NCERT Books For Class 3 EVS In Hindi

NCERT Book for Class 3 EVS in Hindi

Just like English, Mathematics and Science are fundamental subjects for every student’s growth; EVS is also one of those mandatory subjects that play a crucial role in framing their personality. EVS stands for Environmental Science which focuses on teaching various aspects of nature, and the ecosystems, and highlights the pressing challenges caused by pollution and global warming.

The subject of Environmental Science raises awareness of the importance of preserving nature and the environment and sheds light on the simple ways how each student can make a difference. It also pushes them to think of innovative ways in which they can help save the planet and its inhabitants. Studying this subject early in school helps students to grow up into responsible citizens. It also helps them explore the various career options that they can pursue by taking up higher courses in environmental studies.

The NCERT book for class 3 EVS in Hindi is the perfect study material that not only educates them about environmental science but also stirs their interest and imagination in the subject. The book is precisely designed by experts according to the latest syllabus and guidelines shared by CBSE.

CBSE Class 3 NCERT Books for EVS Hindi Medium

The students can easily download the NCERT books for class 3 EVS in HINDI in a PDF format from the Extramarks website for free. Extramarks is an online learning platform that offers all the study materials including NCERT books that students, as well as teachers, can download for free. The books are downloadable on any device which makes it very convenient for students to study from anywhere and anytime.

In addition to the NCERT books, Extramarks also offers the CBSE revision notes and CBSE previous year question papers that help students get a better idea of the question pattern and weightage of the chapters.

Downloading the PDF of the books allows reading the chapters offline on the device without the hassle of getting online every time. It is also a great option when the physical copy of the EVS book for Class 3 has not arrived yet but starting the preparation is important. PDFs allow reading anytime and anywhere you want without even carrying the textbook along with you.

NCERT Class 3 EVS Chapter-wise Solutions:

After studying the chapters thoroughly, it is important for every student to take up a self-assessment. They must try to answer the questions given at the end of each chapter. Once they are done they can cross-check their answers with the ones provided in the NCERT Solutions.

The NCERT solutions are drafted by experts who possess in-depth knowledge of the subject and academicians who understand the level of complexity that is appropriate for a class 3 student. The solutions are simple, easy and to the point.

Students can also find CBSE sample papers along with solutions that can help them practice and prepare better for their exams. Trying to solve these questions also pushes their critical thinking on the subject which further enhances their understanding.

What are NCERT books?

The NCERT books are prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and published by The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) for the students of all classes belonging to the CBSE board. These books are considered to be the most important study material that every student needs not only to gain good grades but to witness overall personal growth. The books are masterfully crafted to instil humane values among the students while instilling awareness regarding nature and the surroundings. The EVS book for Class 3 CBSE is the greatest example of that.

Even the competitive examinations that take place after boards consist of questions from the NCERT textbooks. Thus, these books are considered the Bibles for appearing in competitive exams. Each of the books is crafted with adequate and up-to-date information and given in a simplified way to help the students understand better. These books help to grow in-depth knowledge in various subjects.

A brief of EVS subject for Class 3

Environmental studies, better known as EVS, is one of the base subjects that helps to grow their interest in other subjects as well. It is considered to be the stepping stone for young minds in order to proceed with complex subjects like science and its subdivisions like physics, chemistry and biology. The reason why the subject is introduced at such a tender age is to help students become aware of their surroundings and the pressing issues that need urgent attention.

In this era of technological advancement, the condition of nature is deteriorating rapidly due to pollution and global warming. Teaching the students about nature from a young age helps them understand the values and importance of nature while conveying the need for conservation.

Chapter-wise CBSE EVS Solutions for Class 3

NCERT Books for Class 3 EVS in Hindi has a total of 24 chapters. In order to score better marks in the final examination, the students are advised to through each chapter and study thoroughly. Having a good grasp of all chapters helps the students answer unexpected CBSE extra questions with knowledge and presence of mind. Let’s take a better look at all the chapters from the book,

  • Chapter 1 – Poonam’s Day Out
  • Chapter 2 – The Plant Fairy
  • Chapter 3 – Water O’ Water!
  • Chapter 4 – Our First School
  • Chapter 5 – Chhotu’s House
  • Chapter 6 – Foods We Eat
  • Chapter 7 –  Saying without Speaking
  • Chapter 8 – Flying High
  • Chapter 9 – It’s Raining
  • Chapter 10 – What is Cooking
  • Chapter 11 – From Here to There
  • Chapter 12 – Work We Do
  • Chapter 13 – Sharing Our Feelings
  • Chapter 14 – The Story of Food
  • Chapter 15 – Making Pots
  • Chapter 16 – Games we Play
  • Chapter 17 – Here comes a Letter
  • Chapter 18 – A House Like This
  • Chapter 19 – Our Friends- Animal
  • Chapter 20 – Drop by Drop
  • Chapter 21 – Families can be Different
  • Chapter 22 – Left-Right
  • Chapter 23 – A Beautiful Cloth
  • Chapter 24 – Web of Life

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How can one get good marks in EVS in Class 3 CBSE?

There are no perfect formulas for getting good marks in the examination other than hard work, determination and practice. If you want to get good marks in the examination, start your preparation for the subject right from the beginning of the session. Read the textbook, revise the chapters, and follow the study materials offered by the Extramarks to ace the final examination.

2. Where can the students download the PDF for NCERT Class 3 EVS in Hindi?

Being the leading e-learning platform in India, Extramarks provides all the study materials that a student would need to ace their exams. The PDF for NCERT book Class 3 EVS in Hindi is available on the official website. The students can easily download the book and start their preparation for the subject without any language barrier as it is available in Hindi and English both.

3. How many NCERT books are prescribed for CBSE Class 3 EVS?

There is only one NCERT Book prescribed for the students of CBSE class 3. The book consists of a total of 24 chapters based on various elements from nature. As the book helps to know your surroundings better, it is titled ‘Looking Around’.

4. What is the benefit of reading NCERT Books for class 3 CBSE?

EVS is a combination of knowledge and real-life scenarios which helps to develop an analytical mind among the students from their tender age. This stepping stone subject of science helps to have a better idea of Mother Nature and the need of conserving it. Reading NCERT Books for class 3 CBSE can prepare the students better to earn good grades.