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CBSE Class 8 NCERT Social Science – Our Past 3 Books

Various historical events are included in the Class 8 CBSE history textbook. All students will be able to learn about some significant historical events and how they shaped our Indian culture through this book which covers chapters on How, When and Where, From Trade to Territory, Tribes, Dikus and Vision of a Golden Age, When People Rebel, India After Independence and so on etc.

Students should read through the NCERT Social Science Our Past 3 Book Class 8 modules for adequate advice on all themes. You may effectively study for your exams with the help of the NCERT solution for this topic. If you have access to the NCERT Solution for Class 8 Science, Maths solutions and other subject solutions, studying topics like Science, Maths, and English would be easy and relieve you from the stress of preparing notes for various chapters.  To help you review the entire syllabus and get higher marks in your exams, you may also get NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Mathematics.

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NCERT Books for Class 8 Social Science – Our Past 3 PDF

This page offers PDF downloads of the NCERT Books for Class 3 Social Science in both Hindi and English Medium. The books can be read through the medium of your choice. NCERT develops the academic curriculum for the Class 8 board examinations, and students in CBSE schools are expected to read books published by NCERT. If you are already aware of the Social Science Our Past 3  syllabus, you will be relieved to learn that the NCERT Social Science Our Past 3 Book Class 8 PDF has you covered. This book has all the information you need to succeed in this subject. If you’ve ever felt the need to systematically organise those challenging topics step by step logically, then the NCERT Social Science Our Past 3 Book Class 8 PDF is just what you’ve been looking for all along. Simply browsing the Extramarks website requires students to lay their hands on the NCERT Books Class 8 Social Science Our Past 3 PDF.

Books assigned by NCERT for Social Science in Class 8  are important since most of the questions and answers from these books are included in the Class 8 Board Examinations, and internal assessments, CBSE students need to study the textbook Our Past 3 thoroughly to come out with flying colours.

Books assigned by NCERT for Social Science in Class 8 The most recent edition of the Class 8 Social Science textbook is reflected in the content of our Past 3 PDF. Our most recent overview of the book has been published in the same format: chapter by chapter, in chronological sequence. The concepts are broken down into manageable chunks, which makes it easier to understand them at a glance.

Knowledge of one’s history and significant historical events and the capacity to think logically and analytically outside the box are all important skills that may be gained from t Social Science Our Past 3. You will definitely be successful in the Class 8 board Examinations, at least in the Social Science Our Past 3 subject, if you study the NCERT Books Class 8 Social Science Our Past 3 PDF and work your way through every question. Therefore we recommend you to study the NCERT Books Class 8 Social Science Our Past 3.

The NCERT Social Science Our Past 3 Book Class 8 guides have been crafted by Extramarks professionals who have poured their years of knowledge into teaching essential concepts in an easy and understandable manner. After carefully analysing past year’s exam trends and CBSE question papers, these guides have been developed. If you thought that Social Science Our Past 3 was difficult, you will reevaluate that belief once you have a thorough understanding of the principles covered in this Book’s PDF. Because NCERT book materials are used in internal assessment and exams. 

A student’s life typically takes a significant turn after Class 8, when they start planning for their future. The subjects that students are exposed to after  Class 8 lay the groundwork for their career path and they ultimately decide to pursue it. That’s why it is important to study each topic in the NCERT Class 8 Books with equal importance. This is especially important when you are preparing the core subjects like Mathematics, Science, English, or Social Science. These subjects are very important for students to be able to pursue a career of their choice. 

 Both English and Hindi versions of the NCERT Book Class 8 Social Science Our Past 3 are available for students. In addition to that, they can view the chapter names in either English or in Hindi.

We have provided the NCERT Books for Class 8 Social Science Our Past 3 in a chapter-by-chapter format while keeping in mind the NCERT objectives. If a student has a question, consulting one of these books is necessary for the student to ensure good grades in the upcoming examination. The explanation of challenging concepts is made easier with the help of these NCERT Books Class 8 Social Science Our Past 3.

The chapters covered in Social Science Class 8 are easier for the students to understand. Our Past 3 Book

Study  Class 8 SST and learn everything there is to know about it.

Students can refresh their knowledge by working through the practice exercises in these books. Students can evaluate their current level of knowledge and then revisit those topics that need more attention and prepare accordingly.

