NCERT Books Class 7 Hindi Mahabharat

NCERT Books Class 7 Hindi Mahabharat

In class 7, the CBSE board introduces its students to one of the ancient Indian epics in its NCERT Books Class 7 Hindi Mahabharat. You may be aware of this epic, and now it’s time to dive into its story. Originally the book was written in Sanskrit, but subject experts of the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) have done an excellent job in translating the text to Hindi and presenting it in a simple language without losing the book’s charm and thrill.

CBSE Class 7 NCERT Hindi – Mahabharat Books

Everyone needs to stay connected to their roots and remain aware of the ancient epics that have special significance in one’s religion and culture. The NCERT Books For Class 7 Hindi Mahabharat have now made it easy for one to go through this epic poem whenever and wherever they wish. All you have to do is download the books for free!

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Hindi Mahabharat | Chapterwise PDF

Like the NCERT Books Class 7 Hindi Mahabharat, students can download the NCERT solutions also for free. The reason for making these solutions is to help the students understand the concepts better and score well in the examination. Mahabharat is a treasure trove of knowledge. The solutions have been designed to the point to help them appropriately answer the questions at the end of each chapter. Besides, our experts constantly update the solutions whenever necessary to ensure students get 100 per cent accurate answers.

NCERT Books for Class 7 Hindi- Mahabharat PDF

You can now have access to the Mahabharat Book in Hindi Class 7 PDF version whenever and wherever you want. Here is a gist of the epic to help you set your mind for an intriguing tale of love, brotherhood, loyalty, karma, and standing for justice.

The son of Maharishi Prashar, Ved Vyas, whose original name was Krishna Dvaipayana, wrote the epic Mahabharata. Vyas is considered a highly-respected sage of the Hindu tradition. After writing Mahabharat, he told his son Shukdev to understand the entire story and then hand it over to the other disciples.

The story of Mahabharat begins with Maharaja Shantanu, whose sudden death led to the transfer of his property to his brother Vichitravirya though he wanted his son Chitragandh to have his property.

Dhritarashtra and Pandu are the elder and younger sons of Vichitravirya. As Dhritarashtra was blind by birth, Pandu managed the throne. Kunti and Madri were his two wives.

Coming to both families, Kunti had three sons – Yudhishthir, Bheem, and Arjun – and Madri had two sons – Nakul and Sehdev. As their father was Pandu, they all were called Pandavas. On the other hand, Dhritarashtra fathered 100 sons, the eldest being Duryodhana. They were called Kauravas.

Another essential character without whom Mahabharat cannot be narrated is Karna. Who is he? Karna is Kunti’s illegitimate son, who remained unaware of this fact before the beginning of the mahayudh. After Kunti kept Karna in a basket and floated it in the Ganga River following his birth, a childless Suta couple, Radha and Adhiratha Nandana, found him and accepted him as their child. The couple also happened to be Dritharashtra’s charioteer. Karna faced a lot of humiliation while growing up as he was raised by the family of sut and was called Sutputra Karna, but that did not stop him from becoming an accomplished warrior having astonishing abilities and a gifted speaker. Later, he became friends with Duryodhan, who gave him the Anga kingdom, and he became the king of Anga. Since then, he was referred to as Angaraj Karna.

Coming back to the story, the throne went to Dritharashtra after Pandu and Madri died in a battle. This made the Kauravas happy as they had always disliked the Pandavas and wished ill for them. They even created problems for them. After the Pandavas successfully escaped a fire accident and Arjun married Draupadi in the swayamvar, Dritharashtra congratulated them and gave them a barren piece of land. The brothers later named the land Indraprastha and started living happily on that land, much to the Kauravas’ disappointment. Hence, they called the brothers for ‘dyut pratiyogita.’ At the game, Shakuni, uncle of Kauravas, defeated Yudhishthir by cheating. The Kauravas then encroached on Pandavas’ throne and kingdom. The brothers were sent to 12 years of vanvas and one year of agyatvas.

After Pandavas returned following the successful completion of the conditions, Kauravas were in no mood to return what was rightfully theirs. This led to the Kurukshetra battle in Mahabharat.

