NCERT Books Class 11 Hindi Vitan

NCERT Book Class 11 Hindi Vitan PDF

With the pandemic, many things have changed in our education system. If you have just been promoted to class 11, then you mustn’t have the hard copy of the Hindi book, Vitan. But do not stress, as you can easily avail yourself any of the books from our website. The book is a mandatory part of the Hindi class 11 syllabus. It is advisable that you download the NCERT Books Class 11 Hindi Vitan and get started with your studies. The book is written in a very clear and relevant manner. Images and diagrams have been included in every chapter to make it look better, and students are more likely to understand the subject matter better with a visual presentation. Our team of teachers has chalked the entire write-up to make you aware of what things you are going to invest your time in and how you can get better marks with Extramarks.

CBSE Class 11 NCERT Books for Hindi Vitan PDF – Free Download

Home lessons have given no other options for CBSE students rather than NCERT books. Every book in this curriculum is absolutely necessary and an integral part of a CBSE student’s life. This organisation of the National Council of Educational Research and Training offers the best quality education system for students across the nation.

The NCERT books themselves are the best study material that a student must have, and it will be enough to attain good marks in the examinations. Subject matter experts and teachers have worked hard to put together the books. And this is the reason behind the in-depth analysis and well-summarised narratives that have been offered in those books. The PDF version of Vitan Hindi book class 11 will be available for you. You can also down the book chapter-wise and make a strategic growth in the subject. Class 11 Hindi syllabus has 4 books which are;

  1. Antra – अन्तरा (9 Chapters)
  2. Aroh – आरोह (8 Chapters)
  3. Vitan – वितान (4 Chapters)
  4. Antral – अंतराल (3 Chapters)

The total number of chapters, combining all three books is 24, and you also have other subjects to cope with. So, going chapter-wise will be a wiser choice. But you can choose whichever way suits you better; we have both on our website.

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Hindi Vitan | Chapter-wise PDF

The number of chapters in the book is 4 and you will be learning about various art forms of India and its mastered artistic approaches. Chapter-wise NCERT Books Class 11 Hindi Vitan PDF will be available below.

  • Chapter 1: भारतीय गायिकाओं में बेजोड़लता मंगेशकर – In this chapter, you will learn about the legendary singer, Lata Mangeshkar and her life.
  • Chapter 2: राजस्थान की रजत बूँदें – This is a historical event that took place in Rajasthan.
  • Chapter 3: आलो आंधारि – An extremely motivational story written by Baby Halder.
  • Chapter 4: भारतीय कलाएं – The diverse nature of various Indian art forms has been described in this chapter making it extremely compelling for the students to read about it.

This unique compilation will offer some extremely charming write-ups that are very important to know more about our culture and the hardships the citizens of this subcontinent have to go through in order to gain a better livelihood. The themes are diverse and the writers of these pieces also come from very different parts of our country. This unique nature has made the entire book even more exciting to study.

NCERT Books for Class 11

In the class 11 Hindi Syllabus, you will be having 4 books. The critically elaborate pieces will make you wonder about these unique topics and the proper write-up of these chapters. The pandemic and the after-effects of this pandemic have left a huge impact on the curriculum activities of students, but to keep the wheel moving, you must have soft copies of these books so that you can at least keep your studies on point and score excellently in the upcoming examinations. 

NCERT Solutions for Class 11

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NCERT Books for CBSE Class 11 Hindi Vitan PDF Free Download

Our website not only offers NCERT books based on the syllabus of CBSE but also various other options that will make you proficient in the subject. We can offer CBSE previous year question papers so that you can make yourself more skilful in this subject. Moreover, you must know that we offer the best doubt-clearing sessions.

NCERT Books Free PDF Download

The books you get from NCERT offer the most prolific narrations written by one of the leading teams of academic experts. If you are willing to know even more intriguing creative options of study then you must continue reading. Given below are a few reasons why every student should have NCERT books:

  • They are completely free of any errors
  • Written is a fun and engaging way to get the attention of the students
  • Reasonably priced and now available free of all costs on our website
  • The writing qualities are of international academic authors
  • The exercise and questions will be very engaging and very fun to solve

The write-ups can be understood by all students. The writing quality and the fundamentals along with the insights regarding this subject will be resolved very well and in a lucid way.

NCERT Books for Class 11 Hindi Vitan PDF Free Download

NCERT books are considered as the strength of character of the CBSE syllabus. From elementary classes to senior secondary students, each year they have offered the best syllabus written in the most concise way to make each student gravitate to the syllabus. The questions, images and writing qualities are the major contributing factors of NCERT books. You will have questions, examples and step-by-step explanations along with pictures in this book. While the hard copy of the book comes with a price, the soft copy is available free of cost.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How can one cope with all the chapters in the syllabus of class 11 Hindi?

The first and foremost option is that you must not be afraid of the upcoming examinations. You just have to follow a few steps to attain the best marks in the final exam.

  • There is no alternative to reading; you have to read the entire book and make your concepts clear.
  • You must have a timetable to segregate your studies so that you can offer each subject their designated times.
  • Make sure that you complete the entire work that you have assigned for the day.
  • Make your own notes out of the chapters you are going through so that when you are revising you do not have to go through the entire piece. Your notes should be adequate to make your preparation complete.
  • Last but not least, make sure you have learned all the CBSE important questions and remember them by heart.
  • You can refer to books or websites to clear any doubts that haven’t been solved by your teachers or your parents.
  • You can also solve some CBSE extra questions for practice.

2. How tough Vitan is for a class 11 student?

The entire syllabus is very engaging and interesting, and not tough at all. You have a great time reading these stories and incidents. But to score better in the exams you must have some practice so that you do not run out of time while writing your exam. The essays, stories and pieces are very good but you have to practice to have the best marks. Here’s what you can do to gain that.

  • Give mock tests
  • Marking the important parts of the chapter
  • Making individual notes
  • Learn the story not line by line but by heart

And if you have done these steps then you can easily get the best numbers in your exams. Study materials and reference books will help but you will have to help yourself to get the best results.

3. How many chapters are there in Vitan and what are the names of these chapters?

There are 4 books in the class 11 Hindi Syllabus. The first book is called Antra with 9 chapters in it. The second book is called Aroh, which has 8 chapters. The third book is Vitan with 4 Chapters and the last book is Antral, which has 3 Chapters. Combining all 4, your syllabus has 24 chapters in it.

4. Why should we read Hindi?

With the changing world, this question has become one of the major problems in our society. We all must learn our native language so that we can have an idea and some knowledge about our culture, our heritage and our rich history. These NCERT books based on the CBSE syllabus will offer you the exact thing. It will deliver a piece of our thousand-year-old culture and integrity.