NCERT Solutions Class 11 Statistics Chapter 6

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Economics in Class 11 is an important subject that has been added to the curriculum for students who may be interested in the field. Statistics has a very significant role in the study of Economics. It is one of the subjects that has great value and importance in everyday life. The main purpose of the study of economics is to learn about the production and consumption of products and services. It also discusses how they are distributed in the market. Research includes not only products and services but also the demand for and supply of them. The study of economics is very important, especially for understanding and analysing the business decisions of companies. This includes individual scales as well as government level projects. As individuals, studying this subject will help us know how to spend time for work, leisure, and relaxation, and how to save. Meanwhile, from a business or personal point of view, students will also understand how trends, inflation, and interest rates affect their decision-making abilities.

NCERT Solutions For Class 11 Statistics for Economics Chapter 6 introduces students to some of the important concepts of demand, supply, market mechanisms, and the basic banking system to help them the key concepts that define the mechanics of microeconomics and macroeconomics. Microeconomics is the study of the prices of goods and services based on the allocation of resources and human choices. Macroeconomics studies the economy as a whole, within a broad entity. This will include growth rate, domestic production, and inflation.

In this regard, NCERT Solutions For Class 11 Statistics Chapter 6 provides important information on important topics and chapters such as liberalization, privatization, globalization, sustainable development, etc., helping students to understand important economic concepts and gain complete knowledge of the basic concepts of the subject-topic, problem. In addition, Class 11 Statistics Chapter 6 is organized by academics and teachers from CBSE. Therefore, it fully meets the requirements of the syllabus and questionnaire.

NCERT Solutions For Class 11 Statistics Chapter 6 allows students to understand each topic in detail, giving them solid knowledge so that they can become experts in that particular topic, chapter, or area. Several subject matter experts have prepared materials that are available on the website of Extramarks.

The Importance of Statistics in Economics : The field of statistics deals with the collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of data. In Economics, statistics are important for the following reasons:

  1. Understanding Economics using descriptive statistics Descriptive statistics are used to describe the data. Economists typically calculate the following descriptive statistics for a given area:Average household income Household income’s standard deviation Gross domestic product Percentage change in total new jobs
  1. Trends detected using data visualisation Another common way to use statistics in Economics is to visualise data such as line graphs, histograms, box plots, pie charts, and others. These types of charts are often used to help economists identify trends that can help them see if the economy is improving or contracting
  1. Quantifying the relationship between variables using regression model Statistics are also used in economics in the form of regression models. These are models that allow economists to quantify the relationship between one or more predictor variables and a response variable.
  1. Economic forecast trends Statistics are also used in Economics in the form of trend forecasting.

 NCERT Solutions For Class 11 Statistics Chapter 6 – Measures Of Dispersion

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 NCERT Solutions For Class 11 Statistics Chapter 6 Measures Of Dispersion

Measures of Dispersion

In this section, NCERT Solutions For Class 11 Statistics Chapter 6 introduces a new distributed topic for students. Students learned about different topics in statistics such as data collection, data aggregation, tools, etc. In NCERT Solutions For Class 11 Statistics Chapter 6, students will learn about dispersion. It is explained with illustrations that explain that dispersion is the largest mean that can vary to some extent and also has certain measures. Students will explore these measures in detail in this chapter.

  1. Measures based on the spread of values

In this section, students will familiarize themselves with the many measures for calculating variance based on values. These are ranges that are the difference between the maximum and minimum values ​​in the set. Next is the quartile distribution. It is the process of dividing the entire sentence into four equal parts in order to avoid maxima and minima that affect the spread.

  1. Measuring spread from mean

NCERT Solutions For Class 11 Statistics Chapter 6 measures of variance provide ample examples for the remaining two measures in this section. Given a set of values, use range and quartile distributions. However, if one needs to find the average, it’s better to use standard deviation and mean deviation. Calculating the mean deviation also includes some variations, such as using grouped and ungrouped data to find the median. In addition, each concept is illustrated with two or more examples.

  1. Absolute and relative spread of measures

NCERT Solutions For Class 11 Statistics Chapter 6 explores additional concepts in this section. NCERT Solutions explained the meaning and definition of  Mean Deviation Coefficient. It also explains the derived formula and gives the meaning of each term in the formula.

  1. Lorenz curve

NCERT Solutions For Class 11 Statistics Chapter 6, introduces students to a new topic that is none other than the Lawrence curve. Students learned how to measure variability using sets and means, variances, and more. A curve plotting all these measurements on graph paper is nothing but the Lorenz curve. Students should understand the Lorenz curve in detail.  NCERT Solutions For Class 11 Statistics Chapter 6 also provides information on constructing Lorenz curves. Due to its important role in the field of statistics,  NCERT Solutions For Class 11 Statistics Chapter 6 can be learned as a step-by-step process by which students learn a lot. For a better understanding of these steps of the Lorenz curve, these solutions also show detailed diagrams.


NCERT Solutions For Class 11 Statistics Chapter 6, available at Extramarks, explains various cases of variance such as variance and measurement meaning, variance, mean, with examples.

An exercise with the 12 Long answer type questions

The exercises on NCERT Solutions For Class 11 Statistics Chapter 6 provide the solutions of 12 Long answer type questions. Extramarks make it easier for students to understand all the solutions so they they can score well in their exams.

 Key takeaways of the NCERT Solutions for class 11 statistics chapter 6-measures of dispersion free pdf

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is mean by dispersion? Explain the necessity of studying Statistics in Class 11?

Dispersion in Class 11 statistics is defined as a state of dispersion or propagation. In statistics, dispersion means the extent to which a given metric can deviate from the mean. Dispersion is important to learn in Class 11 because it helps to understand how given data is distributed. All solutions of  NCERT Solutions For Class 11 Statistics Chapter 6 are given in  simple and easy language. They are also available on the mobile application and on the Extramarks website.

2. Why NCERT Solutions PDF are needed?

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