NCERT Solutions Class 2 Maths Chapter 15

Class 2 Mathematics Chapter 15, “How many ponytails?” teaches the students about the skill of counting and sorting numbers in different ways. The students are given various tasks which involve the participation of the whole class. Some of the examples include finding the number of letters in the names of their classmates., counting the varieties of fruits that the fruit seller has, etc. This chapter comprises several fun activities that can be performed by the students for a  happy and joyful learning experience. For instance-  More or Less, let us guess enhances imagination and curiosity among children. 

The fill-in-the-blank questions in NCERT Solutions for Class 2 maths Chapter 15 help in assessing the learning of students at the end of the chapter. These solutions are prepared by our subject-matter experts as per the latest CBSE guidelines.   The idea of learning is to strengthen the fundamental aspects of mathematics at the foundational level.