NCERT Books Class 1 English Raindrops

NCERT Books Class 1 English Raindrops 

Studying a language always opens new doors for growth and development. Not just, scientific studies have also found that learning new languages helps in boosting cognitive skills, IQ, and memory. English is one such language that is used all across the globe, and learning this language early in childhood can help students in many ways. It will boost their confidence and self-esteem and help in developing their entire personality.

English is widely used in computers, diplomacy, aviation, science, media, and international communications. It also opens up the global doors of opportunity for a child. Statistics have shown that people who know how to speak and write English have a better chance of landing a job than their peers who struggle with the language. Thus, the importance of learning this language is well-established.

Considering these factors, CBSE schools have made English compulsory in all classes, even the primary ones. Students of Class 1 have NCERT Books Class 1 English Raindrops as one of the English books. 

The NCERT English book has several poems and short stories written in the most exciting way to help students learn new things playfully.

CBSE Class 1 NCERT English Raindrops Books Free Download 

Students must be given the opportunity to develop a good command of the language from a tender age. This helps improve their interpersonal skills and language skills. The NCERT books for English are drafted by experts in the subject with precise attention to the age and understanding of the students.

NCERT also has a team of experts that ensures all its books are factually accurate, contain relevant information, have no printing errors, and have been written using plain and simple language so that students can understand the matter easily. The same is the case with NCERT Books Class 1 English Raindrops PDF, which students can download chapter-wise from Extramarks anytime without paying any price. 

NCERT Solutions for Class 1 English Raindrops | Chapterwise Solutions

Extramarks offers NCERT solutions for Class 1 English Raindrops chapters. The book has a total of 19 chapters wherein some contain poems while others introduce students to fruits, veggies, animals, birds, etc. 

The solutions provide clear and precise answers to all the questions of every chapter present in NCERT Books Class 1 English Raindrops PDF. Also, the stories and poems are explained comprehensively. This helps students understand the topics better. Students can download the chapter-wise NCERT solutions and refer to them to study well and score good marks in the examinations. 

Some of the chapters are discussed below:

Chapter 1 is a poem that introduces students to various activities like clapping, jumping, and tapping and encourages them to perform them.  

Chapter 2 introduces students to some numbers that rhyme with different animal sounds through a poem.

Chapter 3 introduces students to a girl and a bird who was sitting at the window of her room. While she wants to befriend the bird, it might fly away being scared. 

Chapter 4 is also a poem that describes children’s love for bubbles and how they enjoy playing with them. 

Chapter 5 is a story of a mouse who never listens to his mother’s advice to come home early. One day, he gets into trouble when a crow picks him up. 

Chapter 6 is an activity-based chapter that introduces students to animals and birds through their pictures. Students identify various animals and birds like dogs, cats, rats, ducks, sparrows, hens, crows, frogs, and donkeys. There are interesting activities to test their understanding and help them know more about them.

Chapter 7 is another activity-based chapter that helps students know the names of different fruits and vegetables by identifying their pictures. 

Chapter 8 is more of an activity to be performed in the classroom by the teachers to make the students introduce themselves to others. 

Chapter 9 is a story about three cats, a dog, a rabbit, and a frog.

Chapters 10 and 11 teach students about numbers and shapes, respectively, through entertaining poems. 

Chapter 12 introduces students to the behaviour of cats and the fact that they can sleep almost anywhere.

Chapter 13 helps students learn various colours. 

Chapter 14 introduces students ‘ing’ words.

Chapter 15 helps students understand the concepts of left and right through the conversations of a mother and daughter. 

Chapter 16 educates students not to judge anyone by their appearance, shape, or size, as every living being is unique in its own way. 

Chapter 17 teaches students the concepts of morning and evening.

Chapter 18 is about a conversation between a teacher and a student.

Students learn about action words in Chapter 19.  

NCERT Books for Class 1 

Apart from NCERT Books Class 1 English Raindrops PDF, students also have other books in class 1. Students have another English book – Marigold and Hindi and Mathematics. Students can also opt for Urdu. 

In Mathematics, they have 13 chapters introducing them to shapes, space, numbers, additions, subtractions, time, patterns, etc., using colourful illustrations and exciting activities. Their Hindi book – Rimjhim – has 19 chapters. Each chapter helps students learn new things through adorable stories or poems. The other English book, Marigold, has ten units, with each section having a story and a poem. 

Students can access every chapter of all the subjects by downloading them for free. Extramarks offers chapter-wise PDFs of all subjects. 

NCERT Solutions for Class 1 

Extramarks offers NCERT solutions for all the subjects of class 1, be it Mathematics, Hindi, or English. The organisation has appointed subject experts to solve the exercise questions of the chapters and offer students accurate answers in lucid language. 

Experts have also explained the concepts of each chapter in easy-to-understand terms so that students find no difficulty in grasping new ideas and learning new concepts.

Extramarks does not charge a penny for offering NCERT solutions. Students can log in and access the chapter-wise solutions in PDF format anytime.  

NCERT Books for Class 1 English Raindrops – Free Download 

Students can download the NCERT Books Class 1 English Raindrops for free instead of purchasing a hard copy of the book. This will not only save money, but also make learning more comfortable. First, they do not have to carry the book always, and second, they can access the PDF files from any device – laptops, computers, mobiles, etc. 

Why is it important to learn English? 

Learning English makes life easy. Below are a few advantages that one will have after mastering this language:

  1. Communication becomes easy when one knows English, a global language. Most countries worldwide treat English as their second language, if not the first one.
  2. Knowing English improves the chance of getting a better job, especially in the corporate world, where an employee is expected to know a common language to deal with foreign clients. 
  3. One can remain socially more aware after knowing English. Most of the content on social media platforms is in English. Also, there is a huge body of work in this English. One will miss out on everything by not knowing the language. 
  4. Knowing more than one language increases confidence level; the person knows that they are in a better position than yesterday. 

NCERT Books Class 1 English Raindrops PDF helps students form a strong base by helping them learn new ideas, terms, etc., most appropriately. NCERT Books are trusted to offer accurate and relevant knowledge. 

Chapters in CBSE Class 1 NCERT English Raindrops 

There are 19 chapters in NCERT Books Class 1 English Raindrops. They are:

Unit 1: Clap, Clap, Clap

Unit 2: One, Two

Unit 3 The Little Bird

Unit 4: Bubbles

Unit 5: Chhotu

Unit 6: Animals and Birds

Unit 7: Fruits and Vegetables

Unit 8: Who Am I?

Unit 9: Hide and Seek

Unit 10: Fun with Numbers

Unit 11: Shapes

Unit 12: Cats

Unit 13: Colors

Unit 14: Actions We Do

Unit: 15 Left and Right

Unit 16: The Lion and the Mouse

Unit 17: Morning and Evening

Unit 18: May I Come In?

Unit 19: Action Song

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Are NCERT Books enough for the final preparations?

Following the NCERT Books is enough to ace the examination as they have been drafted according to the latest CBSE Syllabus. However, if students want to practice more, they have the CBSE Sample Papers and CBSE Previous Year Question Papers on the Extramarks website. Solving these papers will have them gauge their preparation level and also manage time well. 

2. What are the benefits of following NCERT solutions of NCERT Books Class 1 English Raindrops?

Extramarks offers NCERT solutions in easy-to-understand language so that students do not have difficulty understanding the chapters or solving the exercise questions. All the solutions are available chapter-wise in PDF format. Students can download them anytime from the Extramarks website or mobile app for free.