NCERT Books Class 7 Social Science Social And Political Life

NCERT Books for Class 7 Social Science – Social and Political Life

NCERT introduces books for every subject that is covered by the CBSE syllabus. It follows all the CBSE guidelines and helps students learn and explore different subjects in an easy and clear manner.  In fact, it is their lucid, accurate, and simple way of explaining that has made NCERT one of the most followed patterns not only across the CBSE schools but for schools from different boards as well. NCERT Book for Class 7 Social Science – Social and Political Life is one such book that introduces students to social and political life in an engaging and interesting way. 

Social and Political Life is a subject that comes within the scope of Social Sciences. This subject introduces students to the social and political reality they live in. Through studying their social and political life, students develop an understanding of how the society and politics of their country work. It is an extremely important subject that is explored deeply in higher classes. NCERT textbooks for Class 7 Social Science – Social and Political Life cover all the relevant topics within the CBSE syllabus for Social Science for Class 7.

While students are taught about their environment and their social capacities in early classes, the approach to social science changes in higher classes. More and more focus is given to getting children to understand the workings of their society. Children in higher classes are being prepared to become aware adults and responsible citizens. Hence knowledge of social and political life is of paramount importance for them.

Besides practical life, Class 7 is one of the senior years during which students learn concepts that they will see in more detail as they progress to Classes 9 and 10. It is therefore important for students to focus on this subject and grasp its concepts clearly.

NCERT Books for Class 7 Social Science – Social and Political Life

One of the best ways for students to study Social and Political Life is to develop an interest in the subject. A good way to achieve this is to use a textbook that presents information in a relatable and interesting manner. This will ensure that students like what they read and thereby develop a desire to learn more about the subject.

NCERT textbooks are known to help students develop an interest in their subjects by connecting them with what they study. A subject like Social Science, when presented well, can help students grasp concepts easily and score well in their exams. The key to good scores is good understanding, and good understanding comes about by grabbing the attention and interest of students. NCERT Books Class 7 Social Science Social and Political Life also paint a picture of a relatable reality for students, and students see themselves as a part of their society. This helps them connect the dots between practical life and the theory they are taught in school.

In order to help students prepare well for their exams, NCERT Books Class 7 Social Science Social And Political Life book is available in pdf format for free download. This means that they can now access the books on any of their devices and not worry about having the book physically with them when studying for exams. 

Download Free NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Social Science – Social and Political Science

NCERT textbooks follow a specific pattern. Each chapter in NCERT textbooks is followed by practice questions. While these questions are there to help students test their understanding of the topics covered in the chapter, sometimes, students are unable to find the right answers. NCERT Books Class 7 Social Science Social And Political Life also follow the same pattern, with each chapter having practice questions at the end.

While students are expected to solve these questions on their own, getting wrong answers to these questions can cause students to lose marks in their exams. Also, if students do not know the right solutions to the questions, they might assume that the answers they come up with are the right ones. This can lead to serious problems when it comes to scoring. That is why it is important for students to have correct solutions to the problem questions discussed at the end of each chapter.

Solutions for NCERT Books Class 7 Social Science Social And Political Life are now available for download. These solutions are free of cost and can help students substantially.

Class 7 Social Science NCERT Books – Social and Political Life

Both the NCERT Books Class 7 Social Science Social And Political Life PDF and solutions can help students enhance their overall performance. Students can first read through the chapters, make their own revision notes, learn from these notes and then practice the questions given at the end of the chapters. They can then check their answer with the solution book. This will help them create healthy studying habits by allowing them to go through the important topics several times. These habits can go a long way and help them prepare even in higher classes.

Students mostly assume that subjects like Social Sciences require them to learn the content by heart from their textbooks, but this is not the case. Even though Social Sciences is an all-theory subject, the right way to learn it and similar subjects is to relate its concepts to everyday lives. NCERT Books Class 7 Social Science Social And Political Life help students develop this connection and thus learn by understanding, rather than simply learning everything by heart.

NCERT Books Class 7 Social Science Social And Political Life has been logically divided in order to assist students in comprehending the topics in a systematic manner. The chapters in the textbooks have been set in a way that they allow students to move logically from one chapter to another. A range of topics has been covered in the textbook, including those related to general life, politics, women, media as well as the environment.

Chapters are as follows:

Chapter 1- On Equality

Chapter 2- Role of the Government in Health

Chapter 3- How the State Government Works

Chapter 4- Growing up as Boys and Girls

Chapter 5- Women Change the World

Chapter 6- Understanding Media

Chapter 7- Understanding Advertising

Chapter 8- Markets Around Us

Chapter 9- A Shirt in the Market

Where to Get the PDF For Free?

Students can now get the NCERT Books Class 7 Social Science Social And Political Life PDF for free on Extramarks. Extramarks is a platform that provides students with both NCERT textbooks as well as their solutions. With the help of this combination, students can now easily prepare for their exams and get higher grades.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Are Social Science and Political Science the same subject?

While you may find that the two subjects are different as you progress to higher classes, both subjects are based on social life and have hence been coupled together by NCERT. The textbook for Class 7 aims to provide a basic overview to students of both social and political sciences. Hence, to understand the root of both the subjects, the broad subjects of social science and political science have been unified under one.

2. Will I score better if I use other textbooks along with NCERT textbooks?

NCERT Books are quite comprehensive. They cover all the relevant topics and concepts, and hence there is no real need for students to refer to other textbooks. In addition to an excellent presentation, the NCERT textbooks also provide practice questions and exercises so that students can check their understanding of each topic. Other textbooks often include extra topics that are not included in the CBSE Syllabus. So, preparing from other books may burden students. Preparing from NCERT textbooks is sufficient for students to score well.

3. Does CBSE approve of the NCERT textbooks?

NCERT produces textbooks that strictly follow the CBSE curriculum. As a result, NCERT textbooks are approved and followed by the CBSE board. Most schools following the CBSE curriculum use NCERT textbooks. Even in board exams, all questions in the papers are from within the NCERT textbooks. It is recommended that students use NCERT textbooks for studying for their exams and practice CBSE Important Questions and CBSE Extra Questions to score well.

4. How can I score well in a subject like Social Science Social and Political Life?

Scoring well in any subject depends on how much a student understands the concepts given in it. Social and Political Life is a subject that requires students to relate their concepts with their everyday life. Students must choose the best textbook and develop a systematic way of studying in order to score well in their exams. They must also solve CBSE Sample Papers and CBSE Previous Year Question Papers to improve their answering abilities.

5. Why is Social and Political Life important to study?

Social and Political Life and Sciences is a field that studies human behaviour, institutions, and relationships.  It teaches students to become good human beings and citizens. It teaches them about how their society works and how they need to behave in society. Social skills are life skills that will help students in their lives as adults. Political knowledge helps children learn about their governments and how they function. Learning social and political studies also helps students select related fields for further studies if they are interested.