NCERT Solutions class 3 EVS Chapter 20

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Chapter 20

NCERT Solutions of Class 3 EVS Chapter 20 Drop By Drop is an important chapter of EVS that discusses the importance of water and water conservation. It will thus make your child understand the consequences of water scarcity on Earth.

The solutions of Class 3 EVS Chapter 20 will also help the students understand the chapter more efficiently and how to answer the questions that can be asked from this chapter. Class 3 EVS Chapter 20 Worksheet provided for practice at the end of the chapter in your textbook will help them to score good marks.

NCERT Solutions For Class 3 EVS Chapter 20 Drop By Drop– Free Download 

After accessing the NCERT solutions for Class 6 EVS Chapter 20 from this website, you can begin your practice and focus on understanding the core concepts of the chapters without any challenges.

EVS Class 3 Chapter 20: An Overview

Drop by Drop essentially highlights the importance of water for our survival. As we all know the real fact of water being a basic need for all living beings on earth and how human beings have polluted natural water resources, a lot of people across the world are now facing water scarcity as a consequence of water pollution. This chapter thus deals with how we can handle that problem.

Steps needed to be taken  for water conservation:

  • Curb the level of water pollution
  • Sewage treatment 
  • Limiting  the flow of pesticides into water bodies 

The chapter also focuses on the efficient usage of water (without any wastage). Such methods of water conservation include:

  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Recycling water
  • Avoiding leakage and so on. 

This chapter goes on by explaining the concept of water conservation by narrating an example of life in Madho’s village. To point out how important water conservation is and one should not waste the water.

EVS Class 3 Chapter 20- Marks Weightage

This chapter comes in the exam for the same marks as that of other chapters in the Class 3 EVS book. So it is highly advisable for students to study and focus on all the chapters equally and understand them completely with the help of Extramarks’ NCERT solutions. 

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Important Questions and Answers of EVS Class 3 Chapter 20

Q1. Can you think of some ways for water conservation? Write your suggestions below. 

Ans: The following are some ways ideal for saving water:

  • One must not leave a water tap open after use.
  • One must not leave the tap or shower running while brushing their teeth or bathing.
  • One must use a bucket of water while bathing instead of a shower.
  • The wastewater from laundry can be used by one for cleaning his/her bathroom.
  • One must use unused water for watering plants in the garden.
  • In case of water leakage from any source, one must get it repaired at the earliest possible time. 

Q2. Explain why water collected in the tanka is mostly used for drinking. 

Ans: People store rainwater by making tanks (tanka) in the rainy season. This process is called rainwater harvesting. After the water is collected in the tanka, it is always kept covered with a lid and the water collected is filtered properly before use. For access to more important questions and answers, you can check out EVS Class 3 Chapter 20 Solution by Extramarks, where they are discussed to make it easier to remember.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How can the NCERT Solutions EVS Class 3 Chapter 20 be accessed?

The process of accessing NCERT solutions EVS Class 3 Chapter 20 is very easy. For this, all you need to do is have an account on extra marks. Then, by logging into your account, you will get access to all the study materials uploaded on Extramarks (which you can refer to at your convenience).

2. Why is this chapter 20 of EVS Class 3 important for students?

Drop By Drop highlights the need for water conservation. All of us know how essential it is for us to save water for our survival. This chapter deals with the same and enumerates various methods for saving water, creating a vision for students to strive towards saving water which is important for sustainable development.

3. How is the rainwater collected?

The rainwater is collected by building a tanka or tank. It is made by digging up the ground of a courtyard and cementing it. Once it is cemented, it is covered with a lid. Now, the rainwater easily flows from the roof to the pipe attached to the roof as the roof is given a slope. This pipe is then connected to the tanka.

4. Why is everyone in Madho’s family upset as per Chapter 20 of Class 3 EVS?

Madho’s family is upset as it is summer again and there is huge water scarcity in their village. This year, the condition is even worse as there is no sign of rain at all. All the ponds nearby have dried up, so Madho’s sister and her mother will have to cover a much longer distance to get water for their family.

5. Who will go to collect water from Madho’s family as per Chapter 20 of Class 3 EVS?

Usually, Madho’s sister and mother go to fetch water from the nearby pond. But since this year the pond has dried up, they will have to cover a distance much further for collecting water. At the end, when a train with water comes, Madho’s dad goes to collect water with his camel cart.

6. What made Madho’s family happy as per Chapter 20 of Class 3 EVS?

The water scarcity has increased this year because of the lack of rain in Madho’s village and that made them sad. But they become happy again when they saw a train with water coming to their village and his father went to fetch water on his camel cart. This story has been dealt with in detail in the NCERT solutions provided by Extramarks. You can refer to it for more details.