NCERT Books Class 6 Urdu

NCERT Class 6 Urdu Book PDF

Download the NCERT Class 6 Urdu Book PDF for free on Extramarks. Extramarks is India’s leading e-learning portal for school students that provides them with all the latest education material, NCERT books, reference books, question papers and more that can be found in one place. Students, as well as teachers, can download the NCERT books in just a few clicks. 

CBSE Class 6 NCERT Urdu Books

For all the students of class 6, Extramarks has brought to you the soft copy version of the most trusted and followed CBSE Class 6 Urdu Book. If you do not have a physical copy of the NCERT book which is followed by most state boards and the CBSE boards, then this PDF is here for you.

You can easily access and download all the NCERT books and related study materials for free on Extramarks. The PDF files can be downloaded on any device viz. mobile, tablet, computer or laptop.

The NCERT Urdu book for class 6 is designed in accordance with the guidelines provided by the CBSE. The books are written and compiled by expert teachers and educational professionals having years of experience in the particular subject. The texts are clear, well drafted and provide a better understanding of the overall story, which is very beneficial for preparing students for their Urdu examinations. The easy-to-understand format of this book helps in easy consumption by students of all proficiency levels. The book contains images and other colourful pictures, making it even more interesting and engaging for the students. The NCERT books are preferred by all the schools and teachers due to their easy availability, rich context and effectiveness. It is a one-shot formula for the success of every Class 6 student.

NCERT Books Class 6 Urdu 

The NCERT Class 6 Urdu Book has been designed and written based on the latest guidelines and syllabus of CBSE for the current educational session. It is recommended to study all the chapters to score good marks in the examinations as per the educators and teachers across India. Most state boards also follow the CBSE circular only, so students from such backgrounds can benefit equally from this book. It is urged to all the students of Class 6 to download and study the NCERT Class 6 Urdu Book for complete understanding, and if required, they can access the NCERT Class 6 Urdu solutions PDF as well. The solutions PDF are designed to help the students clear any doubt regarding the textbook questions and provide the correct way and format to frame the answers. 

The new versions of NCERT Class 6 Urdu Book have been recently released by the publication for the next subsequent sessions starting from 2022. The books follow the latest requirements as set by the Central Board of Secondary Education for standard 6. All the schools that follow the CBSE curriculum and state boards have this book prescribed for main reading for the students. Instructors and teachers always recommend and base their teachings on this book only. That is why the students need to have a physical copy of the NCERT Class 6 Urdu Book at hand. If the physical copy is unavailable to the students, they do not need to worry. Extramarks has got you on this front with the soft copies of each chapter of the book available for free download. For convenience, a combined book PDF is available on the same page. While preparing for school tests as well as major examinations, these e-books are perfect companions. Most of the questions are based only on the NCERT Class 6 Urdu syllabus. Students can secure good marks by downloading and studying the eBook from Extramarks. These books help the students in providing the correct guidance and confidence in their preparation for board examinations. 

NCERT Books for class 6 

A thorough Urdu Guldasta based on the requirements and guidelines of all the major state boards and educational councils, including CBSE, has been presented in the book. It offers comprehensive knowledge to the students of Class 6, making them proficient in the subject matter. The design of the book has been done in such a manner that it is easy to understand by the students and can be self-learned, making it the best available book for everybody. The students are required to study the book with due diligence and listen to their teachers to completely grasp the overall story behind each chapter. After completing the course from this book, students should consider the NCERT Class 6 Urdu important questions and NCERT Class 6 Urdu sample papers available on the Extramarks website. They will provide the much-needed practice sets and provide closure for the student’s preparation regarding Urdu subjects. 

Extramarks hopes that this comprehensive post about NCERT Class 6 Urdu Book has benefited you and will guide you to prepare and excel in your examinations. You can find all the download links on the same page. For downloading the content, keep a steady internet connection available all the time. 

NCERT Solutions for Class 6

In the NCERT Class 6 Urdu Book, questions are also provided based on the readings of each chapter at the end of the chapter itself. It is recommended that the students first try to analyse the questions, understand their meaning, and then try to answer them one by one. Own words and framing of answers are important and possibly the best way to build confidence for the particular chapter. Suppose any problem exists in answering some of the questions or for a standard analysis of the pattern and format, students can refer to the NCERT Class 6 Urdu Book solutions available on the Extramarks website. The solution modules are also presented to you in an easy-to-use PDF format that can be downloaded and accessed on any media device like mobile phones, laptops, tablets and personal computers. They should get the final compiled answers cross-checked by their teachers in school before confirming and mugging them up. The solutions have been written and developed by Extramarks professionals having all the needed experience and expertise. It can be fully trusted by the students and provides clear answer formatting they can not find anywhere else. From the examination point of view, NCERT Solutions for Class 6 is the best available option for the students and Extramarks can guarantee you better scores. 

