuer one wish. Patrick instructed him to do all his homework for 35 days. The elf had to keep his word. But he was completely ignorant of all subjects. He reached out to Patrick to come and guide him.

    Question 36: What are the characteristic features of the elf who helped Patrick?

    Answer 36: Patrick saved a little doll from his cat. That doll was, in fact, a very tiny man, an elf. He was scared. He felt grateful to his saviour. In return, he promised to endow Patrick with a wish. He couldn’t say “no” to any of Patrick’s requests. He agreed to do Patrick’s homework. But he was unable to read or write. He sought Patrick’s advice at every step to fulfil his promise.

    Chapter 1 of Class 6 English Honeysuckle

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