NCERT Solutions Class 11 Business Studies

Business Studies is an extensive subject, part of the social sciences, that covers a wide range of areas and skills, including organisation, finance, economics, accountancy, marketing, and human resource management. The study of business at the academic level revolves around the features and conduct of business at the local, national, and international levels. As business is the backbone of the economy, as a commerce student, you need to have an in-depth knowledge of how a business organisation is formed, the ins and outs of a business, and how it is managed. 

It is a vital subject which is also critical in our day-to-day life, so special attention should be given to clearing the fundamentals of this new subject. Considering how crucial class 11 is, it helps prepare you for class 12 board examinations. So, you must focus on regular studies using helpful resources such as NCERT solutions class 11 from Extramarks. 

Attaining good scores in class 11 examinations can be possible only when you have useful study resources to support your learning process. And that is why Extramarks offers you NCERT solutions class 11 business studies to assist your studies. At Extramarks, you can access easy-to-understand and learn study material for all the classes, from NCERT solutions class 1 to NCERT solutions class 12. Studying the class 11 business studies curriculum will not only help you score well in exams but will also strengthen your basics for the class 12 Business Studies syllabus. 

Class 11 Business Studies NCERT Textbook Solutions 

Business studies is a vital part of the class 11 curriculum for commerce students. It is a new subject for students, so naturally, it attracts a great deal of anxiety among them. At the same time, if you choose to pursue a career in business, scoring well in this subject will also help you boost your overall result and prepare you for further studies. It might be your stepping stone if you choose to pursue professional courses in business studies. 

However, it is a highly scoring subject if approached correctly. Since it is entirely theoretical, you must have a solid understanding of the business-related terms and fundamentals to enhance your preparations. From the exam point of view, you need to write point-wise answers, systematically. Understanding and retaining various definitions and techniques is of utmost importance.

No doubt, regular revision is absolutely essential. The key is to study smartly, using the right study material. The NCERT solutions class 11 business studies include all the NCERT chapters and the solutions to all the exercises. These solutions are designed by experts, and cover important concepts and questions. You can get these solutions in a downloadable format so that you can access them anytime and anywhere. 

Chapter-wise NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Business Studies

The NCERT textbook consists of a total of 11 chapters, based on the latest CBSE curriculum. These chapters cover a wide range of topics, from basics of business, formation of business organisations, business dealings, management, and trade. Each chapter covers a unique concept within the subject, giving you in-depth knowledge of the functioning of a business.

Extramarks’ BST NCERT class 11 solutions are created based on this syllabus and include detailed explanations of the answers, along with practice questions at the end to help you assess your knowledge. To start studying, you can download the solutions for free. Just click on the chapter-wise links given below-

<Download Link for Chapter 1 – Business, Trade, and Commerce> 

<Download Link for Chapter 2 – Forms of Business Organisation>

<Download Link for Chapter 3 – Private, Public, and Global Enterprises>

<Download Link for Chapter 4 – Business Services>

<Download Link for Chapter 5 – Emerging Modes of Business>

<Download Link for Chapter 6 – Social Responsibilities of Business and Business Ethics>

<Download Link for Chapter 7 – Formation of a Company>

<Download Link for Chapter 8 – Sources of Business Finance>

<Download Link for Chapter 9 – Small Business>

<Download Link for Chapter 10 – Internal Trade>

<Download Link for Chapter 11 – International Business>

NCERT Business Studies Class 11 Solutions 

You can find the NCERT class 11 business studies solutions online. Once you’re through with the prescribed syllabus, you can use the downloaded files to prepare for your exams and revise all the concepts. Keeping in mind the significance of this subject, it is crucial to study these NCERT Solutions class 11 business studies rigorously. 

Given that the syllabus for class 11 is quite vast, it is normal to feel overwhelmed when you sit down to study. However, the good news is that you can easily ace the examinations when you study smartly using the NCERT solutions provided by Extramarks. With regular practice and revision, it will become easier for you to identify the key areas and topics where you might need improvement. With Extramarks, you can download the solutions, free of cost. 

These solutions are drafted by top-notch faculty who are experts in the subject matter and cover all the important concepts in a simple language so that you can understand everything easily. 

Chapter-Wise Business Studies Class 11

To get a clear understanding of the subject, it is always best to study it systematically, especially when it comes to a subject like business studies. This is because business studies are not about a single aspect of a business. It is an all-encompassing subject that offers an understanding of business formation, accounting, their functioning, how  businesses contribute to the economy, what challenges are relevant in the business world today, and more.

Therefore, our NCERT solutions class 11 will prove to be a useful resource in clearing the various concepts in a simple and logical manner. Our comprehensive study material consists of detailed solutions, exercises, practice exercises, etc., on the following subjects from your class 11 NCERT textbook.

