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CBSE Class 8 NCERT Books for Social Science

For students in Class 8, the NCERT Social Science -Social and Political Life book is the most comprehensive resource available to help them succeed in exams. These books adhere to the most recent syllabus prescribed by the CBSE and contain in-depth analyses of the topics they cover. If you go through our study guide, you will obtain an overview of the most important ideas, such as the Indian Constitution, the judicial system, and social justice, among other things.

You may obtain a complete guide to understanding the concept of Social Science and Political Life with the free download of the NCERT Social Science- Social and Political Life book for Class 8. This guide will help you in securing good marks in the upcoming examinations. . We review the syllabi for your internal and external examinations to provide comprehensive solutions for students to learn and benefit from it.

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NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Social Science – Social and Political Life | Chapterwise PDF

NCERT Books for Class 8

NCERT Solutions for Class 8

Social Science in Class 8

Students in Class 8 should pay attention to Social Science because it is an important topic, just like math, science, and other vital disciplines. If you perform well on the CBSE Class 8 exam in this subject, you’ll have a better chance of improving your overall percentage. History, geography, and civics are the three subfields that makeup Social Science. The study of human behaviour, growth and development, interpersonal connections, and other Social Science aspects are included.

Students can better understand Social Science better by consulting the NCERT Social Science books designated for their class 8 studies. All aspects of the NCERT Social Science Syllabus for Class 8 are addressed in the textbooks. The solutions to the problems in these textbooks were written by subject matter experts in straightforward language so that students can develop clarity of concepts and learn quickly and easily. History, Social and Political life, and Geography are the three new topics covered in  Class 8 Social Science syllabus.

The Social and Political Life unit taught in NCERT Class 8 aims to increase students’ general awareness of the world and the functioning of Indian democracy.. This textbook has been meticulously constructed, and its themes have been deliberately selected to educate students about the functioning of government institutions and other key elements of democracy. The activity section of this Social and Political Life book for Class 8 by NCERT will help students apply what they have learned with concrete examples and perform well on their final examinations. The Constitution of India, Secularism, The Judiciary,  Understanding marginalisation, confronting marginalisation, and Public facilities are some of the chapters covered in this book.

Students also need to be informed that NCERT Social Science questions are included in the textbooks they use for Class 8. Before consulting NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Social Science, students should try to find their solutions to these questions on their own first. You are responsible for choosing solutions to the challenges and consulting the Class 8 facilitators’ responses.

In the NCERT, social science books for class 8, one of the most essential roles is played by the book titled “Social and Political Life.” One of the best things we can give you is a PDF version of all NCERT books that are free to download and exercises at the end of each chapter. For your upcoming CBSE 8 exams, we have produced solutions for these chapters taken from the NCERT books PDF for Class 8 Social Science- Social and Political Life.

NCERT Books for Class 8 Social Science – Social and Political Life PDF 

Let’s have a look at the ten chapters that are included in the most recent editions of the NCERT Social Science books for Class 8: Social and Political Life:

Chapter 1 – The Indian Constitution

In this section, you will get an understanding of the process that led to the creation of the Indian Constitution, as well as fundamental rights and obligations, both houses of Parliament, the council of ministers, numerous acts, and the significance of particular dates.

Chapter 2 – Secularism 

You will understand the fundamentals of secularism and the factors that contribute to India’s status as a secular country by reading the NCERT books online guide. You will also have the opportunity to discover the organised details of India’s form of secularism and its common ideals. Discover how India came up with a novel approach to achieve communal harmony by dividing the power of religion from the state’s authority.

Chapter 3 – Why do we need a Parliament?

You will explore deeper into the organisation and functioning of the Indian Parliament as you go on to the third chapter of this book. You’d get to learn about the houses of Parliament and why we need them. The procedures of the Parliament have been written out in great detail so that you can get an in-depth grasp of them. You won’t find any other resource that analyzes the Indian parliamentary system quite like these NCERT books PDF for Class 8 Social Science- Social and Political Life.

Chapter 4 – Understanding Laws

In this chapter, we will instruct you on the fundamentals of Indian law and the different meanings associated with each principle. The NCERT textbook for Class 8 Social Science Social and Political Life will significantly differ from the complete guide we have prepared for you, making your studies much more enjoyable. In contrast to traditional textbooks, every piece of information presented here is supported by evidence, narratives and case studies, which provide deeper meaning surrounding the subject matter.

