NCERT Books Class 7 English Honeycomb

NCERT Class 7 English – Honeycomb Book 

NCERT Books Class 7 English Honeycomb is the official CBSE book adapted by all the CBSE-affiliated schools. This book is also referred to by many other state boards as well. The grammar, vocabulary, and reading comprehension provided by NCERT Book enable Class 7 students to build good English-speaking and writing skills. CBSE examination pattern is also based on NCERT textbooks. This helps CBSE students and teachers prepare well for exams as well as for higher levels of education. The use of easy language and summary given at the end of each chapter help students understand the lessons easily. In addition to the language, the Honeycomb Textbook In English For Class 7 also focuses on imparting moral values through its lessons.

Honeycomb Book for Class 7 English is the official English Textbook prescribed by CBSE. You can download the Honeycomb Book PDF from Extramarks website, one of the best education platforms which believe in providing joyful learning experiences to students. You can also read and learn English chapters online on Extramarks. This will help you save time as you can easily download NCERT English Book for Class 7. Study and revise with CBSE Revision Notes and practice Sample Question Papers to prepare well for the exams. Practising the grammar part will help brush up your linguistic skills and score high in the exams.

Download the PDF for the main coursebook ‘Honeycomb’ and the supplementary book ‘An Alien Hand’ on Extramarks. Practice the back exercises at the end of every lesson to know to write answers correctly with good lexical resources. It will also help you to remember everything clearly and get good grades.

CBSE Class 7 NCERT English – Honeycomb Books 

The National Council of Educational Research and Training publishes the latest edition of all the NCERT Books every academic year. So, all the students and teachers use NCERT books for their standard topics and easy explanations. NCERT Book for Class 7 English has the best vocabulary and grammatical syllabus for a Class 7 student. 

Extramarks has NCERT Books chapter-wise PDF that can be easily downloaded on any device of your choice. If you are a CBSE student or a teacher you can access the CBSE book for English Class 7 on Extramarks. The English book PDF comes in handy and requires very little space to be stored on your device and use it later conveniently. This makes it easier for the students to travel without carrying those bulky books and resume their studies anytime anywhere they wish to and enjoy the learning experience uninterrupted.

Also, NCERT Books are famous among teachers and students for the quality content it offers. CBSE and many other boards have chosen NCERT  to enhance their academic performance and competitive examinations like NEET, Olympiad, JEE Main and so on. CBSE-affiliated schools, whether public or private, both use NCERT syllabi and textbooks. The NCERT books are published in three main languages, viz. English, Hindi, and Urdu. The content in all the books is the same so that students studying in different mediums can have the same level of education. This brings uniformity and consistency to the syllabus of each successive class. NCERT books are dedicated to upgrading their overall knowledge and understanding of the students. NCERT Books are significant for the preparation for competitive examinations in the country like NEET, JEE Mains, SSB, UPSC, and some other entrance examinations as well.

 NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Honeycomb Chapter-wise Solutions

NCERT Class 7 Honeycomb Book PDF Download is available at Extramarks for free. You can get the solutions for each lesson in PDF along with extra questions and mock tests to check your level of preparation and improve your performance. This will help you to speed up your preparation for your exams. 

 Following are the chapters from English Honeycomb Book for Class 7 –

Chapter 1: Three Questions  

Chapter 2: A Gift of Chappals  

Chapter 3: Gopal and the Hilsa Fish  

Chapter 4: The Ashes That Made Trees Bloom  

Chapter 5: Quality  

Chapter 6: Expert Detectives  

Chapter 7: The Invention of Vita-Wonk  

Chapter 8: Fire: Friend and Foe  

Chapter 9: A Bicycle in Good Repair  

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Honeycomb Poem | Chapterwise PDF

Here is a list of all the NCERT solution PDFs for poems in Class 7

Chapter 1: The Squirrel

Chapter 2: The Rebel

Chapter 3: The Shed

Chapter 4: Chivvy

Chapter 5: Trees

Chapter 6: Mystery of the Talking Fan

Chapter 7: Dad and the Cat and the Tree

Chapter 8: Meadow Surprises

Chapter 9: Garden

NCERT Books for Class 7

NCERT Books are in great demand at the beginning of the academic year. Students of all classes are suggested to refer to NCERT books for their CBSE syllabus and examinations. Also, students who are going to appear for boards this year are highly recommended to study from NCERT books. Contents of NCERT textbooks are analyzed and revised every year. This makes it a perfect choice for students.

