NCERT Solutions Class 2 Maths Chapter 9

NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Mathematics Chapter 9

Why do you think is the chapter called Fun-day? In My Funday Class 2, you’ll find out. Students will learn more about the days in a week, the festivals that we celebrate in a year and the seasons that we go through in a year through interactive activities and exercises that inculcate these intricate details of everyday life. 

For students’ practice, Extramarks offers NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Mathematics Chapter 9 that provide stepwise error-free solutions to all the exercises covered in this chapter. Our highly qualified teachers follow the CBSE guidelines while preparing these solutions and provide precise answers with detailed explanations. Extramarks offers NCERT solutions for free, so students can get specific solutions to each question and get good marks too.

NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Mathematics Chapter 9 – My Funday

(Include NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Mathematics Chapter 9)


NCERT Solutions Class 2 Mathematics Chapter 9 – Free Download

Our subject-matter experts have prepared NCERT solutions to My Funday Class 2 Worksheet in a simple and step-by-step format so that all the students can understand it. To have a great learning experience on the fundamental concepts of Mathematics,  access free NCERT Solutions Class 2 for Chapter 9 Mathematics. 


NCERT Solutions Class 2 Mathematics Chapter – Free Download

Class 2 of CBSE is one of the first learning stages, during which students develop their fundamental educational concepts. Parents must pay close attention to their Class 2 children’s learning needs. Students develop a desire to learn new things during this phase. NCERT Solutions Class 2 was created to aid students in their studies in a fun and engaging way. 


NCERT Solutions of Class 2 Mathematics Chapter 9

The purpose of Class 2 Mathematics Chapter 9 “My Funday” is to teach the composition of days, months, and years. In a matter of seconds, you can access the solutions to the questions asked in the chapter. By consulting these step-by-step NCERT Solutions, students can easily identify and correct their doubts under the guidance of their parents and teachers. 

NCERT Solutions Class 2 Mathematics My Funday: An Overview of the Exercises

My Funday Class 2 covers the days of the week and the months of the year. It also covers seasons and festivals. The detailed exercises in this chapter can help a student learn the composition of a day, month, or year. Students learn the names of the days and months in chronological order using NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Mathematics Chapter 9. In the CBSE Class 2 Mathematics Chapter 9, the following exercises are answered. 

Page number Exercise
66-67 One day Monday
67-68 Teacher – Teacher
68-69 Games Every Day?
70-72 Favourite Month
73 February is Different
73-74 Blow Hot, Blow Cold

Class 2 Mathematics Chapter-wise Marks Distribution

Here’s a tabular representation of the marks distribution for Class 2:

Chapter Marks Distribution
Chapter 1: What is Long, What is Round? 4 marks
Chapter 2: Counting in Groups 10 marks
Chapter 3: How much can you Carry? 8 marks
Chapter 4: Counting in tens 5 marks
Chapter 5: Patterns 10 marks
Chapter 6: Footprints 7 marks
Chapter 7: Jugs and Mugs 8 marks
Chapter 8: Tens and Ones 10 marks
Chapter 9: My Funday 5 marks
Chapter 10: Add our Points 8 marks
Chapter 11: Lines and Lines 7 marks
Chapter 12: Give and Take 5 marks
Chapter 13: The Longest Step 5 marks
Chapter 14: Birds Come, Birds Go 5 marks
Chapter 15: How many Ponytails 3 marks

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Important Questions and Answers of Chapter 9 Class 2 Mathematics

Q1. Discuss the importance of Chapter 9 of Mathematics Class 2 in the curriculum.

Ans. The number of days in a week, month, and year are taught in this chapter. It provides a complete picture of time and the calendar. The four seasons are also discussed, as well as the temperature changes that accompany them. 

Q2. What is the number of months and weeks in a year?

Ans: A year is made up of twelve months or 52 weeks. 

Q3. What makes February unique?

Ans. Unlike the other months, February has 28 days. It has 29 days in leap years.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the lesson plan for My Funday Class 2? Is it essential to answer the chapter's key questions?

 My Funday Class 2 is a chapter based on the days of the week and months of the year where you can have a complete fun learning experience and learn everything there is to know about the seasons of the year and the festivals that everyone celebrates. To prepare well for your exams, you can go over the NCERT textbook and get the important questions. You can learn the question pattern and the main part of the chapter by solving important questions and preparing for exams. 

2. How can I do well in Mathematics Class 2?

 Mathematics is an important subject, and the fundamentals should be understood. You should read through the chapters thoroughly and make notes on the important points after reading the NCERT Solutions Class 2. These notes can help you save time and easily revise your syllabus during exam time. Practice papers also help you learn the exam format and prepare to answer multiple questions in the allotted time. Managing your time will help you score higher by allowing you to devote more time to the more difficult questions. 


3. How can I cover the entire Class 2 Mathematics syllabus before the exam?

When preparing for exams, students should concentrate on the most important aspects. Because students have less time before exams, they should make the most of it by concentrating on their notes and CBSE important questions. Working in an organised manner and limiting your preparation time usually yields the best results. This entails allocating time for each chapter’s preparation before the exam. You can improve your grades and learning by doing so. 

4. What did you learn in Class 2 Mathematics chapter 9?

Students have already learned the weekdays and month names through this chapter. However, you will notice how the climate changes as the months change. In this chapter, you will also learn the name of the season.

5. Is Chapter 9 of the Class 2 Mathematics book devoted solely to weekdays?

There are stories in this chapter that teach students the names of the weekdays, but there are also stories that teach them the names of the months of the year and have them practise getting the answers.

6. Where can I get the best study materials for Chapter 9 of Class 2 Mathematics?

Obtaining study materials is relatively simple these days. Multiple options are available online, and you can choose the best option with just one click. Extramarks is a great resource for finding the best study materials to help you prepare for your exams. You can get everything you need in one place, including CBSE important questions, NCERT solutions, revision notes, Popular Textbook solutions, RD Sharma Solutions, and NCERT books. Expert teachers have created them in the best possible way to help students prepare for exams.

7. What makes Sunday so special for students?

Because it is a school holiday, students prefer Sunday. On Sundays, they are not required to attend school. They are free to stay at home and do whatever they want. On Sunday, the entire family is together at home. Students have the opportunity to spend time with their siblings as well as their parents. On Sundays, they are free to eat whatever they want at home. On Sunday, they can catch up on their favourite TV shows.