Important Questions Class 6 Social Science Social And Political Life Chapter 7

Important Questions Class 6 Social Science, Social and Political Life Chapter 7 – Urban Administration

General knowledge is a significant part of the education curriculum. Social and Political Science is a great study field to expand awareness about the duties of the city administration. The Chapter 7 – Urban Administration of Social and Political Life is based on the introduction of urban administration and the working of municipal corporations. After going through the chapter, students can answer about the process and importance of urban administration.

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Important Questions Class 6 Social Science, Social and Political Life Chapter 7 – With Solutions

The theme of urban administration consists of many novel topics that students might find difficult to understand. Our team at Extramarks has collected good questions and solutions for students to learn by writing answers. We emphasise providing well-explained and logical solutions. Important Questions Class 6 Social Science, Social and Political Life Chapter 7 includes questions which cover topics such as the role of the municipal corporation and municipal councillor. 

Students can find below a few questions and their answers from our question bank of Important Questions Class 6 Social Science, Social and Political Life Chapter 7.

Question 1. List four ways in which the work of the Municipal Corporation affects the life of a city-dweller.

Answer    1. The municipal Corporation is responsible for the following tasks:-

  • The Municipal Corporation keeps the city clean through tasks such as garbage collection.
  • The Municipal Corporation constructs and maintains basic infrastructures such as roads and buildings.
  • The Municipal Corporation ensures an adequate supply of water and electricity.
  • The Municipal Corporation makes people aware of the spread of diseases by placing notices.

Question 2. Who are ward councillors? What are their duties?

Answer    2. The entire city is managed by dividing it into different wards. Each ward is assigned an official who carries out the city’s administration. The official is known as the ward councillor.

The following are some of the duties of a ward councillor:-

  • The ward councillors make sure that the city is kept clean.
  • The ward councillors also take decisions such as the location for the construction of buildings, parks and hospitals.
  • The ward councillors are responsible for the maintenance of roads.
  • People approach the ward councillors for solutions to problems within their wards.

Question 3. How does the Municipal Corporation earn the money to do its work?

Answer  3. The Municipal Corporation requires funds for the administration of the city. The funds are received in the form of taxes. Given below are some ways by which taxes are collected:-

People who have houses are levied property taxes. They have to pay taxes for their homes, water and other services. The larger the house, the more the property tax.

  • People also pay taxes for educational services.
  • The owners of hotels and shops are obligated to pay taxes.
  • People pay taxes during the purchase of movie tickets, food and various other entertainment resources.

Question 4. How do ward councillors take decisions?

Answer    4. The entire city is divided into wards. For each ward, a ward councillor is elected. Following are how the ward councillors take the decision.

  • The ward councillor organises meetings and decides on a budget for administrative purposes.
  • The ward councillors share the demands of the people of their wards in the council.
  • Finally, the administrative staff implements the decisions.

Question 5. Fill in the blanks in the sentences below: 

  • In a panchayat the elected members are called ___________. 
  •  The city is divided into several ___________. 
  •  In a municipal corporation, the elected members are called _______. 
  • _______________  deal with issues that affect the city. 
  •  Elections are held once every ___________ years for the Panchayat as well as for the municipality. 
  •  While the _____________  make decisions, the _______________ led by the Commissioner implements these.

Answer 5.

1)In a panchayat, the elected members are called Panch and Sarpanch.

Explanation: –

Each village Panchayat is divided into wards, and each ward is assigned a member known as Panch. The Sarpanch is the head of the Panchayat. The Panch and the Sarpanch are members of the gram panchayat and have been elected for five years.

2)The city is divided into several wards.


Each city is divided into several wards for better administration.

3)In a municipal corporation, the elected members are called Corporators.


The municipal Corporation consists of ward committees. The members of the ward committees are known as councillors or corporators.

4) Groups of councillors deal with issues that affect the city.


Each councillor is responsible for providing basic facilities to the people in the city, such as building roads, hospitals, schools, keeping the city clean, etc.

5)Elections are held once every five years for the Panchayat and the municipality. 


The Panchayat and the municipal corporation elections are held in five years. Therefore, the Panchayat and the municipal corporation members have limited time to carry out their duties.

6)While the councillors make decisions, the administrative staff led by the Commissioner implements these.


The councillors take complex decisions for the development of their wards, and the Commissioner is responsible for implementing these decisions.

Question 6. Why did the children go to Yasmin Khala’s house?

Answer    6. The children Mala, Rehana, Jehangir and Shankar played cricket when the ball hit the street light and broke. They did not have savings for replacing the street light, so they went to Rehanas’s mother, who advised them to visit Yasmin Khala’s house.

The municipal corporation maintains street lights, and Yasmin Khala had just retired from the Municipal Corporation. So Rehana’s mother considered it to be the best decision to send the children to Yasmin Khala’s house.