Here is a list of NCERT Books for Class 7: –

NCERT Book for Class 7 Mathematics

NCERT Book for Class 7 Science

NCERT Book for Class 7 Social Science

NCERT Book for Class 7 History – Our Past II

NCERT Book for Class 7 Geography – Our Environment

NCERT Book for Class 7 Hindi – Durva

NCERT Book for Class 7 Hindi – Mahabharat

NCERT Book for Class 7 Hindi – Vasant

NCERT Book for Class 7 English- Honeycomb

NCERT Book for Class 7 English – An Alien Hand (Supplementary Reader)


NCERT Solutions for Class 7

 Extramarks leaves no stone unturned to give the best learning material to students while combining fun and learning activities through its own study materials to upgrade their learning experience. It provides  NCERT Books, solutions, CBSE Revision Notes, CBSE Sample Papers, and CBSE Previous Year Question Papers. A vast study resource is available at Extramarks for CBSE and other board students. They can easily access NCERT books, PDFs, solutions, etc. It is much easier to keep all study material in one place digitally and access it whenever required. . This saves time for students and teachers. Also, students can revise any topic at any place just with the help of Extramarks and in case you want to solve past years question papers  to strengthen their learning and assess themselves, you can visit Extramarks website.  To ace, your CBSE examinations practice with a wide variety of study resources and achieve great success.

NCERT Solutions are always in great demand by students and teachers. This gives them a thorough idea about how to write answers in examinations. Also, students can check their own improvement and know their mistakes and practice from an examination point of view to get excellent grades. CBSE Class 7 examinations are based on NCERT books. NCERT Solutions will help students with clarity in each topic which will come in handy while answering those tricky questions. . A standard way of solving questions is shown in the NCERT solutions for Class 7. Get NCERT solutions for all subjects available at Extramarks.


NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Mathematics

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Science

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Social Science

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 History – Our Past II

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Geography – Our Environment

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Hindi – Durva

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Hindi – Mahabharat

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Hindi – Vasant

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English- Honeycomb

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English – An Alien Hand (Supplementary Reader)

NCERT Book for Class 7 English Honeycomb

NCERT Book for Class 7 English Honeycomb is one the best books for Class 7 students It helps students to develop good communication skills. They can enhance their English vocabulary. Teachers, on the other hand, are able to impart moral values through different lessons to students through each chapter. Every incident aims to teach something or the other. Some of the chapters are light. . Everyone can enjoy such stories occasionally. Also, there are stories with deep meanings. Students learn beautiful life lessons depicted through chapters. Prose carries beautiful meanings in each of its lines. Teachers help students understand different figures of speech. They can add this learning to their creative skills.

NCERT chapters are updated and revised by educational experts every year. This maintains a  standard content as per the student’s requirement. This has been a key to the maintenance of quality in NCERT Books. NCERT and CBSE are two different organizations. But CBSE conducts CBSE board examinations based on NCERT Textbooks. This is one of the main reasons why NCERT is the most preferred textbook by students and teachers.

NCERT Textbooks provide exercises at the end of every chapter. Students can solve them based on the information given in the chapter.. This enables them to understand how much they have understood and retained. They can easily match their solutions with NCERT Solutions for Class 7. This gives a rough idea about the points and topics that need improvement. Then, they can put in more effort and learn it better. Also, this helps them identify doubtful topics. So, after the exercises, they can discuss their doubtful topics with teachers and get a clear understanding of the subject.This encourages the students to master the topic and increases their confidence in achieving a high grade. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the supplementary book for Class 7 English?

Class 7 English has two books prescribed by NCERT for its current academic session.  The main coursebook is named ‘Honeycomb’ and the other one is a supplementary book called  ‘An Alien Hand.’ Both of these books are required to be taught in all CBSE schools. Each book has ten chapters.  

2. How can one score better in CBSE Class 7 English examinations?

English is a subject that requires comprehension, usage of grammar, vocabulary and a clear understanding of the chapter. 

  • Students are advised to read each and every chapter thoroughly so that they may answer any question effectively. 
  • Thorough reading will increase students’ reading comprehension and also give them a better understanding of stories and prose. 
  • Also, practice grammar exercises to have a command over grammar while answering questions. 
  • Practice from end-text exercises along with vocabulary to understand each chapter better. 
  • If required,  take help from NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English. Writing practice is very effective in minimising silly mistakes, vocabulary, sentence structure, handwriting and speed.  
  • After the completion of book exercises, students can move to CBSE Previous Year Question Papers and CBSE Sample Papers for further practice.
  • At the end, just go through the CBSE revision notes to brush up on every topic before examinations.

3. What are the important questions for CBSE Class 7 English examinations?

There are no such defined important questions by CBSE. But CBSE does release CBSE sample papers and CBSE previous year question papers. CBSE aims to give a good idea of the question paper pattern to its students before the examinations. Practicing previous year’s papers and sample papers makes students efficient in solving papers. Good writing practice helps students manage their time well during examinations.