NCERT Books Class 1 English Marigold

NCERT Class 1 English Marigold Book 

Every student of CBSE schools must follow the NCERT books for their curriculum. NCERT is an autonomous organisation established in 1961 by the government of India, responsible for publishing textbooks, references, and other study materials for promoting qualitative improvement in primary education. NCERT books are well-known for publishing high-quality content that adheres to the latest syllabus and guidelines prescribed by the central board of secondary education(CBSE).

NCERT Books Class 1 English Marigold is the official book recommended by CBSE for Class 1 students. The book contains a number of poems and prose that helps students form a strong base on the subject. Students can develop good oral and writing skills by reading the English textbook Marigold book.

CBSE Class 1 NCERT English Marigold Books

The NCERT Books Class 1 English Marigold PDF has ten units in all. Each unit has a short poem and a story. This book introduces students to the English language in a playful manner that stirs their interest and helps students develop an interest in reading and listening to stories and poems embedded with activities that are exciting and stimulating. Even the exercises and activities in the book are designed in a way that makes learning fun for young learners. The exercises contain activities like joining dots to form pictures and shapes or matching words with relatable images. Each chapter contains multiple pictures and illustrations to help students identify animals, things, and other objects they see in real life.

The book’s primary purpose is to help students learn new vocabulary and get familiar with the language. Extramarks offers you the NCERT Books Class 1 English Marigold e-Book for free. You also get access to the chapter-wise PDFs of the book. It has made learning relatively hassle-free. First, students do not always have to carry a hard copy of the book; they can access the PDFs anywhere, anytime after downloading them. Second, they do not have to scroll up and down multiple times to go through a  particular chapter; they can download the individual chapters separately. Not to mention, they save time and money besides getting access to PDFs and solutions.

NCERT Solutions for Class 1 English Marigold | Chapterwise Solutions 

This section offers the solution for the stories of each unit of NCERT Books Class 1 English Marigold. The solutions help students solve the exercise questions.  It also explains the stories in the best possible manner. It becomes easy for them to understand the chapters, along with  the morals and apply them in their own lives.

Chapter 1 is about the three pigs, who are brothers. The story explains to students the importance of kindness and friendship and the need to always have each other’s back.

Chapter 2 makes students realise the necessity to think thoroughly before making any decisions through the story of three fantasy characters – bubble, straw, and shoe.

Chapter 3 describes the bond, love, and care siblings must have for each other through the story of Lalu and Peelu, two chicks.

Chapter 4 narrates a tale of Mithu, a parrot, and the planning she does to eat a yellow mango. It helps students understand the significance of proper planning to achieve their goals.

Chapter 5 talks about a little girl who learns to draw different shapes in a circle from her grandmother.

Chapter 6 introduces students to a tree, its features, and how it helps humans by providing them food, shelter, etc. Children also enjoy climbing trees, swinging, etc.

Chapter 7 introduces students to the amusement items available in a fare and teaches them the importance of trying and not giving up easily by narrating a story of a boy and his kite.

Chapter 8 helps students to remain humble and grounded. It teaches them not to be overconfident about one’s abilities and to respect others for their skills and talent.

Chapter 9 helps students to know the rainbow’s colours while developing a habit of painting and caring for animals.

Chapter 10 explains to students that a human being and an animal can be friends if they respect each other and give them their space.

NCERT Solutions for Class 1 English Marigold Poem | Chapterwise PDF

Students can also go through the solutions for each poem, just like the stories. The verses teach students about different emotions, imaginations, activities, objects around them, etc.

Chapter 1 informs us about a little girl who is happy with her life. She loves her house and tree and is never sad. This chapter helps students understand human behaviour, the importance of trees, etc.

Chapter 2 informs students about the importance of bathing and the activities involved with it.

Chapter 3 tends to teach students different adjectives and numbers with the help of various creatures by mentioning them in an interesting and entertaining manner.

Chapter 4 explains a child’s love and affection towards a bird when it hops at the window and flies away before he could catch it.

Students witness the excitement and happiness of a young girl when she gets to enjoy a ride on a merry-go-round in chapter 5.

Chapter 6 takes to the world of imagination of a boy wherein he considers himself an apple.

Chapter 7 talks about a boy who imagines flying high up in the sky like a kite.

Chapter 8 informs students about turtles and introduces them to some adjectives and action words (verbs) through a delightful poem.

Chapter 9 tends to draw students’ attention to the cloud, one of the beautiful elements of nature.

Chapter 10 is about a flying man who flies across mountains and seas and saves people from harm and a child’s request to the superhero to take him along with him.

NCERT Books for Class 1 

Apart from NCERT Books Class 1 English Marigold, students have two more books for Class 1 – Hindi and Mathematics. There are 23 chapters in Hindi that help students understand the basics of the language and increase their vocabulary through exciting poems and stories.

In Mathematics, there are 13 chapters introducing students to the basics of shapes, numbers, time, patterns, money, etc. All the Class 1 NCERT Books have multiple colourful illustrations, sketches, drawings and pictures for lucid explanation and to keep their interest and curiosity alive.

NCERT Solutions for Class 1 

You will get the NCERT Solutions for all the Class 1 Books for free here. Just select the class, subject, and book title to access the individual links of the NCERT Solutions of all the chapters and subjects.

Importance of Reading Marigold Books: 

English Marigold Books offer guidance in the right direction. Following authentic books and teaching students, the right thing from a tender age is necessary to create a strong base. English Marigold Books have the credit for this. Also, following the Marigold book is enough to score excellent grades in the subject. The books have stories and poems in easily understandable language and an interactive approach to make learning fun.

Sections of NCERT CBSE Class 1 NCERT Marigold Books: 

The NCERT CBSE Class 1 NCERT Marigold Books has the following chapters:

Chapter 1 – A Happy Child

Chapter  2 – After a Bath

Chapter  3 – One Little Kitten

Chapter 4 – Once I saw a Little Bird

Chapter  5 – Merry Go Round

Chapter  6 – If I Were an Apple

Chapter  7 – A Kite

Chapter  8 – A Little Turtle

Chapter  9 – Clouds

Chapter  10 – Flying Man

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