NCERT Books Class 12 Hindi Antral

CBSE Class 12 NCERT Books for Hindi Antral

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) is an organisation established by the Indian government to contribute to the improvement of the education quality provided in India’s public schools. NCERT is responsible for developing and publishing all NCERT textbooks to establish a unified educational system. In addition, it creates educational kits and digital multimedia materials for students to use in their academic pursuits.

The official textbooks that the NCERT recommends for Classes 1 through 12 are being adopted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and many state boards. In addition to this, it is recommended that candidates consult the NCERT Book when preparing for various competitive examinations such as IIT, NEET and UPSC, among others. This is because the material presented in the textbook is organised in a straightforward and explained in a simple way. Reading through these books, one can begin with the fundamentals and work their way up to more advanced concepts.

If you would rather have a digital copy than a physical one, you should consider acquiring these NCERT class 12 Hindi Antral PDF books. This Hindi Antral book is used in schools and by students in India; it is the ideal stepping stone for students to master their Hindi board exams and is followed by class 12 students.

NCERT Books Class 12 Hindi Antral

Class 12th
Board CBSE
Subject Hindi
Language English / Hindi
Study Materials Free Study Materials are Available
PDF Solutions Solutions Available in PDF
Part 1 NCERT Book Class 12 Hindi Antral PDF Download
Part 2 NCERT Book Class 12 Hindi Aroh PDF Download
Part 3 NCERT Book Class 12 Hindi Vitan PDF Download

You can access the curated solutions that we have prepared for the books that you follow by clicking on the links provided below.

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Hindi Antral | Chapterwise PDF

NCERT Books for Class 12

NCERT Solutions for Class 12

NCERT Books for CBSE Class 12 Hindi Antral

CBSE is one of the most important and influential educational boards in India. It strongly emphasises the study of Hindi, particularly for students in Class 12. Antra, Antral, Aroh and Vitan are the names of the four different Hindi textbooks used in the Hindi Core and Hindi Elective curricula for Class 12. The Hindi textbook provided by NCERT for Class 12 provides students with an extensive summary of the material covered during the current school year and updates based on the board’s curricular changes. The PDFs are available for students to download from the link provided in this article.

Students will broaden their cultural horizons and the career opportunities open by studying Hindi as a second language. This article links all the PDFs available for the NCERT Class 12 Hindi books. We strongly encourage every student to carefully go over the NCERT Class 12 book and work on improving their conceptual understanding. You will find additional information about the PDF book for Class 12, Hindi below.

Students will discover some well-known prose works in the NCERT book Antral for class 12. These works were penned by famous authors and are regarded as some of the foundational pieces of the language by various institutes. An NCERT book for class 12 Hindi Antral PDF has been written in which the authors have compiled all of the significant points and questions that students may be asked during their examinations.

Following are the chapter-wise description of the NCERT Book Antral for Class 12:

Chapter 1: Surdas Ki Jhopri

Munshi Premchand is widely regarded as one of the most accomplished authors from the Indian subcontinent. He is the author of the work titled “Surdas Ki Jhopri.” The passage in question can be found in the longer novel known as Rangabhumi. The main character of this tale, Surdas is a blind man well-known for possessing extraordinary determination in all aspects of life. One night, a dramatic turn occurs when it is discovered that Surdas’ hut is burning, and the story then continues to state the repercussions of the same event.

The complete text of this short story can be found in the PDF version of our NCERT book for class 12 Hindi Antral. In addition, students get to work through several problems related to this section.

Chapter 2: Aarohan

A fable about the natural world, Aarohan was written by yet another well-known author named Sanjeev. The tale personifies hills and mountains and compares them with fields and plain lands, stating that the lives of mountains must be much more complicated than those of plain lands because of the inherent complexity of mountain terrain. The plot centers on Roop Singh, a man who, after an absence of eleven years, makes his way back to his hometown of Maahi. The narrative then continues by informing us of the occurrences after Roop arrived in his village.

Students should read through the NCERT book for class 12 Hindi Antral PDF, which contains a collection of all the essential questions and a condensed summary of the entire text to better understand the material.

