Important Questions Class 6 English Honeysuckle Chapter 2

Important Questions Class 6 English Honeysuckle Chapter 2 – How The Dog Found Himself A New Master

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Important Questions Class 6 English Honeysuckle Chapter 2 – With Solutions

Our in-house English faculty experts have collected an entire list of Important Questions Class 6 English Honeysuckle Chapter 2 by referring to various sources. The necessary questions are chosen in a way that would cover all  the topics of the  chapter. So by practising from our question bank, learners can revise the chapter and even strengthen their concepts to get excellent grades.

Here are some of the questions and solutions from our question bank of English Honeysuckle Class 6 Chapter 2 Important Questions:

Question 1: What type of life did dogs live in earlier times?

Answer 1: Earlier dogs were  their own masters. They moved around  freely, similar to the wolves.

Question 2: Why was the dog willing to sacrifice his freedom?

Answer: The dog saw his life as boring. He had to look for his meals alone. He felt tired. He was also terrified of stronger animals.

Question 3: Why was the wolf terrified of the bear?

Answer 3: The wolf was afraid of the bear because the bear was more powerful and the predator could easily  kill the wolf.

Question 4:Why did the cows moo and run in panic?

Answer 4:The cows mooed and ran in a panic because they had smelt a lion coming towards them.

Question 5: How has the man become the final master of the dog?

Answer 5: The dog is man’s most loyal and dependent servant. He has been serving his master faithfully for years. He never felt the necessity to change his master again.

Question 6: Who did the dog choose after the wolf as his master?

Answer 6: The dog chose the bear as his master after the wolf.

Question 7: Why did the dog serve the Lion for a long time?

Answer 7: The dog served the lion for a long time because he found no one stronger and more powerful than the lion in the forest, and no one had the guts to touch the dog or offend the dog in any way possible. Hence, the dog lived merrily by serving his master  for a very long time.

Question 8: Who did he ultimately select as his master, and why?

Answer 8: The dog finally selected the man as his master. Even the dog’s previous master the lion was terrified of the man. Hence, the dog was convinced that man was the most powerful creature on earth.

Question 9: What kind of relationship do humans and dogs share?

Answer 9: Each and every creature on the planet earth wants freedom. But the exemplary conduct they both exhibit is beyond imagination.. The trust and care they intercommunicate are often neglected in relationships. The way the master indulges and loves his dog is reciprocated by the loyalty of his pet, even in his absence. The connection between man and dog has intensified with time. A man’s love and compassion for the dog are missing in other animals. At the same time, a dog’s loyalty and impeccable confidence in his master is undeterred even in times of extreme danger.However of late certain breeds of dogs like Pitbull and Rottwelier has been banned in certain societies.

Question 10:Which trait of a dog can be adaptable and impresses you the most?

Answer 10: The dog was looking for its master. He  began his  search with  the Wolf, followed by Bear and Lion and finally ended its search for the man as his master. He became a tame animal and was happy to have found the strongest creature on the Earth to be his master. Its impressive trait is its persistent strife to find the most suitable and dependable master. His “never give up” mindset helped him to find his true master.  . So one should be persistent and optimistic about getting  the desired result.

Question 11: Why did the dog feel the necessity for a master?

Answer 11: The dog was ill pleased with  the life it led. He was exhausted from wandering about by himself, looking for food. He was frightened of those who were more fercious and powerful than him . So he sensed the need  for a master who could offer him food and security  in return for his services.

Question 12: Who made the first choice as his master? Why did he leave that master?

Answer 12: He selects a big wolf as his first master. One day, the dog noticed the wolf was scared of the bear. Since the dog desired to serve only the most powerful, he left the wolf and questioned the bear about being his master.

Dogs were earlier their own masters and lived the way wolves do, in freedom, until the dog who was displeased with his way of life and wanted to live a secure life. . He was  exhausted  of wandering  by himself, looking for food and terrified of the wild animals  who were more powerful than him.

Question 13: (i) Who was  their own master and lived in the forest?

(ii) Why was the dog not happy?

(iii) Why was it terrified of other animals?

(iv) Select the correct words which mean ‘journeying aimlessly from place to place.’

(v) The term opposite to meaning “ill-pleased” is

Answer 13:

(i) Dogs were their own masters and lived  in the forest.

(ii) The dog was unhappy because he  had to arrange his  food by himself. .

(iii) The other animals were more powerful and fercious  than the dog, so the dog was scared of other animals.

(iv) Wandering about’.

(v) Happy.

Question 14: Noticing that the Bear was more powerful than the Wolf, the Dog chose to take up service with him, and he departed the Wolf and requested the Bear to be his master. The Bear agreed to this readily and stated, “Let us go and find a herd of cows. I’ll kill a cow, and then we can eat our fill.”

