NCERT Solutions Class 2 Maths Chapter 11

NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Mathematics Chapter 11

NCERT textbooks are the best books for learning and understanding the fundamental concepts of Mathematics for Class 2. Typically, the majority of the exam paper is made up of questions from the NCERT Textbook. The best way to understand the course material is for students to complete all of the questions in the CBSE NCERT Textbook.

This is why Extramarks offers NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Mathematics Chapter 11. These are clear and concise solutions to all the exercises presented in Chapter 11 of Class 2 Mathematics NCERT. These solutions include thorough explanations so that students can easily understand the concepts and the problem-solving approach and are free to download from the Extramarks website.

NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Mathematics Chapter 11 – Lines and Lines


Access NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Mathematics Chapter 11 – Lines and Lines


NCERT Solutions Class 2 Mathematics Chapter 11 – Free Download

NCERT Class 2 Mathematics Chapter 11 Solutions are easily accessible from the Extramarks website. After reviewing NCERT Class 2 Mathematics Chapter 11, students can confidently answer the chapter’s questions. The answers in NCERT Solutions Class 2 Mathematics Chapter 11 are written in such a way that students can understand even the complex questions without losing interest in the topic. Our subject matter experts have written these competent and insightful answers to help students write better answers. 

NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Mathematics Chapter 11 – Lines and Lines

This chapter is based on lines, as the title suggests. It also teaches students how to draw different types of lines.

The chapter’s primary focus is on the various types of lines we see around us, such as standing lines, sleeping lines, slanting lines, and curved lines. There are numerous colourful images and exercises included in the chapter to aid the learning process.

NCERT Solutions Class 2 Mathematics Chapter Wise – Marks Distribution

Chapter Marks Distribution
Chapter 1: What is Long, What is Round? 4 marks
Chapter 2: Counting in Groups 10 marks
Chapter 3: How much can you Carry? 8 marks
Chapter 4: Counting in tens 5 marks
Chapter 5: Patterns 10 marks
Chapter 6: Footprints 7 marks
Chapter 7: Jugs and Mugs 8 marks
Chapter 8: Tens and Ones 10 marks
Chapter 9: My Funday 5 marks
Chapter 10: Add our Points 8 marks
Chapter 11: Lines and Lines 7 marks
Chapter 12: Give and Take 5 marks
Chapter 13: The Longest Step 5 marks
Chapter 14: Birds Come, Birds Go 5 marks
Chapter 15: How many Ponytails 3 marks

Why are NCERT Solutions of Class 2 Mathematics Chapter 11 Important?

  • The solutions are provided by experts who are knowledgeable and skilled, with many years of expertise.
  • The language in the study material is simple and easy to understand. 
  • NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Mathematics Chapter 11 provide a pleasant and informative experience for students, making studying simple and enjoyable.
  • These solutions are prepared following the guidelines given by CBSE. 
  • Difficult questions are explained step-by-step, making them ideal for quick revision. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Gather used matchsticks. Use these to make numbers and letters. Is there any number or letter that a matchstick cannot produce? Now, draw some numbers with straight lines.

Because numerals and letters are made up of straight lines, and matchsticks resemble straight lines, matchsticks can be used to make every letter and number. They can be arranged in various ways to resemble numerals and letters.

Straight lines can be used to write all numerals beginning with 1. 1, 5, 10, 60, and so on are some of the numbers.

2. What is the topic of Class 2 Mathematics Chapter 11?

The Chapter Lines and Lines focuses on the various types of lines we come across in our daily lives. Sweeping lines, upright lines, and slanting lines are the different sorts of lines discussed in this chapter. 

3. Find Out Where Else Numbers and Letters are Written with Straight Lines?

Many digital devices use straight lines to write numbers and letters. On digital clocks, for example, numbers are written in this manner. Calculators also display numbers and letters in straight lines. This type of number is also used in traffic signal countdown timers. Computers and mobile phones, on the other hand, have a feature similar to this with their letters and digits. Washing machines, microwave ovens, air conditioners, and other household appliances all use the same number and letter structure.

4. How well do the NCERT Solutions to Chapter 11 of Class 2 Mathematics answer the chapter’s questions?

The solutions in this chapter have been designed to be as simple as possible. The answers include step-by-step instructions. Extramarks consults subject matter experts to solve the Chapter-Lines and Lines exercises, providing students with dependable solutions. These solutions are presented in a clear and concise manner that adheres to the guidelines established by the CBSE Board.

5. What is the main aim of Chapter 11 of Class 2 Mathematics?

The purpose of this chapter is to provide all of the relevant knowledge and properties about straight and curved lines. This chapter contains visuals and engaging exercises that pique students’ interest, which encourages them to study. This teaches students how to apply concepts in their daily lives in the most basic sense.

6. How has Extramarks made it easier to answer the questions of Chapter 11 of Class 2 Mathematics?

All of the answers included in the Extramarks NCERT Solutions are easy to understand and straightforward. Extramarks’ subject matter experts create error-free solutions that are in accordance with the CBSE Board’s guidelines. As a result of the examples and exercises, students become more interested. Study materials are available on both the website and the app.