Important Questions Class 8 English

Important Questions For Class 8 English

English is a significant subject and a language that one uses in their daily life as a means of communication. It is vital that students have a solid foundation in the subject as well as professional fluency in it. Hence, it is beneficial to have a good foundational knowledge of the subject.

Extramarks important questions for class 8 English is an essential means for the students. It helps them to prepare constructively for the exams. Practising important questions for class 8 English helps to get to know the important topics and questions during their revision. In addition, solving sample papers and previous years’ question papers gives an idea to the student of what type of questions can be asked in exams.

English is an easy and scoring subject; working on the important questions and their answers which are prepared by subject experts, will improve their overall percentage in the examination. To access the important questions for class 8 English, students may register on Extramarks.

 What Chapters Are Covered In Important Questions For Class 8 English?

There are ten chapters and eight poems in NCERT Class 8 English book Honeydew that are covered in the important questions compiled by Extramarks.

Click on the respective links to access the 8th class English important questions for each chapter.

Chapter1: The best Christmas present in the world

The story written by Michael Morpurgo illustrates the story of the war with the festive season of Christmas in the backdrop.

Chapter 2: The Tsunami

This chapter by Sonali Deraniyagala refers to a natural disaster that caused widespread disruption as well as enormous loss and damage of life and property. This chapter also talks about how certain brave souls stepped forward to save lives and overcome challenges while teaching everyone the importance of survival and determination.

Chapter 3: Glimpses of the past

 The author S.D. Sawant depicts the War of Indians against British rule and explains how the Indians are ill-treated by the British.

Chapter 4: Bepin Choudhury’s Lapse of Memory

 The story written by Satyajit Ray is a funny story about a man who believes he has lost his memory of the one incident from the year 1958.

Chapter 5: The summit within

This chapter talks about the successful expedition taken by the author Major H.P.S. Ahluwalia to Mount Everest and describes his experience and feelings standing on the Everest.

Chapter 6: This is Jody’s Fawn

It is a touching story written by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings that revolves around the emotion of the child, Jody, who has a sensitive mind that he is not able to forget a doe’s sacrifice to save his father’s life.

Chapter 7: A visit to Cambridge

It is a travelogue by the author Firdaus Kanga that focuses on a conversation between two differently-abled people.

Chapter 8: The short monsoon diary

This is a diary written by Ruskin Bond about nature’s silent miracles as monsoon showers fell on the mountains.

Chapter 9: The great stone face -1

It is a short story by Nathaniel Hawthorne; it is about a boy and his attraction to a mountain range.

Chapter 10: The great stone face -2

Click on the poems to access the Important questions for class 8 English                             Poem           Poet
1. The ant and the cricket Aesop
2. Geography lesson Zulfikar Ghose
3. Macavity: The mystery cat T.S. Eliot
4. The last bargain Rabindranath Tagore
5. The School Boy William Blake
6. The duck and the Kangaroo Edward Lear
7. When I set out for Lyonnesse Thomas Hardy
8. On the grasshopper and cricket John Keats

 Solving important questions for class 8 English will help students to prepare for the examination. These questions are written in an easy to understand way so that the students may obtain a better understanding of the story and the relevant concepts. To score well in English, students should go through CBSE revision notes, solve past years’ question papers, sample papers and CBSE extra questions.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How can the students prepare for class 8 English?

English requires a lot of reading and imagination; hence students should read the chapters line by line to form their own opinions and ideas. After a thorough reading of the chapter, students should attempt the questions given at the back of the chapter. If students are unable to answer the questions, they can refer to NCERT solutions for help. Solving important questions for class 8 English will help them to clear their doubts.

2. What is the importance of practising class 8 English grammar?

Students should practise grammar on a daily basis as it is pne of the easiest ways to score good marks in English.