NCERT Books Class 3 Hindi

NCERT Class 3 Hindi Book

NCERT Class 3 Hindi Book is the official subject book recommended for Class 3 students in CBSE affiliated schools. Drafted by subject experts and experienced academicians, NCERT Class 3 Hindi book introduces students to a mesmerising world of stories and poems written in rich language. This book helps students understand the rules of grammar, the use of words and the sentiments of the language. The Class 3 Hindi Book also helps students enrich their vocabulary skills.

Extramarks offers the NCERT Class 3 Hindi Book PDF for free. Students can download the PDF version of the book to study the subject and prepare for their upcoming exams. Extramarks also provide NCERT solutions, sample papers, revision notes and previous year question papers for CBSE for students to prepare for their exams.

NCERT Hindi Class 3

The Central Board of Secondary Education, CBSE, New Delhi develops and designs the syllabus and courses for students belonging to every class. NCERT publishes the official textbooks that adheres to all the guidelines and syllabus recommended by CBSE. The NCERT books are also available in a PDF format and students from across the country can download these PDF files for free. This makes high-quality academic materials available and accessible to all.

Extramarks has come up with an e-book version of the same. The contents and layout of the PDF version are those of the physical book. Students can download the e-book PDF from our website without worrying about anything.

For downloading the ebook, students only need a stable internet connection and any media-playing device like mobile phones, tablets, computers and laptops as per the availability. The size of the PDF files is very small and gets downloaded almost instantly. It can be opened via any PDF viewer application available across leading operating system platforms.

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Hindi | Chapterwise

The well-researched content of the NCERT books are followed by a set of questions that help students assess their understanding of the topics. Students should read the chapters thoroughly and try to answer these questions based on their understanding of the topics. Students can check the correctness of their answers by referring to the NCERT solutions.

At Extramarks, students can find the chapterwise PDF of the NCERT solutions. They can download the solutions or get a print out of the chapter that they are studying.

NCERT books for Class 3 Hindi
Chapter 1- कक्कू
Chapter 2- शेख़ीबाज़ – मक्खी
Chapter 3- चांद वाली अम्मा
Chapter 4- मन करता है
Chapter 5- बहादुर बितो
Chapter 6- हमसे सब कहते
Chapter 7- टिपटिपवा
Chapter 8- बंदर – बांट
Chapter 9- अक्ल बड़ी या भैंस
Chapter 10- क्योंजीमल और कैसे -कैसलिया
Chapter 11- मीरा बहन और बाघ
Chapter 12- जब मुझको सॉप ने काटा
Chapter 13- मिर्च का मज़ा
Chapter 14- सबसे अच्छा पेड़

NCERT books are the best books for every student of Class 3 and must be read if they want to excel in their examinations. They are created by educational experts having in-depth knowledge of the subject and experience. Interactive learning is possible in the NCERT class 3 Hindi book. Students are recommended to complete all the chapters conceptually and then answer the questions provided at the end of each chapter. They must try to answer them in the best way possible.

If they find it difficult to answer some of the questions, they need not worry. Extramarks has got them on that front as it provides chapter-wise solutions for NCERT Books Class 3 Hindi. The solutions are compiled and edited by the Extramarks expert team with years of experience and expertise in Hindi. Students can trust the PDF answers completely.

The answers are written clearly and concisely with easy words that can be understood by students easily. The solution PDF provides a unique way by which the students can gain knowledge on how to correctly frame an answer and what to write exactly in each question. This will help them achieve perfection without the hassle of writing too much or too little. The chapter-wise solutions PDF is free for download on our website and follows the latest CBSE prescribed for Class 3 Hindi.

It is suggested to the students that they must tally their final answers and get them checked and verified by their teachers or parents for added assurance. They will surely score more marks in their examinations by using the PDF of our solutions.

NCERT Books for Class 3

Imparting quality education is very important for every student today, and it has even more importance for junior classes. The growth period must be mended with educational efforts to make the children more educated and shape a good future. This is the main goal of CBSE, which is a government body of India responsible for designing and developing course structure, syllabus, guidelines and other educational aspects. The NCERT books follow this pattern as put forward by CBSE, and it has been recently updated with new chapters and revised format. With the latest amendment, NCERT books are now available.

NCERT books provide the framework for the students of each class. The syllabus outlined in these books are very carefully placed according to the needs of the students. The overall growth of the students depends upon the book only. All the schools affiliated with CBSE have this book as their main course book. Other prominent state boards in India also have NCERT books in their school curriculum by default. The examinations held by CBSE are based on the NCERT books only, and thus, every student must have it. Extramarks provide many types of study material for all classes, like CBSE previous year question papers, CBSE extra questions, and CBSE sample papers that can guarantee you the winning formula in examinations.

NCERT Solutions for Class 3

Extramarks provides you with a complete study material package for all your needs. The platform is committed to serve quality and assurance in our products for students of every age group. NCERT Books solutions for Class 3 are now available on our website for free download. All the classes are now covered with these tailored answers providing efficiency in studies. These are a must for examinations and competition preparation. Students can benefit from these easily written and compiled answers greatly. Extramarks expert team has invested hours of their sincere efforts in designing and compiling the PDFs of these solutions. Answer framing, structure, content and question requirements are well cared for while developing these answers. Students cannot find such answers anywhere else than on Extramarks, and that too for free. Chapter-wise bifurcation is there so that the students can download whichever chapter or bunch of chapters are problematic for them. All the answers are as per the latest pattern of CBSE and suit well the examinations taken by the board.

Why Should Ncert Be Followed?

NCERT Books are the best possible study material for all students. It is based on the syllabus and pattern of CBSE and is already used as the main course book in every CBSE-affiliated school. Most of the state boards also prefer these NCERT books because of its easy-to-understand language and interactive compilation for students. It is a must for the holistic development of students. All the examinations and competitions are based on these NCERT books only. CBSE revision notes are a must, too, in addition to these books for complete preparation and understanding of all the chapters.

Extramarks – The Best E-Learning App For School Students

Extramarks is considered one of the best e-learning platforms in India. We thrive on providing quality and complete care for the academics of the students. Extramarks provides the highest quality study materials for students of 3 all classes. Whether it is solutions, sample papers, important questions, PDF or e-books, students will find all the resources that they need on our website. We have a round-the-clock customer support system, and we are happy to answer all your queries all the time. Every material that we provide is deeply researched and thus can be trusted completely.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is there in NCERT Class 3 Hindi Book Rimjhim?

The students of Class 3 have Rimjhim as their main course book. The book includes intriguing poems and stories that teach the students moral lessons. Since each story and poetry has a unique premise, the students are exposed to a range of moral values. CBSE has made sure that young children are given access to high-quality content. In order to keep the kids interested in the book, 14 chapters contain both stories and poems. The students can succeed in their academic tests with just the book.

2. How to download NCERT Books Class 3 Hindi PDF solutions from Extramarks?

Students can download the NCERT solutions PDF for Class 3 by heading on to the Extramarks website. Under their class page, they should search for Hindi subjects, and on the opening of the respective subject page, they will find the download link after scrolling down a little.

3. What does the Hindi subject Class 3 teach?

The CBSE guidelines are followed by the NCERT book, and revisions are made each year following them. The pupils will retain valuable lessons so they can conduct themselves with high moral standards and other qualities. The chapters have been divided into several genres to keep it entertaining throughout. You should not worry about the exam if you have thoroughly read and answered all of the NCERT questions.