NCERT Books Class 7 Urdu

NCERT Class 7 Urdu Book 

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) prescribes the NCERT books for its curriculum for all classes. The reason is simple: NCERT books concisely pack all the relevant information in simple language. CBSE, other boards, and several competitive examinations also refer to NCERT books for preparing questionnaires. One book which is highly preferred by all boards across the country is the NCERT Books Class 7 Urdu.

Designed and written by experts in the language, NCERT Books Class 7 Urdu, is perfect study material for anyone who is trying to master the basics of the language. The NCERT Class 7 Urdu book is meticulously drafted as per the latest CBSE Syllabus. Students can now download the NCERT Books Class 7 Urdu PDF for free at Extramarks.


CBSE Class 7 NCERT Urdu Books Free Download

Students can download the NCERT Books Class 7 Urdu PDF, here at Extramarks. Extramarks gives you free access to the PDFs of all NCERT books. All NCERT books for class 7, including the Urdu books, are just a click away. 

The main advantage of the availability of chapter-wise digital copies is that you don’t need to download the entire book. The PDFs are available for individual chapters enabling you to plan your routine and focus better. This also makes the learning process hassle-free – if you’re going to study chapter 9, you do not have to scroll to that chapter every time after opening the book. You directly open that chapter. 

The free PDFs not only save you money but also eliminate the need to carry the physical book. You can study at any place, at any time. 

NCERT Books for Class 7 Urdu 

The NCERT Books Class 7 Urdu has been written by subject experts having years of experience in the field. They have jotted down the information in easy-to-understand language so that students can easily consume them. 

Urdu is a beautiful language – full of emotions and it helps students develop their skills of expression. The NCERT Books for Class 7 Urdu contains heart-touching poems and stories that not only teach them the language but also impart valuable moral lessons.

NCERT Books for Class 7 

NCERT has published books for Class 7 by following CBSE’s latest academic syllabus. All books are updated by teachers and edited and proofread by subject experts in their respective fields to ensure that they are all ready to help students augment their awareness, and education, and achieve their goals.  

NCERT Solutions for Class 7

Each chapter in the NCERT Books contains a set of questions at the end. The answers to these questions can be found in the content of the chapters. After a thorough study of the chapters, students are expected to solve these questions on their own. However, in case of doubts, students can refer to the NCERT solutions that give them detailed answers to these questions. 

These solutions are very helpful for all the subjects. Students can cross-check their mathematical solutions and science problems. They can also check the answers for the language subjects and grammar and get a better understanding of the topics.

The NCERT Solution Books help students prepare for their exams. There are also CBSE Extra Questions in these solution books which gives students an extra edge for scoring more. 

A Brief of the NCERT Urdu Book

Class 7 students of a CBSE school will have NCERT books in their syllabus. Before you dig into the chapters of Urdu, here is a heads-up of the books and chapters you will have in your class 7 syllabus. 

The Indian constitution recognizes Urdu as an official language. Additionally, several Indian states like Jammu and Kashmir, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Telangana, and Uttar Pradesh use Urdu as their official language. Delhi, or old Delhi, to be specific, reportedly has a considerable Urdu-speaking population. 

The NCERT Books Class 7 Urdu has three books – Apni Zaban, Door-Paas, and Urdu Guldasta. NCERT maintains all three books according to the latest CBSE Syllabus. Besides, these books are well known for their fabulous presentation. While Apni Zaban has 21 chapters, Urdu Guldasta has 15 chapters, and Door-Pass has 26 chapters. You get the chapter-wise PDFs of all these chapters here at Extramarks. 


Benefits of Urdu Class 7 NCERT Book 

There are multiple benefits of choosing the NCERT Books Class 7 Urdu PDF. Some of them are discussed below:

Well-known and experienced Urdu teachers have created the NCERT Books Class 7 Urdu by considering the age of the Class 7 students and the awareness and knowledge they must have to excel in this fast-moving world. 

Teachers have referred to updated education resources to write these books for NCERT.

The books have been carefully drafted so that an average Class 7 student can easily grasp the concepts and understand the topics. No complicated language has been used. This has helped students understand even the challenging themes with ease. 


NCERT Solutions for Urdu

NCERT solutions of NCERT Books Class 7 Urdu have been crafted with the sole purpose of helping students grasp the concepts better and prepare for the examinations. The solutions are thorough; students get step-by-step answers for every question of every chapter. 

NCERT has also made the NCERT solutions accessible to you for free. Like the PDFs of the books, you can download the chapter-wise NCERT solutions of each chapter. All the solutions are in accordance with the latest academic year and are approved by CBSE. 

Here on Extramarks, you get subject links on this page. As you land on the subject page, you get links to the chapter-wise solutions. Instead of adjusting everything on one page, we simplified the process to avoid confusion. Click on the appropriate icon, and you have the solution for that particular chapter at your disposal. 

Apart from the solutions, Extramarks offers several other kinds of study material to help you prepare better for examinations. On this site, you get CBSE Revision Notes, CBSE Extra Questions, and CBSE Important Questions. Extramarks also has solutions for those who want to walk the extra mile and ace the examinations. Students get access to CBSE Sample Papers and CBSE Previous Year Question Papers. Practice them in a time-bound manner to get the hang of the examination pattern. Regular practice of solving these papers also helps you in increasing your thinking and writing speed. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Where can I download NCERT Books Class 7 Urdu PDF?

Here on Extramarks, you get the links to the PDFs of the three Urdu books – Apni Zaban, Door-Paas, and Urdu Guldasta. Each e-book is the recent edition as per the updated syllabus. This apart, NCERT offers all the books in English, Hindi, and Urdu medium. Furthermore, you can also access multiple sources of study material related to Urdu books. 

2. What are the benefits of the NCERT Books Class 7 Urdu?

In the NCERT Books Class 7 Urdu, all the chapters and important themes are elaborated in simple terms, enabling the students to understand them without difficulty. Designed by experts, this is a perfect book for anyone who wants to learn the basics of this language.

3. Why is this language important for Class 7?

Urdu is one of the most beautiful languages in the world. The language has produced some of the best lyrical and literary works and is steeped in religious, cultural, and historical influences. Urdu has also shaped moral, spiritual, and socio-political developments, making this language sought-after by many. Besides, those planning to pursue their career in the Gulf countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Dubai, can get additional opportunities if they know this language. 

4. How do you prepare for the Urdu examination?

Below are a few suggestions to help you prepare better for your Class 7 Urdu examination. 

  • Read the chapters thoroughly.
  • Do not skip the exercise questions related to each chapter.
  • Make your notes or refer to CBSE Revision Notes offered by Extramarks. 
  • Practise the CBSE Sample Papers and CBSE Previous Year Question Papers as much as possible. This will make you confident, remove the examination fear, and help you manage time well. 
  • Download the NCERT Books Class 7 Urdu PDF and the NCERT solutions so you can access them whenever possible. 
  • While these study materials are there to help you, consult your teachers or elders if you need further help. Memorize a concept only after you understand it.

5. What are the benefits of NCERT Books Class 7 Urdu PDF?

Some of the benefits of having NCERT Books Class 7 Urdu PDF are:

  • You have access to all the NCERT books before the beginning of a new academic year. This will help you stay ahead of your school syllabus. 
  • The NCERT books will help you prepare the lessons and note down your doubts in advance and actively participate in the class when the teacher discusses the topics. 
  • You can know how much weight is given to each chapter during the examination. This will help you prioritize your chapters better.
  • You will know what resources you may need in the school for the classes.