Chapter 3: Viskohar Ki Maati

Another well-known writer in Hindi literature, Vishwanath Tripathi, is the author of the autobiographical novel Nangatlai Ka Gaon, which contains a chapter titled Viskohar Ki Maati. Extensive detail is provided regarding the author’s personal life, relationships with other people, aspects of the natural environment surrounding him and the geographical significance of his village. In addition, he contrasts the way of life in the villages with the way of life in the towns and cities.

The skill with which Tripathi describes these specifics is nothing short of incredible. Students can acquire comprehensive knowledge by reading an NCERT book for class 12 Hindi Antral PDF, containing all of these minute details.

Chapter 4: Aapna Malwa – Khau Ujaru Sabhyata Me

Prabhash Joshi is the author of the final chapter of the Hindi Antral book for class 12, which is titled Apna Malwa. This narrative is in the form of a travelogue, and most of the action takes place on the journey the author takes with his family from Ujjain to Indore. He continues by describing everything there is to know about his hometown of Malwa, including its natural features such as forests, ponds and lakes. He also describes the alterations in his environment as he travels, such as how he obtains his drinking water from a nearby river and how the sky is characterised by patches of cloud cover and intermittent sunshine.

Students are strongly advised to read the NCERT book for class 12 Hindi Antral PDF to gain access to a more in-depth analysis of the text and other important questions and answers.

Why Should You Study Using the Materials Provided by the NCERT?

Compared to other textbooks used in schools, the following books designed and prescribed by the NCERT offer many benefits that cannot be found in other textbooks. While students are studying the Hindi Antral book for class 12, they will be able to appreciate the following benefits:

Inclined to Nature: The overall purpose of Antral is to encourage students to focus their attention more on the natural world. Each of the book’s four chapters addresses, in one way or another, the topic of how the natural world is deeply intertwined with our everyday lives. Living in a metropolitan area might cause us to lose touch with this feeling. These prose pieces provide students with a newer avenue to read about, making them more inclined to nature as a topic of interest.

Extremely Intuitive illustrations: Students have stated that the illustrations in the textbook Antral are very easy to understand, which has contributed to a greater comprehension of the material. There are certain circumstances in which students may need a visual description of a particular stanza, and Antral provides that. Students can refresh their memories by looking at the book’s illustrations, which are full-colour depictions of significant scenes and events that they can refer to during review times.

Important Questions at the End: The book concludes each chapter with a detailed analysis of the story, a short history of the author who wrote the text, and important questions and answers that may come up in the exam. In addition to the actual text, the book includes these elements at the end of each chapter. Students can gain a comprehensive understanding of the material and save significant time due to not having to collect notes and sample questions from other sources. They are also able to respond to questions of significant importance easily.

The NCERT ensured that Antral also helps in developing communication skills and analytical prowess among students by paying close attention to the selection of stories included in the textbook. This allows Antral to supply important skills. In addition, each tale was chosen to conclude with a valuable lesson that can be applied to real-world situations. Students can internalise these lessons and incorporate them into their day-to-day lives through repeated text readings.

Benefits of NCERT Book Class 12 Hindi Antral

The NCERT Book Class 12 Hindi Antral, available for free download in a PDF format, is an excellent resource for learning Hindi. The downloadable PDF contains a collection of four short stories, each of which is centered on a unique topic. The following is a list of some of the advantages of downloading the free PDF version of the NCERT Book for Class 12 Hindi Antral:

  • The NCERT Book for Class 12 Hindi Antral is available on Extramarks in the form of individual PDF files for each chapter. You will have an easier time organising the material you need to study and developing an efficient study plan.
  • The chapters include visual illustrations that will assist you in better understanding the information presented in the chapters.
  • At the end of each chapter, you will find a set of questions that put your knowledge to the test.
  • Because the NCERT Book for Class 12 Hindi Antral is the source of all the questions on your exams, studying from it is an important element of the preparation process.
  • You can make revision notes of the chapters using the NCERT Book Class 12 Hindi Antral Free PDF Download, which will undoubtedly come in handy during your preparations for the examination.
  • The students will be able to comprehend the significance of the narrative after reading the free PDF download of the NCERT book for class 12 in Hindi. This book provides an in-depth analysis of each chapter.
  • After you have read the short stories in the NCERT Book Class 12 Hindi Antral Free PDF Download thoroughly, you won’t have any trouble responding to the questions that are asked on the CBSE Class 12 Hindi Board exam.
  • You can use the short stories you have read from the NCERT Book Class 12 Hindi Antral as a resource for revision in the future if you make summaries of them and use them.
  • Experienced and renowned authors with in-depth subject knowledge compile and write the NCERT books.
  • The prices of NCERT books (Paperback) are fair. Additionally, Class 12 Hindi Book PDFs are open-source and free to read.