Students get the opportunity to strengthen their comprehension of the essential chapters through sample papers, important questions, NCERT solutions and so on.

The chapters in these books serve as the basis for the homework assignments.

NCERT Book Class 8 Social Science Our Past 3 is a publication prepared by the National Council of Education Research and Training(NCERT). Students who are enrolled in CBSE Class 8 and wish to improve their understanding of the material should use this textbook titled Social Science Our Past 3.

Important Attributes of the NCERT Textbooks Used in Class 8 Social Science Our Past 3:

This is the guidebook recommended by the NCERT for NAS and NTSE aspirants.

Individuals who have earned passing scores in various examinations, including the NAS, AISES, JNNSMEE, and others contributed a significant amount of the content in NCERT books.

Students in Class 8 should make a point to study history since it gives them the ability to understand the past, which helps them to understand the present. The establishment of the East India Company to India’s Independence in 1947 has been covered in this book. . The NCERT Books for Class 8 History are widely acknowledged as being among the most useful study materials available. The textbook is divided into 10 chapters, each with an in-depth explanation and applicable examples and exercises that have been worked through. Students have the potential to do well on their history exams if they study the chapter and complete the chapter end exercises in their history textbooks. After each chapter, the textbook offers some exercises for students to work through. The NCERT Class 8 History Syllabus, developed by subject experts, inspired the textbook’s content.

Students and teachers utilise NCERT books for Class 8 History for various purposes, including assigning homework, preparing question papers, teaching in the classroom, and other activities. Extramarks, one of the leading educational platforms, to make things easier for students, has released downloadable PDF versions of the NCERT Book for Class 8 Social Science. . These PDFs are available in both English and Hindi.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How should I study the NCERT Class 8 History book to do well on my exams?

For the students to have a solid grasp of the fundamental concepts, all chapters must be covered, and they must revise them before the final exams. The in-house subject experts at Extramarks provide NCERT solutions, a wonderful resource for exam preparation and achieving high grades in their exams. Students must thoroughly read the course material for the academic year before the exams to understand the relative importance of the marks for each chapter. It is strongly recommended that students consult the solutions before attempting to solve problems from a new chapter. It will help them to track their errors and make necessary changes as required. This will allow them to better understand the appropriate approach to answering questions per the latest standards established by the CBSE.

2. Is Extramarks Class 8 History Solutions the finest guide to study?

Yes. Extramarks has provided explanations for the entire textbook questions based on the most recent regulations issued by the CBSE. Each of the solutions to the problems on the exam is provided by a different subject matter expert to assist students in clarifying their doubts and helping them with difficult questions and building confidence in answering tough questions easily.  The solutions are presented in PDF format so that students can access them, download them free of cost, and consult them anywhere and at any time as per their convenience. . The explanations provided are comprehensive and written in language that is easy to understand, which will help students gain confidence in their ability to provide concise answers to difficult and lengthy questions, especially in Social Science.

3. What are the key takeaways of using NCERT Class 8 History?

The following is a list of the most important advantages  of using NCERT Books for Class 8 History:


  • Students will have improved conceptual clarity and analytical thinking due to this activity.


  • Various subject matter experts selected the solutions per the standards and grading methodology established by the CBSE exam pattern.


  • It provides explanations for every question in the textbook.


  • Students can bank on  Extramarks NCERT Solutions as it is the most reliable study tool to adequately prepare for exams. Its credibility lies in providing the best study material related to NCERT from classes 1 to 12 for all subjects.


  •  On the Extramarks website, you can also quickly and easily locate relevant modules without paying a penny. t. In addition to these solutions, the Extramarks website also provides free access to sample papers, ebooks, and question papers.

4. What books are students of Class 8 required to read for Social Studies as part of the CBSE curriculum?

There are three NCERT Social Science books available for students in Class 8. The titles of the textbooks are Resource and Development for Geography, Social and Political Life for Political Science, and Our Pasts-III (I and II) for History. You can download the NCERT textbooks for Class 8 Social Science 2020-21 in PDF format from Extramarks by following the links that have been provided. Downloadable materials with more information on the main topics and subtopics are available on the Extramarks website. On Extramarks, students may also get chapter-by-chapter solutions to problems from various other popular supplementary reference material.