NCERT Books Class 7 Social Science

NCERT Class 7 Social Science Book 

Social Science refers to the study of many cultures and societies, the geographical landscape, and international politics. NCERT Books Class 7 Social Science introduces many important concepts and it is considered to be one of the most important books while preparing for the Class 7 exams. Though most students feel that Social Science is a subject that needs a lot of memorisation, in reality, it requires deep understanding to create a visual picture of the events in your mind. This way it becomes easier for students to connect the dots and remember the events. The concepts in the NCERT Books Class 7 Social Science are explained nicely and adequately, which makes it very easy for students to memorise and comprehend every topic. 

The NCERT books are designed and written by professionals, subject matter experts and experienced educationists according to the latest CBSE syllabus. Social Science is divided into three parts – History, Geography and Civics. At Extramarks, you can also download the NCERT Books Class 7 Social Science PDF format for free.

CBSE Class 7 NCERT Social Science Books Free Download

Students can access the textbooks and CBSE Revision Notes for Class 7 Social Science online for free and then use those books to help them prepare for the subject. These books for Class 7 Social Science are available both online and offline. To get a head start on the preparations, one can obtain the NCERT solutions for Class 7 Social Science books in PDF format.

NCERT Books for Class 7 Social Science

Class 7 Social Science requires three NCERT textbooks: Our Past – II for History, Social and Political Life for Civics, and Our Environment for geography. NCERT textbooks are very important for covering the CBSE Syllabus. The NCERT textbooks for Class 7 of Social Science are easily comprehensible and every topic is described in an easily understandable manner. Here, students can download the PDF chapter-wise in an organised and systematic manner. Between each chapter and at the end of each chapter, the book includes CBSE Important Questions and answers. It helps students to learn the concepts effectively. Students are advised to review their course in-depth in order to develop a conceptual understanding which will aid in achieving high scores in the exams.

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Social Science

The field of Social Studies is undoubtedly one that focuses on theoretical aspects unlike Science, Maths which are more practical. Students also need to practice the CBSE Important Questions. This is where the Extramarks NCERT solutions for Class 7 Social Science,  curated by subject matter experts, will be of great use to you. Extramarks offer solutions to all of the chapters organised topic-wise to benefit the students learning Social Science. The NCERT Social Science study materials for Class 7 include both in-depth and straightforward explanations of the topics chapter-wise. Extramarks provide students with the greatest possible solutions to any queries that they students might find challenging. These questions might come in any form. Extramarks rely on subject matter experts to design and restructure into different formats to enable a smooth and deep learning experience so that students conveniently recall the crucial points in the exam and get high grades exams.

 NCERT Books for Class 7

NCERT Books are recommended by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) for almost all schools across India. The language used in the NCERT Books is easy to understand for the students. The themes are addressed in great detail in the NCERT Books that are available in PDF format for Class 7. All of the Chapters are discussed, beginning with the most fundamental concepts; taking this approach enables students to get a clear understanding of the concepts to boost their preparation. Class 7 students can obtain excellent grades on most exams by using NCERT Books. Students can carry PDF versions of their NCERT Books with them at all times. They can read them anytime they want, and have a better understanding of their vital topics. We want them to have access to this resource of NCERT PDF books for free so that their preparation and learning continue uninterrupted. 

NCERT Solutions for Class 7

Students can better understand the material and do better on tests if they have access to the appropriate NCERT solutions for Class 7. The NCERT Solutions for Class 7 have been developed using the most recent version of the syllabus. With the appropriate NCERT solutions that are provided, you will be able to obtain enough practice and find it much simpler to organize your studies and find adequate time for other subjects as well. Make use of these answers to find the right answers to all of the CBSE Extra Questions. Students will find that the given study material and CBSE Sample Papers make it easy for them to gain command over this subject and be confident of getting excellent grades in the exams. 

You can make use of the NCERT solutions for Class 7 as a useful resource for your preparation for the final exam. You can also go back and review the CBSE Previous Year Question Papers on your own, as well as verify the answers to see whether they correspond to the answers or not. This might provide you with a good idea of where you went wrong and what you need to do to improve your level of preparedness. This may serve as a source of motivation for you to achieve a higher score on the test as well as in the exams.

NCERT Books for Class 7 Social Science 

Most schools in India use textbooks that have been approved by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT). The pupils would have no trouble grasping the concepts presented in the NCERT Books because they are written in simple language. The subjects are discussed in great depth in the NCERT Books for Class 7 that are accessible in PDF format. The discussion covers all of the chapters, starting with the most fundamental ideas;  this approach enables students to have a better understanding of the information provided in the book. The usage of NCERT textbooks is, beyond a reasonable doubt, the most efficient method for students in Class 7  to aim for the highest possible score on the majority of the class assessments and tests that they need to take. This will definitely prepare them for the highest score in the exams.

Unit One: Equality in Indian Democracy

 Unit one of Social Science covers the concept of equality and fundamental rights of Indian citizens. The Constitution of India recognizes the inherent equality of all individuals and emphasizes the significance of equality in Indian society. This indicates that every person in the state, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, is a citizen in their own right. It is believed that people from all different castes, faiths, religions, educational backgrounds, and economic backgrounds are the same. This does not mean, however, that inequality no longer exists. It is not over yet. In a democratic India, however, the significance of equality for every person is acknowledged, which is the very least that can be said in this regard.

Key Features of Studying NCERT Class 7 Social Science Book

Some of the main features include.

  • The NCERT Books adhere to the protocol set forth by the government and include every significant facet that students need to be aware of. In addition to this, NCERT questions assist students in developing a deeper comprehension of the ideas related to the fundamental rights of the citizens, equality, health care services, functioning of the government institutions, women empowerment, media and advertising and so on.
  • The NCERT books enable students to grasp the material on their own without any assistance, NCERT solutions are written in language that is easy to comprehend.
  • The NCERT solutions do include the practical applications of the illustrations and examples to facilitate better comprehension.
  • The NCERT solutions for Class 7 Social Science adhere to the curriculum that is prescribed by CBSE. Extramarks Solutions is committed to maintaining the same frequency of updates as the rest of the industry. When you follow the concepts laid by the NCERT, there is no need to construct the CBSE Syllabus content using information from other sources because it is already so well defined. That saves time to a great extent and encourages students to learn, and practice at ease

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the Significance of Social Science as a Subject?

 The study of the effects of the social context is what social scientists call “social science.” It is either the study of human society from a scientific standpoint or the knowledge of human connections. Earlier Civics was mainly the study of government institutions and functioning but now it has tampered with a new subject called Social and Political Life which is related to social, political and economic life in contemporary India with concrete examples, case studies and narratives. It focuses on experiential learning of concepts.

2. Why is it Beneficial to Refer to Extramarks NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Social Science?

These solutions are prepared by subject matter experts with years of experience. . In addition to that, if you want a more in-depth comprehension of the various Social Science themes and rural and urban examples that are covered in your curriculum, you can consult these NCERT solutions.

3. What is the importance of studying Social Science in Class 7?

 In Class 7, one of the topics that are considered to be of vital importance is Social Science. The children are allowed to clarify certain aspects of social and political life, know their rich historical past through various sources and learn about the human environment and comprehend the many ideas with concepts embedded in the narratives in the chapter for a deeper understanding of the overall theme of the chapter. If you put in the necessary effort to prepare, Social Science can be one of your highest-scoring subjects.