(i) Whom does the dog choose to serve?

(ii) Where was the dog taken to?

(iii) What does ‘our fill’ suggest?

(iv) What does  the word ‘herd’ mean?

(v) Who stated that he was going to hunt the cows?

Answer 14:

(i) The dog chooses to serve the bear.

(ii) The dog was taken to see  a herd of cows.

(iii) It means to fulfil their hunger.

(iv) A herd means a group of cows.

(v) The bear stated he was going to  hunt a cow.

Question 15:

(i) What was the ‘good’ thing about the lion as the master?

(ii) How was the lion the right choice for the dog?

(iii) Why did the lion run away?

(iv) What did the lion do to protect himself?

(v) The definition of the back away is

Answer 15:

(i) The dog called it the good life because he was safe and protected. No one dared to come near him and he had nothing to complain about. 

(ii) The lion guarded the dog against other animals.

(iii) The lion halted as he smelled a man coming his way.

(iv) The lion sprinted away from there to protect himself.

(v) The definition of back away is to move backwards.

Question 16: Who did he first choose as his master? Why did he leave that master? 

Answer 16: He picked the wolf as his first master. He departed the wolf as his master because the wolf was frightened of the bear. The dog desired to serve  the most  powerful and intelligent creature on the Earth to be his master. . Hence, he left the wolf.

Question 17: Why did the dog serve the Lion for a very long time? 

Answer 17: The dog provided service to the lion for a very long time because he had no objections. He was secure as the lion was the most powerful beast, and no one dared to touch the dog.

Question 18: Whom did he finally choose as his master and why? 

Answer 18: He finally chose man as  the most powerful master. This is because even the lion, the most ferocious beast, was terrified of humans. This assured the dog that man was the most powerful and intelligent of all the creatures on the Earth.

Question 19: A recap of the tale is shown below. Fill in the blanks to finish it, taking proper phrases from the box.

a dog, the strongest of all, a wolf, the bear, afraid of man, stronger than anyone else, his own master, a lion

This is the tale of —–––––—————————–, who used to be —————————————. He chose to find a master —–––––––———————. First, he saw —————————— ——, but the wolf was afraid of –––————––———————. The dog felt that the bear was —————————————. After some time, the dog met —————————————, who seemed the strongest.

He remained with the lion for a long time. To realise one day that the lion was ———————––——————. To this day, the dog stays man’s best friend.

Answer 19: This is the tale of a dog who used to be his own master. He chose to find a master stronger than anyone else. First, he saw a wolf, but the Wolf was afraid of the bear. The dog felt that the Bear was the strongest of all. After some time, the dog met a Lion, who seemed the strongest.

He remained with the Lion for a long time. To realise one day, he realised that the lion was afraid of man. To this day, the dog stays man’s best friend.

Question 20: Performing with the language

Every word in the box given below indicates a large number of…

Finish each of the following phrases with a suitable word from the box.

School, brood, bundle, bunch, fleet, pack, flock, herd

  1. a —————––—— of ships 
  2. a ———––———— of sticks
  3. a ——————––— of flowers 
  4. a ——––————— of sheep
  5. a ——————––— of chicks 
  6. a —––—————— of fish
  7. a ———————–– of cattle 
  8. a ––——————— of wolves

Answer 20:

  1. a fleet of ships
  2. a bundle of sticks
  3. a bunch of flowers 
  4. a flock of sheep
  5. a brood of chicks 
  6. a school of fish
  7. a herd of cattle 
  8. a pack of wolves

Question 21: Make nouns from the words beneath by adding –ness or –ity. (For some terms, we ought to add just –ty or –y.)

  1. honest ————————— 
  2. creative ———————————–
  3. kind —————————— 
  4. sincere ———————————–
  5. cruel —————————— 
  6. cheerful ——————————
  7. calm —————————— 
  8. bitter —————————–—- —
  9. sad ——————————— 
  10. sensitive——————————-
  11. active ——————————- 
  12. great ——————————-——

Answer 21:

  1. honesty 
  2. creativity
  3. kindness
  4. sincerity
  5. cruelty 
  6. cheerfulness
  7. calmness
  8. bitterness
  9. sadness 
  10. sensitivity
  11. activity 
  12. greatness

Question 22: Word Search

  • These are twelve terms hidden in the table.
  • Six can be located horizontally, and the remaining six vertically.
  • All these words are “adjectives” like good, happy etc.
  •  The first letters of the words are shown below:

Horizontal: H R F FS G

Vertical: A W S F L Q

Image source:

Image source:

Answer 22: Horizontal words:

  1. Hasty 2. ready
  2. Fierce 4. Frightened

5.strong 6.good

Vertical Words:

  1. Angry 2.Worse
  2. Surprised 4. Free
  3. Loyal 6.Quiet

 Read the subsequent passage and do the activities that follow.

