ISC Class 12 Chemistry Question Paper 2018

ISC Class 12 Chemistry Question Paper 2018 is designed to test the students and help them prepare for various examinations conducted at the National and State levels. The ISC Class 12 Chemistry Question Paper 2018 is curated by experts in such a way that it helps the students on multiple levels.

On March 5, 2018, the ISC Class 12 Chemistry Question Paper 2018 (Theory) exam was given. The exam began at 2:00 PM. The exam had a 70-point maximum and took three hours to complete. The ISC Class 12 Chemistry Question Paper 2018 Solution is available for students having a freemium version of Extramarks to use as a resource. The answers are given in the format a student is anticipated to use while writing the exam’s responses. To help students understand how marks are assigned in the board test, we have also supplied the step marking for each response. They can obtain the ISC Class 12 Chemistry Question Paper 2018 PDF below.

ISC Class 12 Chemistry Question Paper – 2018 Board Examinations

By consulting the ISC Class 12 Chemistry Question Paper 2018, students may prepare for the class 12 board exam the most finely and intelligently possible. Students can learn about any alterations made by the ISC of education by consulting the ICSE Question Paper from prior years. Therefore, it is recommended that all students taking the class 12 board examinations concentrate more on resolving the past years questions. The ISC Class 12 Chemistry Question Paper 2018 is available here.

The ISC Class 12 Chemistry Question Paper 2018 helps students prepare for the multiple challenges of the exam. Practising many sample papers helps students secure good marks and gain confidence. The sample papers provided on the Extramarks website make students exam-ready. The experts at Extramarks help students solve any tough questions through the use of “doubt- clearing” sessions. These sessions would make sure that they did not find any challenge in solving the ISC Class 12 Chemistry Question Paper 2018.

Experts at Extramarks have designed every ISC Class 12 Chemistry Question Paper 2018 in such a way that it helps students  get a thorough understanding of what to expect in the actual exam. It provides solutions for the same, so the students can check the answers and understand the areas where they need improvement. 

Previous Year Chemistry Question Paper for ISC Class 12 Board – 2018 – Free PDF Download

There is a PDF of the ISC Class 12 Chemistry Question Paper 2018 provided by qualified professors. by using the ICSE & ISC Class 12 Chemistry Question Paper 2018 to improve the test results.

Chemistry is essential to Science as a whole. Chemistry test success depends on a student’s mental grasp of the material and their amount of practise through the ICSE Revision Notes.Chemistry includes the study of both elements and compounds. Chemistry also emphasises studying the make-up, structure, and properties of atoms. Chemistry is not a subject that can be learned and written about like physics or algebra. It takes a lot of application, in-depth understanding, and experience with the numerous questions that could be asked. ISC Class 12 Chemistry Previous Year ICSE Sample Question Papers play a crucial role in acquainting students with the format of questions on the final examinations and give a clear indicator of the degree of difficulty of the board exams. Students can use the ISC Class 12 Chemistry Question Paper 2018 on our website as a reference.

ISC Class 12 Chemistry Syllabus

The educational board’s requirements for the concepts and topics that students must learn in order to be prepared for the tests are summarised in the Chemistry syllabus. The Chemistry ISC & ICSE Syllabus is designed to introduce students to the fundamental and ICSE Important Questions in Science since Chemistry has applications in our daily lives. The Chemistry curriculum aids students in making plans and getting ready for tests. It describes the overarching goals, exam formats, and learning activities intended to assist students in learning about a range of subjects. An outline of the course’s content may be found in the Chemistry syllabus.

Semester 1

(Marks 35)

Semester 2

(Marks 35)

Solid State Chemical Kinetics
Solutions Surface Chemistry
Electrochemistry d- and f-Block Elements
General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements Coordination Compounds
p-Block Elements Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids
Haloalkanes and Haloarenes Organic Compounds containing Nitrogen
Alcohols, Phenols, and Ethers Biomolecules
Chemistry in Everyday Life

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How to improve the chances of getting high marks on the ISC Class 12 Chemistry Question Paper 2018?

To achieve high grades, one should study for the past year’s ISC Class 12 Chemistry Question Paper 2018 using the following methods.


  • If students do not think they are good at Chemistry, they should start as soon as possible. Immediately start reading a textbook. Please take the time to read the chapters.
  • Attend lectures in the lab and courses. Execute each experiment like a scientist would.
  • Always be curious and make an effort to comprehend the subjects. Please list any problems and ask a teacher or a peer to discuss them.
  • Do not ignore problems with numbers. If students can solve mathematical problems, it is a great way to gain points.
  • Once students have finished creating their curriculum, they should make as many revisions as possible. Finish by solving the example papers. It will help students organize their time and provide a plan for which questions to tackle first.

2. What is the objective of completing the ISC Class 12 Chemistry Question Paper 2018 solutions?

The following are the goals of resolving the ISC Class 12 Chemistry Question Paper 2018.

  • It is an excellent self-evaluation tool because it enables students to monitor their performance before the test.
  • Students become aware of their weak points. Students might correct their flaws and errors in this manner.
  • It forces students to study formulas and important information while responding to questions.
  • It leads to a more comprehensive review of every chapter students read.
  • It will increase students’ writing efficiency, comprehension, and problem-solving approach, enabling learners to complete their assignments flawlessly and on schedule.
  • Learners overcome their fear of asking unfamiliar questions. Instead, learn how to remember the chapter and approach the subject differently.
  • Students become accustomed to the questions’ format, the scoring system, and how the topics are distributed across the paper.

3. Where to find the ISC Class 12 Board's 2018 previous year's Chemistry exam questions?

From the Extramarks website, learners may get the test questions in PDF format, which is quite helpful. These are available for students with freemium versions to download whenever they want and use as test prep tools. Practicing the past years’ question papers is crucial to increasing the fundamental comprehension and response time to questions. Students will gain from this in upcoming competitive exams as the basics get stronger. ICSE Solutions are provided for each question in the subsequent exercises to help learners revise and get better results.