How to prepare with the NCERT Book Class 12 Hindi Antral?

The NCERT Book for Class 12 Hindi Antral is essential to your study materials for the upcoming examination. It assists in comprehending a chapter’s intricacies and enhances your knowledge, allowing you to approach any question on the examination. To help you prepare for the NCERT Book Class 12 Hindi Antral Free PDF Download, here are some preparation tips:

  • While reading a short story, make sure to take notes correctly on the important points. When you have finished reading the chapter, you can use these notes to create a summary that you can refer back to when reviewing the material later.
  • Before attempting any questions, ensure you have completely read all the short stories in the NCERT Book for Class 12 Hindi Antral.
  • Put your knowledge to the test by answering all of the questions at the end of the chapter to determine whether or not you have a complete understanding of the material covered in the chapter.
  • If you have read the chapter and given thoughtful responses to all of the questions, you will be in a position to perform exceptionally well on the test.
  • Finding the answers to the questions at the end of the story will not only give you a confidence boost, but it will also help you get a better understanding of the question patterns that will be on Class 12 Hindi Board Exam.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why should students use the PDF of the NCERT Book for Class 12 Hindi?

Download NCERT Books Class 12 Hindi Antral along with solutions in PDF format for Free on Extramarks. Get chapterwise CBSE Class 12 NCERT Books PDF online.

2. Which questions and their corresponding answers taken from the textbooks can be found on Extramarks?

The PDF that Extramarks provides contains all the important questions and answers that are likely to appear on your board exams. These questions have been curated by professionals with years of experience working in academic environments. Those professionals provide in-depth responses to questions they believe to be significant. These solutions can be downloaded onto various devices and are offered in every format that can be accessed. Therefore, you can download the study material made on Extramarks as a PDF file using a mobile phone or a laptop. You can then use this material to perform well on your exams.

3. Which chapters in the NCERT book for Class 12 Hindi Antral PDF are considered the most important?

This book is divided into four sections, which are titled as follows: Surdas Ki Jhopri, Aarohan Biskohar Ki Mati, Aapna Malwa – Khau Ujaru Sabhyata Me

Students need to pay careful attention to each of these chapters because they will all be on the board exams in some capacity. Regarding the board exams, the Hindi Antral for Class 12 carries significant weight. Hence, you need to read all the chapters carefully and practice answering the textbook questions.

4. What relevance does the chapter Aapna Malwa have for board exams?

In the chapter Aapna Malwa, written by Prabhash Joshi, the author provides us with a travel narrative in the form of events he observes while travelling from Ujjain to Indore with his family. The journey takes place in the Indian state of Malwa. He then describes his hometown, Malwa, and the differences he observes in his environment when he travels, such as how the sky is dotted with clouds and only occasionally illuminated by the sun. The author provides a description of the way of life and the culture of the Malwa region. In addition, the chapter raises concerns about the state of the world’s environment. Students should be prepared to answer at least one question based on the content of this chapter when they take their board exams.

5. Where can I find the free PDF download of the NCERT Book for Class 12 Hindi Antral?

The official website and mobile application for Extramarks both offer users the ability to obtain a free PDF download of the NCERT Book for Class 12 Hindi Antral. You will go through all the chapters included in the NCERT Class 12 Hindi Antral textbook with the help of the PDF. You just need to sign up for an account on Extramarks, and then you’ll be able to download the PDF file for the NCERT Book for Class 12 Hindi Antral for free. We also provide NCERT solutions for the important questions for the chapters covered in the Hindi curriculum for your class 12. Every piece of educational content can be quickly and easily downloaded for nothing, making it possible for every student to do well on their tests.

6. Is NCERT sufficient for preparing for the class 12 board exam?

The NCERT Textbooks are the sole basis for the Class 12 Board Exam question paper. Therefore, it is highly advised that students read all of the NCERT textbooks carefully. The NCERT books in Hindi for Classes 6 through 12 are available as PDF downloads on our website.