During the battle, the Pandavas had by their side Arjun’s best friend, Shri Krishna, who helped them in the war while enlightening Arjun about life and karma. The episode that contains Sri Krishna’s preaching is referred to as Shrimad Bhagavad Gita or Gita. It is considered an influential religious text in Hinduism that talks about dharma, yogic ideals of moksha, and theistic bhakti. Also, it is one of the most significant chapters of the Gita.

As the battle continued, Arjun killed several respected Kauravas fighters like Bheeshpitama, Guru Shukracharya, and Guru Dronacharya, among others. They all loved Arjun, but due to some reason or the other, they had to fight him.

Before the beginning of the battle, Karna became aware of his biological mother and that he was one of the Pandavas. But he decided to remain loyal to Duryodhan instead of switching camps. When Kunti spoke to him, Karna said that he would never kill his half-brothers, except for Arjun; either he or Arjun should die. Eventually, Karna gets killed by Arjun in the battle. Only after Karna’s demise did Arjun become aware of his relationship with Karna.

As the battle progressed, Bheem killed Duryodhana’s younger brother Dusshasan and drank his blood owing to his promise. Later, he also killed Duryodhana, and the Pandavas finally won the battle. After the victory, the brothers visited Dritharashtra and requested him to give them back their land. The Pandavas did not return to Indraprastha and settled in Hastinapur; Yudhishthir became the king of both places, and the Pandavas ruled them for 36 years.

The story ended with the death of Sri Krishna, who ruled Dwarka for 36 years, and the Pandavas handing over the throne to Abhimanyu’s son Parikshit and leaving for Swarga Loka.

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NCERT Class 7 Hindi Book – Mahabharata

The NCERT Books are published in accordance with the syllabus set by the Central Board of Secondary Education. Hence, be assured that you will get only authentic information in NCERT Books Class 7 Hindi Mahabharat. The USP of the NCERT Books are they have written by subject experts in lucid language so that students can easily understand them. It doesn’t matter how complicated any concept is; it has been explained in the simplest form to help the students clear their basics.

Those who dedicatedly follow the NCERT Books also score well in the examinations. The reason is CBSE conducts examinations based on what is being taught in these books. Even if you do not get exact questions as mentioned in the exercise after the end of the chapter, you can easily score well in the test if you go study the chapters thoroughly.

Lessons We Can Learn From Class 7 Hindi Book – Mahabharata

The simple lessons that Mahabharat teaches us are:

The main war of Mahabharat that claimed multiple lives and left behind a trail of destruction took place out of vengeance. The main lesson you get here is revengeful thinking can’t do any good. It will only pave the way for one’s destruction.

You always have to do what is right and stand for it, even if it means going against your people. That is why when Arjun became hesitant to fight the war, Krishna advised him to stand for dharma.

Mahabharat also gives us lessons on the eternal bond of friendships. Be it the friendship between Krishna and Arjun or between Karna and Duryodhan; the bonds are quite inspiring.

We also learn that half information is hazardous and can even lead to devastation. Take, for example, the case of Abhimanyu. He died because he had no knowledge of how to get out of the chakravyuh; he only knew how to get inside.

We should not give up on life and instead face all the hurdles. Karna motivates us not to do that.

Being a woman does not make you any less than anybody. Take Draupadi, for example. She would always fight for herself.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is NCERT Books Class 7 Hindi Mahabharat authentic?

The Mahabharat book in Hindi class 7 by NCERT is authentic as it is published under the CBSE guidelines. It is followed by all schools affiliated with the CBSE. Also, this book comes in handy for several competitive examinations. A book that holds so much importance across the country cannot be fake. Also, the book is regularly updated and designed as per the latest trends to ensure students are never misled.

2. How is Bal Mahabharat different from Mahabharata?

Bal Mahabharat is a condensed version of the original epic Mahabharat, written in Sanskrit. Class 7 students can find it difficult to understand the plots and subplots of the unabridged Mahabharata, which is also regarded as ‘one of the longest poems ever written.’ That is why the epic has been condensed to help teenagers easily understand the basics of Mahabharata and know about our history. This book enlightens children about India’s history, culture, public life, and politics prevalent at that time.