ICSE Class 8 Physics Important Questions

ICSE Class 8 Physics Important Questions

Physics may be a subject that’s thought of as terribly tough because it includes advanced mathematical calculations, formulas, and theorems along with the derivations and theories to be told. Having a correct understanding of all the numerical problems and theory enhances the students’ interest in the subject and might assist them in learning the advanced topics. Being aware of the vital questions from all the different topics of the ICSE Class 8 Physics syllabus will equip the students with all the necessary preparations for the exam.

ICSE Important Questions for Class 8 Physics by Extramarks’ is prepared by subject specialists with a mission to assist you in saving time by sorting the questions that are important. These important questions of Chemistry will refresh and update the concepts prescribed in the syllabus. Students should go through all the important questions and try to solve them once they are thorough with the syllabus. To help the ICSE Class 8 students in terms of preparation, these important questions are necessary to study.

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What Chapters Are Covered in ICSE Important Questions for Class 8 Physics?

Almost all the topics in Class 8 Physics are covered, e.g., motion, sound, light, etc. The syllabus is extremely broad. Nevertheless, by studying and practising more questions, you can easily achieve good grades. The chapters that are covered in Class 8 Physics are listed below:

  • Chapter 1: Matter
  • Chapter 2: Physical Quantities and Measurement
  • Chapter 3: Force and Pressure
  • Chapter 4: Energy
  • Chapter 5: Light Energy
  • Chapter 6: Heat Transfer
  • Chapter 7: Sound
  • Chapter 8: Electricity

The first step is to be very organised and to have a well-designed study plan that includes regular practise sessions. This is where the Chapter-wise Class 8 Physics questions and answers help the students. For each Chapter in the ICSE Class 8 Physics syllabus, the Extramarks team has provided the ICSE Important Questions for Class 8 Physics. This section has various formats of questions, such as objective-type questions (fill in the blanks, true or false), MCQs, subjective-type questions  like “answer in brief” and “answer in detail,” etc.Hence, this section of important questions will be beneficial in revising key concepts and grading the student for the exams.

ICSE Class 8 Physics Important Questions – Important notes

Eight units covering the foundations make up the physics syllabus for class 8. We will go through the units briefly here:

Chapter 1: Matter

  1. Kinetic Theory of Matter.
  2. Three states of matter in terms of the movement of particles.
  3. Energy content in the three states of matter.
  4. Change of state in matter using the Kinetic theory:                                                                                                       Boiling, Vaporization, Melting, Fusion, Evaporation, Condensation, Sublimation, Deposition, Freezing
  5. Change of state diagrams (using the terms mentioned above).

Chapter 2: Physical Quantities and Measurement

  1. Measurement of Density of Irregular solids using:
  2. a) Eureka Can
  3. b) Measuring Cylinder
  4. Measurement of Density of Fluids:

a) Basic Concept

b) Concept of Flotation and sinking of a substance (related to density)

c) Comparison of densities in the three states of matter.

Chapter 3: Force and Pressure

  1. Turning effect of force(moment of force): concept, definition, and calculation
  2. Pressure:

a) Definition

b) Unit

c) Calculation of pressure in simple cases

d) Pressure exerted by liquids (Qualitative only).

e) Pressure exerted by gases- Atmospheric pressure (Qualitative only).

Chapter 4: Energy

  1. Concept of Work
  2. Unit of Work (Joule)
  3. Calculation of Work done in simple cases
  • Kinetic Energy

a) Basic Concept

  • Potential Energy

a)Basic Concept

b) Gravitational Potential Energy

4.Calculation of kinetic and potential energies from a set of given data (Simple problems and assuming g=10 m/s2)

5.Energy transformation in common daily life situations

6.Difference between Energy and power.

Chapter 5: Light Energy

  1. Refraction:

a) Definition

b) Examples of Refraction.

2. Curved Mirrors:

a) Convex

b) Concave

c) Reflecting surface (Convex and Concave)

d) Uses of Curved mirrors

e) Terms related to Curved mirrors –Focus, Principal Axis, the centre of curvature, the radius of curvature

f) Rules for making ray diagrams of Spherical mirrors.

g) Real and Virtual Images

h) Ray diagrams with curved mirrors where real images are formed.

3. Dispersion of white light into constituent colours.

Chapter 6: Heat Transfer

  1. Difference between Boiling and Evaporation.
  2. Thermal Expansion:

a) Linear Expansion

b) Volume Expansion

c) Superficial Expansion

d) Compare expansivity in Solids, Liquids, and Gases.

e) Examples and Real-world applications.

Chapter 7: Sound

  1. Pitch and Frequency
  2. Pitch and frequency in relation to the Working of musical instruments. (Wind, membrane, and String)
  3. Monotone
  4. Loudness and amplitude
  5. Unit of loudness in decibels

Chapter 8: Electricity

  1. Household consumption of electric energy (kilowatt hour)
  2. Identify Live wire, a neutral wire and earth wire in terms of their Energy and the path they travel
  3. Safety Components (fuses/circuit breakers (Qualitative approach only)/ grounding)
  4. Static Electricity

a) Conservation of charges

b) Conduction

c) Induction

d) Electroscope (Gold Leaf Electroscope)

e) Lightning Conductor

5. A battery is a collection of cells connected in series.

6. Dangers of electricity

ICSE Important Questions for Class 8 Physics – Chapter-Wise Questions PDF Download

The class 8 curriculum aims to give students foundational knowledge and understanding of the key terms, ideas, definitions, and laws in physics. The topics covered here are also meant to help students improve their practical, instrumental, deductive, problem-solving, and observational skills.

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  • Important Questions Chapter 1: Matter
  • Important Questions Chapter 2: Physical Quantities and Measurement
  • Important Questions Chapter 3: Force and Pressure
  • Important Questions Chapter 4: Energy
  • Important Questions Chapter 5: Light Energy
  • Important Questions Chapter 6: Heat Transfer
  • Important Questions Chapter 7: Sound
  • Important Questions Chapter 8: Electricity

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Benefits of Solving ICSE Important Questions for Class 8 Physics

  • It gives an idea of the types of questions to be expected from each Chapter.
  • It will boost your confidence level while solving the final paper.
  • It covers all the essential topics that need to be studied.
  • It is a valuable resource from the exam point of view.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How to start solving ICSE Important Questions for Class 8 Physics?

The students may effortlessly download and begin solving these Class 8 Physics mock exams from Extramarks at their leisure. It will enable students to gauge their current level of preparation and, in accordance, focus on certain areas that require more attention in order to perform well on their final test. By offering ICSE Important Questions for Class 8 Physics, Extramarks assists students in achieving higher marks on their final exams.

2. How are ICSE Important Questions for Class 8 Physics helpful for scoring well?

These important questions for Class 8 Physics are based on the most recent ICSE board pattern, which helps students  understand the types of questions that will be asked in exams and how to respond to them. With the 8th ICSE Physics worksheets, students can solve them at their own convenience and can use these important papers to achieve high marks in their exams if they encounter any difficulties  doing so.

3. How can a student prepare for their final examinations?

Physics students can gauge how much prep is necessary by completing these Class 8 Important questions, which will give them a sense of the difficulty of the problems on the test. Students should understand that time management and thorough preparation are crucial for success on their final exams if a student is well-versed in their field and has a thorough understanding of the idea beforehand. A student can easily get high marks and  good grades if they have a strong command of their subject and a solid understanding of the concept. However, it is regarded as simple for students who fully comprehend the concepts.