  • Chapter 1 – Business, Trade, and Commerce
  • Chapter 2 –  Forms of Business Organisation
  • Chapter 3 –  Private, Public, and Global Enterprises
  • Chapter 4 – Business Services
  • Chapter 5 – Emerging Modes of Business
  • Chapter 6 – Social Responsibilities of Business and Business Ethics
  • Chapter 7 – Formation of a Company
  • Chapter 8 – Sources of Business Finance
  • Chapter 9 Small Business
  • Chapter 10 – Internal Trade
  • Chapter 11 – International Business

Class 11 Business Studies NCERT

The topics for BST NCERT class 11 cover a wide range of unique concepts, starting from the fundamentals of business, its purpose, and formation, and eventually moving on to more complex topics such as business finance and international trade. Here’s a brief overview of the chapters covered in our NCERT solutions-

Chapter 1 – Business, Trade, and Commerce

This chapter introduces you to the subject of business studies. It makes you familiar with various concepts and terms such as business, trade, and commerce along with their features and what they entail. The various concepts covered in this chapter include the meaning and characteristics of a business, the rise of intermediaries, classification of business activities, meaning of industry, and more.

<Link to exercise>

Chapter 2 –  Forms of Business Organisation

What are the various types of business organisations? How do they work? And what is the process of business formation? The second chapter of the NCERT business studies textbook touches upon all these topics and provides answers to them. It discusses the varied nature of business organisations, and how they are different from one another. In this chapter, you will learn about proprietorship, partnership business, types of partnership, joint-stock companies, and their formations. This is a critical chapter not only for your class 11 exams but can also be helpful during your higher studies. 

<Link to exercise>

Chapter 3 – Private, Public, and Global Enterprises

This chapter illustrates the nature of business ownerships or holding structures. In this chapter, you will be introduced to private and public sector companies, forms of public sector enterprises, the role of public sectors, joint ventures, and more.

<Link to exercise>

Chapter 4 – Business Services

This chapter encompasses the service sector. Here, you will learn about the different types of services extended by the businesses and their various categories. This chapter includes a wide range of topics such as classification of services, e-banking, functions of commercial banks, types of insurance, various communication services, transport, and so on.

<Link for exercise>

Chapter 5 – Emerging Models of Business

With changing times,  business is also evolving to cater to the dynamic needs of people. This chapter of the BST NCERT class 11 will talk about the changing business scenarios and the new emerging business models. It talks in detail about the concept and scope of e-business, its merits and limitations, various business models such as B2C, B2B, and C2C, and the concept of outsourcing. The NCERT solutions cover all these topics and more in a systematic manner.

<Link for exercise>

Chapter 6 – Social Responsibilities of Business and Business Ethics

Chapter 6 of the NCERT textbook introduces you to corporate social responsibility and what role businesses play in the development of society. It is a critical chapter from the exam point of view as it covers various topics like different types of social responsibilities, pollution due to organisations, business ethics, and their various elements.

<Link for exercise>

Chapter 7 – Formation of a Company

Chapter 7 is extremely important and includes several new concepts related to the formation, registration, incorporation, and certification of a company.

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Chapter 8 – Sources of Business Finance

How a business obtains financing and what aspects come into play are all discussed in this chapter.Here, you will learn about the different sources of financing available to a business, banks, investors, equity shares, etc. It also introduces concepts like credit, factoring, lease, and public deposits.

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Chapter 9 – Small Businesses

In this chapter, you will learn about the basics and features of small businesses, their importance in rural and urban areas, the challenges they face, government incentives, etc.

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Chapter 10 – Internal Trade

The tenth chapter will introduce you to the concept of trade within the country and its characteristics. You will also learn about various topics including, retail trade, fixed and large-scale retailers, different types of shops and markets, the role of commerce and industry.

<Link for exercise>

Chapter 11 – International Business

The final chapter touches upon the fundamentals of international business and is divided into two separate chapters, part I and part II. This chapter will dive into the scope and benefits of foreign projects, India in international trade, import and export of several goods and services.

Benefits of NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Business Studies

Here are some of the benefits of practising with NCERT solutions class 11 business studies-

  • The NCERT Solutions carry a range of important questions that will help you learn how you should approach different questions
  • The solutions are prepared by subject matter experts, so rest assured that you will only learn from the best and achieve higher scores in the exam
  • You can revise using these solutions and clear your doubts
  • The detailed explanations are a useful resource for last-minute revisions
  • The language is simple and easy-to-understand which allows you to learn the various topics quickly and clear your doubts

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How should I prepare for BST NCERT Class 11?

To ace the class 11 BST examinations, it is best to start studying in a systematic manner. This includes covering the NCERT textbook sequentially, in a set flow. This is because the various topics in the textbook start with basic ideas and move on to more complex topics.

2. How many chapters are included in the NCERT solutions class 11 business studies?

The NCERT solutions class 11 for business studies includes a total of 11 chapters. These chapters offer you in-depth knowledge and detailed explanations of various complex concepts to help you grasp these topics thoroughly. 

3. What is the best way to utilise NCERT Solutions?

The best way to start with your exam preparations is to first go through all the chapters thoroughly to get a basic understanding of the fundamentals. Once you’re meticulously done with the chapters, you can start revising and practising various questions with the help of different sample papers, previous years’ question papers, and complete NCERT solutions from Extramarks.

This will boost your confidence in attempting different types of questions in the exam, no matter their difficulty level, and achieve higher scores.

4. What are some preparation tips to score well in class 11 examinations?

To begin with, focus on the NCERT textbook to familiarise yourself with the important topics. Along with this, practising several sample papers is the best way to understand the exam pattern, difficulty level, types of questions asked, and more. When you attempt these questions while timing yourself, it not only improves your time management skills but also enhances your concentration level.