Chapter 5 – Judiciary

Do you find that your understanding of the situation shifts whenever the legal system enters the picture? If you download the free PDF version of the NCERT Social Science book for Class 8 called Social and Political Life, you’ll get a fresh perspective on the legal system of our country. You would never have imagined that mastering the fundamentals could lead to such an amazing experience.

This chapter will educate you on the components of the Indian judiciary and its role in maintaining peace and order across the country. After each chapter, in addition to the study material, you will be given a practice set to go through it independently. Find the solution, and you’ll feel much better. In case you need any help, you can always access NCERT Solutions. 

Chapter 6 – Understanding our Criminal Justice System

The primary topics covered in the sixth chapter are the criminal justice system in India and how its judicial laws cater to the well-being of Indian citizens. You will get an overview of the court system, after which you will dive further into the inner workings of the court system. After reading through the NCERT Social Science- Social and Political Life Book for Class 8, students can further solidify their understanding of these ideas by working through the exercises after each chapter.

Chapter 7 – Understanding Marginalization 

If you are having trouble understanding the ideology of marginalism, read our helpful guide to the NCERT Textbook for Class 8 Social Science- Social and Political Life to gain an understanding of the meaning of Marginalisation, Adivasis and Muslims as marginalised communities are the main topics covered in this chapter. The recommendations presented at the end of the discussion should not be forgotten to acquire a synopsis of the material. You will be able to quickly recall important points.

Chapter 8 – Confronting Marginalization 

Read the book guide  NCERT to better understand how some sections of our society are not included in the mainstream and to get a better idea of the chapter download the NCERT book available on Extramarks. . You will understand what it means to be marginalized as a group of individuals who are compelled to live on the margins of society. It also addresses how our Constitution emphasises equality and steps taken by the government to improve their situation.

Chapter 9 – Public Facilities 

This chapter will discuss how the Indian government ensures that public amenities, such as air, water, and power free from pollution, are available to all Indian citizens. Learn how this demand is met, where the finances come from, and how the government utilizes a form of private-public collaboration to make this feasible with the NCERT Social Science -Social and Political Life book for Class 8.

Remember to find the answers to the questions specifically curated for you. Your knowledge will be refreshed, and your confidence will increase if you take the time to answer these questions. You might even get some questions in your exams.

Chapter 10 – Law and Social Justice 

You’ll better understand what law and Social justice entail once you download the free PDF version of the NCERT Social Science Social and Political Life book for Class 8. We go through everything, including different theories and categories of punishment, the definition of criminal behaviour, several codifications of Indian law and criminal offences, and so on.

Because this is a somewhat complex subject, we have tried to provide an overview of all the topics.. We know that it is impossible for you to retain everything that is presented to you in your lessons. Therefore, our comprehensive information will serve as a vital backup.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What significance does the NCERT Class 8 SST have?

All Class 8 learners are urged to read NCERT textbooks to do well in their final exams. The advantages of NCERT books are as follows:

The NCERT texts use easy-to-understand language and well-explained concepts with narratives and case studies.

Since the NCERT textbooks serve as the basis for the Class 8 exam questions, students may use the NCERT books as a resource for their preparation.

Most of the questions are based on ideas and topics found in NCERT textbooks.

The authors of NCERT books are well-known, seasoned professionals who understand the subjects and are prepared after thorough research on the subject. Most of the questions in the board exams are generally taken from NCERT books by CBSE board. Experts recommend that students must read these books first and then refer to other books.

The cost of NCERT (Paperback) books is fair. You can read and download PDFs for every subject free of cost.

2. How many chapters constitute the NCERT Class 8 Civics?

Numerous chapters are covered in the NCERT Civics Book for Class 8, such as the Indian Constitution, the legal system, the judicial system, public utilities, and more. In all there are ten chapters of this book, Social and Political Life with relevant examples.


Additionally, each chapter offers numerous instances with solutions to aid students in understanding. Additionally, students are provided multiple open-ended practice questions after each chapter to assess their comprehension. Students must complete all the practice questions to assess their understanding of the topics covered in this chapter.