Question 7. What happened in the city of Surat?

Answer 7. The city of Surat had the bubonic plague in 1994. The reasons for the plague were:-

  • Many houses, hotels and restaurants dispose of garbage in the nearby street drains. The sweepers found cleaning up the drains and collecting the garbage difficult.
  • The municipal corporation did not clean up the city by regularly collecting garbage.Due to this, Surat became one of the dirtiest cities.
  • The lack of cleanliness and hygiene led to diseases that affected the city’s people. Many people died, and 30,000 people left the city.

However, the municipal corporation of Surat became alert after the incident and cleaned up the city. Surat is now one of the cleanest cities in India.

Question 8. What are the responsibilities of the various departments of the municipal corporation in the maintenance of the city?

Answer   8. The cities are huge. That is why there are various departments for maintaining the city.

  • There are departments for garbage collection responsible for keeping the city clean.
  • There is also a water department to ensure the supply of clean drinking water.
  • The department of the garden looks after the greenery within the city.
  • The department of infrastructure builds roads.

Question 9. What happens when garbage is left uncollected?

Answer    9. If the garbage in the city is left uncollected, it could attract rats and flies and create an unhygienic environment. It could cause the spread of diseases and illnesses. Dirty streets prevent children from playing in the streets because they might get sick because of the presence of uncollected garbage and lack of cleanliness.

Question 10. What did Gangabai do and why?

Answer    10. Gangabai protested against the uncollected garbage and the lack of duty on the part of the Municipal Corporation. She raised slogans in front of the ward councillor’s house. The ward councillor promised her that he would raise the issue to the Commissioner the next day and requested Gangabai to prepare a petition signed by the members of the locality. The ward councillor also suggested that a sanitation engineer would greatly help.

The children of the locality got the petition signed by the people. The next day, Gangabai, the sanitation engineer, and the ward councillor visited the municipal corporation office. The Commissioner tried to ignore the issue, stating that the lack of truck availability was why the garbage was left uncollected. Gangabai replied that if there were enough trucks to collect garbage from rich people’s localities, why weren’t enough trucks present for Ganagbai’s localities when they were equal citizens? 

Gangabai warned the municipal corporation and instructed them to clean the streets in two days. Otherwise, a larger protest would take place in front of the Corporation. The locality became clean within two days, and after another protest, the locality was sanitised regularly.

Question 11. What is the role of councillor committees?

Answer 11. The councillor committees discuss and decide on the solutions regarding the city’s administration. The councillor committees consist of groups of ward councillors who bring up issues of their wards in front of the committees. The issues are then addressed in front of the committee members and implemented by the Commissioner.

Question 12. What are the benefits of taxes?

Answer    12. Taxes are beneficial for the municipal Corporation. By collecting taxes, the municipal Corporation gains funds for carrying out maintenance works in the city, such as the construction of roads, buildings, hospitals and schools, supply of water and electricity, etc. Municipal Corporation receives funds from taxes levied on various services and products people consume, such as hotels, houses, and goods.

Question 13. State whether the following statements are true or false.State reasons for your answers.

  • Villages are divided into wards.
  • A Ward councillor is also known as a Municipal councillor.
  • The panchs are the elected representatives of the Panchayat.
  • A contract worker is a temporary employee.
  • The ward councillor decides on the construction of a new park.

Answer   13.

  1. False. The panchayats are assigned wards for elections, and each ward elects a panch.
  2. True. The city’s people elect the Municipal Councillor, also known as the ward councillor.
  3. True. The people elect the panchs, who are also called ward members. The people elect the representatives of wards. The panchs are members of the gram panchayat.
  4. True. The contract workers are signed to work temporarily. They do not get the benefits of the various schemes extended to permanent employees.
  5. True. The ward councillor is responsible for taking decisions regarding the construction of parks, roads, gardens, buildings, etc.

Question 14. Define the following terms:-

  • Taxes
  • Subcontracting
  • Wards
  • Municipal Corporation

Answer    14. 

  1. Taxes:- taxes are the sources of funds for municipal corporations. The country’s citizens pay government taxes on various goods and services. The administration then utilises the tax amount for the development of the district or the city.
  2. Subcontracting:- Subcontracting happens when the government transfers some of its work to various private companies.
  3. Wards:- the cities are divided into smaller areas called wards for better administration. Each ward is assigned a councillor responsible for managing the ward.
  4. Municipal Corporation:- A municipal corporation is a governing organisation responsible for the city’s administration.

Question 15. Why is Urban administration important?