                                  The Dog Family

The dog family is one of the 11 families that consists of the Carnivores, a considerable group of intelligent, flesh-eating, backboned animals. In this class are such varied ani­mals as bears, pandas, racoons, cats, hyenas, and even seals. The dog or canine family has several wild species, like wolves, foxes, coyotes, jackals, and wild dogs.

The dog is the only tamed member of the canine family, although now and then, someone or the other tames a wolf, fox or coyote as a pet. All the members of the dog family are descendants of a wolf-like animal which existed about 15 million years ago. From this distant antecedent, the true dogs gradually evolved. But nobody knows the exact antecedent of the modern  domestic dog.

Many wild dogs look and act like tamed dogs. The wild dog or dingo of Australia is one of these. It is likely that the dingo was a tamed dog brought to Australia long before, which then ran wild.

Dogs were the foremost animals tamed by human beings—perhaps 20,000 years ago. The tamed dogs were brought from Asia to the New World 5,000 or more years back. Dogs were first utilised for hunting.

Question 23: Express the opposites of these terms in the text above.


(ii)Wild t _ m _

(tii) ancient____________

(iv) near d__________ t

(v) suddenly gr______________

Answer 23: (i) descendant (ii) tame (iii) modern  (iv) distant (v) gradually.

Question 24: Finish the following sentences.

(i)The dingo is a _____________________________________________________ 

(ii) Dogs were the______________________________ tamed by human beings. The other animals tamed by human beings are _________________.

(iii)The New World directs to _________________________________________.

(iv) The dogs were brought there from________________________________________ .

Answer 24:

(i)The dingo is a  wild dog.

(ii) The dogs were the first animals tamed by human beings. The other animals tamed by human beings are horses, elephants, cows, donkeys, and buffaloes.

(iii) The New World directs to America.

(iv)The dogs were brought there from Asia.

Question 25: What sort of life did Dogs live long ago?

Answer 25: Dogs were once their own masters. They moved around  freely like wolves.

Question 26: Why was  the Dog determined to lose his freedom?

Answer 26: The dog discovered his life boring and unsafe. He had to look for his meals alone. He felt exhausted. He was also afraid of more powerful beast in the forest. .

Question 27: What significant decision did that Dog make?

Answer 27: That dog decided to become the servant of the most powerful creature  on the Earth. He set out in search of  such a master.

Question 28: Why did the Dog say goodbye to the Wolf?

Answer 28: The Dog witnessed that the Wolf was afraid of the Bear. So he departed the weak master and joined the Bear who he thought was the strongest.

 Question 29: Who was the Bear afraid of?

Answer 29: The Bear, too, was frightened when he picked up the scent  of a Lion. He fled swiftly into the deep forest.

Question 30: What was the Dog’s experience with the Lion?

Answer 30: The Lion was more powerful than any other animal in the forest. The Dog was  quite pleased, satisfied and secure with his new master. But the Lion also displayed signs of fear of a  man approaching . So he was determined to take up service with the  man and lived  happily ever after.

Question 31: What does the writer say about the friendship between man and dog?

Answer 31: A dog is man’s most dependable and loyal servant. He has been serving his master faithfully since  ages. He never sensed the requirement to change his master ever again because man is the most powerful and intelligent amongst all.

Question 32: Why did the dog prefer a strong master to live in the jungle?

Answer 32: Centuries ago, the wild dog wandered as freely in the forest as wolves. He enjoyed complete freedom. But he was not fully satisfied with his way of life. He was sick of his loneliness. He was also terrified of animals stronger than him. He had to look for meals himself. So to protect himself from hunger and the threat of other animals, he decided to have a master more powerful than anyone else on the planet earth.

Question 33: Provide the list of the animals the Dog decided to accompany and serve. Why did it reject them all?

Answer 33: The Dog set out in search of his protection in the form of his master. He first encountered a Wolf, but he was terrified of the Bear. The Dog then requested the Bear to be his master. But the Bear escaped on seeing a Lion. The Dog decided to serve the king of the forest, the Lion. But one day, the Lion also displayed his fear of man. So the dog said  good­bye to Lion and accepted the man as his ultimate master.  Since then, the dogs have remained the man’s most  faithful and loyal servant to this day.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How many chapters are there in the prose section of “Honeysuckle”?

Chapter 1: Who did Patrick’s homework

                   Chapter 2: How the Dog Found Himself a New Master!

                   Chapter 3:Taro’s reward

                   Chapter 4: An Indian American woman in space

                   Chapter 5: A different kind of school

                   Chapter 6: Who I am?

                   Chapter 7: Fair play

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