A Brief Introduction to the NCERT Urdu Book for Class 6

NCERT Books Class 6 Urdu is available on the Extramarks website in a PDF form that can be easily downloaded. The book is based on the latest edition format and requirements as per the latest CBSE circular and guidelines for the school year 2022. The students searching for eBooks for NCERT Books Class 6 Urdu can easily get their hands on the PDF provided on the Extramarks website. Students can choose chapter-by-chapter PDF links provided on the Extramarks website or the entire all-in-one PDF for Class 6 Urdu Book as per their requirement and convenience. For rapid reading, it is suggested for the students to go with the chapter-wise PDF provided on the website. If the entire course study is concerned, students must download the whole eBook containing all the consolidated chapters for ease of use. 


NCERT books are considered to be the base for every syllabus across all subjects for every student. All the schools in India have these NCERT books as the main course books for all classes and subjects. State boards also recommend these books in their schools as they provide the best possible study material for students helping in their overall development. NCERT books are published every year with updates and the latest circular requirements. NCERT aims to provide the highest quality of education to children across India. Most schools and educational institutions have made these books compulsory for students, which justifies their importance to them. All other side books, helping guidebooks and other learning materials for each Class are based on the NCERT books for that class only. The examinations held by NCERT are based on the syllabus provided in these books. That is the reason why it must be the first book to study and complete before moving on to other practice books and handbooks. 

NCERT Books Free

The NCERT Class 6 Urdu Book is easily available in physical copies at the local book stores. As they are the best books for preparation for examinations and competitions like JEE, they are a must-have for students. Students also prefer using laptops and tablets like media players for studies today. For this purpose, Extramarks provides PDF versions of the same course book, sample papers, Solutions copies and many more study materials. Students preferring and requiring soft copies of such materials can download the same from the website. It has been made available for free for the uttermost ease of the students. The file format is easy to access from any smartphone or laptop, irrespective of the software. A PDF player is needed after downloading the file for accessing it, which can be installed from the respective application stores again for free. 

NCERT Books for Class 6 Urdu PDF

While keeping the hard copyright of the NCERT Class 6 Urdu Book with the students is recommended, it is not always possible to open them and use them. Sometimes and in some places, it is required to have something more convenient, easy to handle, easy to access and a little more feature loaded. For that purpose, Extramarks’ NCERT Class 6 Urdu Book PDF is the best option for the students fulfilling all their needs without any sort of compromise. Students must navigate to the Urdu section from the website front page to open such a section containing the “Download PDF” button. A stable internet connection is required to download the content right away, and that is it. The file takes up very little space in your device and has a high level of compatibility with all the software platforms available on the market.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How can a student prepare for Class 6 Urdu examinations?

The students must study from the NCERT Class 6 Urdu Book to understand each chapter as per the course circular prescribed by NCERT. The NCERT board only sets the examination papers based on the syllabus in these books. For more practical preparation, CBSE revision notes and CBSE previous year question papers on Extramarks must be practised. CBSE extra questions from CBSE sample papers must be practised to gain efficiency and memorise the concepts completely.

2. Why is studying Urdu important for students?

Urdu is one of the most widely spoken languages in the entire world, with a rich heritage and cultural imprint. Learning Urdu can help the student learn about different languages, their concepts, morals and learnings from the Urdu authors and poets whose works are contained in the Urdu books. Learning this language other than your mother tongue can help you avoid any communication problems when travelling to other countries and meeting other people.

3. How tough is it to learn the Urdu language?

If Urdu is your mother tongue, it is not tough at all to learn in school. But for students learning it as a side language, it can be challenging in many ways. However, there is no need to worry as the NCERT Class 6 Urdu Book is well designed for this purpose, and any student can learn from the easy texts and chapters included in it. Teachers, parents, and course help materials available at Extramarks are always available for you in case of any difficulty.

4. What are the benefits of NCERT books in studying Urdu?

NCERT Books are the base foundation for all the subjects in all the classes. They are based on the NCERT board’s latest pattern and syllabus and designed by professionals having a lot of knowledge and experience. The sole purpose behind developing such books is to impart the overall development of the student as a lot of research is conducted for it. CBSE sample papers and CBSE extra questions available at Extramarks also follow the same book as a base.

5. How can I download NCERT Class 6 Urdu Book from Extramarks?

Students must navigate to the Urdu section from the left pan of the Extramarks website front page. Please navigate to the Class 6 Book option and open it. After scrolling down a little on the page, they will find the “Download PDF” button, which they have to click. The file will be downloaded to your device depending on your internet connection speed in a few moments.