Answer    15. A city is a huge area that is much larger than a village. Urban administration is important for the management of the city. Below are the reasons for managing large cities:-

  • A city has many buildings and houses. Cities also have crowded markets.
  • Cities need to be ensured a regular supply of water and electricity.
  • Cities have crowded roads, so road maintenance is necessary to prevent accidents. Traffic control is also important on the city roads.
  • The administrative bodies of the cities are responsible for constructing schools and hospitals.

Question  16. Who is a Municipal Councillor?

Answer    16. A municipal councillor is a member of the Municipal Corporation.

Question  17. What was Yasmin Khala’s job?

Answer    17. Yasmin Khala was assigned to work on the accounts in the sanitation department.

Question  18. What are property taxes?

Answer     18. The taxes levied on the houses are known as property taxes. People who own homes pay the taxes. Larger houses require more tax payments.

Question   19. What is the work of private contractors?

Answer      19. The commissioners of municipal corporations have given the work of garbage collection to many private contractors. It is known as subcontracting. Private contracting works in the following ways:-

  • The private company replaces the work of the government.
  • The contract workers are hired temporarily. Their work is over once the contract is finished.
  • Unfortunately, private workers are not provided with enough safety measures. Garbage collection is dangerous and may cause injury if done without safety equipment.

Question   20. Why do you think it is important that the Corporation should spend more money on slum localities? Why is it important that the Municipal Corporation provide the poor in the city with the same facilities that the rich get? 

Answer     20. The poor are equal citizens of the country and must be provided with the same services the rich get. Following are the reasons why the municipal corporation should work with more effort on slum localities:-

  • The slum localities consist of economically disadvantaged groups. Not providing them with services they have the right to access would lead to discrimination.
  • People in some slum localities could suffer from illnesses if a clean and hygienic environment is not provided. Children, women and older adults could be affected the most.
  • The people who live near the slum areas also pay taxes. Not working for the development of slum areas would negatively affect the people living in nearby areas.

Question  21. Which of the following is not the work of a municipal corporation?

  • Keeping the streets clean
  • Constructing parks and gardens
  • Building hotels and restaurants
  • Running schools and hospitals

Answer   21. Option (4) Running schools and hospitals.


  • Option (4) is correct, as schools and hospitals are run by the respective managing bodies of the institutions. However, The municipal corporation and the government are responsible for constructing and providing necessary funds to the various institutions.
  • Option (1) is incorrect as maintaining the cleanliness of the city is one of the most important duties of the Municipal Corporation.
  • Option (2) is incorrect as the municipal corporation builds parks and gardens.
  • Option (3) is incorrect as the municipal Corporation constructs buildings, hotels, restaurants, etc.

Question  22. What is the meaning of community protest? How is community protest useful?

Answer    22. Protests are demonstrations by the people to make the government aware of their problems. When people from different walks of life come together hoping to fulfil their demands, it is called community protest.

Community protests are extremely useful. People can share their problems and solve their problems through protesting. Peaceful protests are a necessity when the government refuses to do its job of working for the welfare of the citizens.

It is through community protests that people can demand better education and healthcare services. People can also demand better sanitation in their localities through protests.

Question 23. How are ward commissioners and ward councillors different?

Answer  23. The councillors elect the Commissioner of the Municipal Corporation. The people of the city elect the ward councillors.

Question 24. Which of the following is responsible for preparing the budget for developmental works?

  • Ward Councillors
  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Teachers

Answer  24. Option (1) Ward Councillors


  • Option (1) is correct, as ward councillors are responsible for preparing budgets and providing adequate services to the people within the ward.
  • Option (2) is incorrect as doctors work in hospitals. They are not responsible for the administration of the city.
  • Option (3)  and option (4) are incorrect as nurses and teachers are general citizens who pay taxes to the government in return for the services they receive.

Question 25. What are the problems people can tell the municipal councillors of their area?

Answer    25. The people of an area can tell the municipal councillors about various problems within the ward, such as lack of supply of clean drinking water, lack of sanitation in the streets, hanging electric wires, etc.

Question 26. Was Yasmin Khala enthusiastic about answering the questions children asked?

Answer   26. Yasmin Khala was happy to talk about her job at the municipal Corporation. None of the adults had been interested in listening to her job, so she enjoyed answering the children’s questions.

Question 27. Why was Gangabai given respect?

  • For being an active citizen.
  • For being a lazy citizen
  • Helping poor
  • All of these 

Answer  27. Option (1) For being an active citizen


  • Option (1) is correct as Gangabai protested against the uncollected garbage and questioned the municipal corporation for not performing their duty. She did her work as an active citizen.
  • Option (2) is incorrect as Gangabai was by no means an inactive or lazy citizen. She rightfully questioned why garbage collection trucks were not available for their areas when they were available for the rich areas.
  • Option (3) is incorrect as Gangabai was more focused on questioning the administration at that moment.

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