NCERT Books Class 7 Urdu Door Pass

NCERT Class 7 Urdu – Door Paas

The New Education Policy, 2020, has made it compulsory for students to take three languages till class 8. This has allowed many students to take Urdu as a third language. The CBSE school students have three Urdu books to study in class 7. One of them is NCERT Books Class 7 Urdu Door Pass. CBSE always prefers NCERT Books for their simple and lucid language. Also, the NCERT Books are updated according to the latest CBSE Syllabus. This has made it possible for students to prepare for the examinations worry-free as now they can only focus on the NCERT Books without the need to refer to multiple other books. 

Also, subject experts who have written Urdu books have ensured that even the most complicated concepts are explained in the easiest way possible to keep students motivated to study this beautiful language. Each chapter contains a glossary explaining the difficult terms. 

CBSE Class 7 NCERT Urdu – Door Paas Books 

If you do not have a hard copy of NCERT Books Class 7 Urdu Door Pass, fret not. Here are the digital copies of the book for free. Download them anytime and kickstart your lessons. The most significant benefit of accessing the NCERT Books Class 7 Urdu Door Pass PDF is you get the e-Books chapter-wise. This page lets you download individual chapters of the NCERT Books Class 7 Urdu Door Pass without downloading the entire book. 

The main idea behind initiating this process is to simplify the learning process. Imagine you have the whole ebook with you. Now, whenever you want to open chapter 17, you must scroll down until you reach the first page of that chapter. Doing it once may not irk you, but when you have to repeat the process multiple times for every chapter of the book, chances are high that you may get frustrated. Extramarks does not want you to approach the learning process with negativity. That is why it has offered links to the individual chapters, easily accessible from this page. Also, you do not have to work hard to reach this webpage. Search for CBSE once you are on the Extramarks website and click on NCERT Books. You will get the option to select the class and the books you want to study. 

The free NCERT Books Class 7 Urdu Door Pass PDF save you from spending money on the physical copy of this book. You do not have to carry the book with you every time. You can have the book saved on your mobile or laptop and access them anywhere. Access to the internet has made life hassle-free!

NCERT Books for Class 7 

The government established NCERT in 1961 as a governing body of elementary education. The organisation enrols subject experts in relevant departments to write its books after thoroughly discussing the chapters, topics, and concepts. The experts take the best route possible to explain the various subjects through interactions, stories, examples, activities, etc., so students can easily understand them and enjoy learning new things. CBSE always recommends NCERT Books for class 7 for all the subjects. You can trust the NCERT to produce genuine, informative, error-free, and relevant books. 

Class 7 NCERT Urdu Books

Those willing to dive into the depth of the Urdu language can now do so while they are at school. Thanks to the NEP, 2020, they can now select Urdu as their third language in school and understand this beautiful language without facing the need to do extra courses outside the school. 

Several people widely speak Urdu in India. In fact, it is one of the official languages of the Indian constitution, and in many states like Jammu and Kashmir, West Bengal, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh, etc., it is used as an additional official language. Besides this, this language has contributed immensely to the development of prose and poetry. Maybe this is why non-native speakers take a particular interest in Urdu to express their feelings in terms of songs and literature. 

In class 7, the CBSE students have three Urdu books – Apni Zaban, Door-Paas, and Urdu Guldasta. They get an opportunity to learn about the language and the different types of writings in this language. The NCERT Books Class 7 Urdu Door Pass is an excellent choice of book for beginners. The book contains several short poems and stories in Urdu, divided into 26 chapters, to introduce the students to the richness of this language. 

As you can now download the NCERT Books Class 7 Urdu Door Pass PDF, you can start your lessons before classes commence in school. Download one chapter at a time and try to understand the terms used and the concepts explained. The books have been written in an easy-to-understand manner. Once you are introduced to Urdu letters, symbols, and basic words, you can form a basic idea of the concepts. And to help you in this journey are the NCERT solutions, which are also available for free. 

Along with the PDF of the chapter, download the NCERT solutions of that particular chapter. The solutions are also segregated chapter-wise for your ease. To ace the examination, it is important that you solve the exercise presented at the end of each chapter. You can either directly refer to the solutions or attempt to solve them first and then cross-check them with the help of the solutions. 

If you think the NCERT solutions are not enough to help you score good marks, you can also access several other kinds of study material. Extramarks offers you CBSE Extra Questions, CBSE Revision Notes, and CBSE Important Questions to help you prepare better. Once you are confident in your preparations, try out the CBSE Sample Papers. You can also give mock tests by downloading the CBSE Previous Year Question Papers. The benefits are multifold. You will get a taste of how the questions can be in the examination. You can check your speed and find out whether you can complete the set of questions within the stipulated time. You also get to overcome the fear and walk the examination hall like a boss. As you practice these papers more, your chances of performing well in the tests increases.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What are the features of NCERT Books Class 7 Urdu Door Pass?

Some of the features of the NCERT Books Class 7 Urdu Door Pass are: 

  • This book is produced by NCERT, an organisation established by the government to improve the quality of school education. 
  • Subject experts have developed the book after thorough research.
  • The book is written in simple and easy-to-understand language.
  • You can download the PDF of the textbook. 
  • The book is filled with stunning pictures and diagrams to make studying exciting.

The book has been designed as per the latest CBSE Syllabus.

2. Why is it important to learn Urdu?

Learning Urdu can help train your brain and improve your cognitive abilities. Introducing the brain to new grammar rules, new sentence structures, new words and vocabulary is considered a good exercise for the brain. 

Besides this, you make yourself eligible to read classic literature which dates back to the 14th century. You get to know the mystical, intriguing, and fascinating cultures followed in India and Pakistan in the past. 

Besides, learning this language increases your employability, especially in the Gulf countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Dubai. 

  1. Will NCERT Books Class 7 Urdu Door Pass PDF help me pass the examination?

Studying the NCERT Books Class 7 Urdu Door Pass PDF, understanding the concepts, and practising the exercises mentioned at the end of each chapter will help you pass the examination with flying colours. If you want help, Extramarks offers NCERT solutions, revision notes, and extra questions, highlighting the CBSE Important Questions. All these sources of study material are of great help to the students.

3. How many chapters are there in NCERT Books Class 7 Urdu Door Pass?

NCERT Books Class 7 Urdu Door Pass has 26 chapters. Apni Zaban has 21 chapters in the other Urdu books, and Urdu Guldasta has 15 chapters. Students must understand the topics explained in each chapter instead of regurgitating them.

4. Why choose Extramarks for class 7 Urdu?

Extramarks not only offers you the NCERT Books Class 7 Urdu Door Pass PDF but also the NCERT solutions for free. Apart, you get several other study materials to help you score well in the examination. Students can also opt for personalised sessions with teachers to solve their queries. This feature is of great help to students who are uncomfortable raising their doubts in front of others.