NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Chapter 6

The Class 3 EVS Chapter 6 explains to students the various eating habits they have. It varies greatly depending on a person’s ethnicity and place of origin. This chapter will also describe the diet of the Vipul family and how their eating habits have altered after moving to Nagpur. This chapter’s main goal is to illustrate how eating habits evolve over time. Additionally, it shows how behaviours vary according to race, place of origin, events, etc. As students read on, they will also discover that as they get older, so do their culinary preferences. The exercise questions are meant to test students’ understanding of their own and other family members’ eating preferences and habits. It teaches them how to recognise when they are hungry as well.

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NCERT Solutions for Class 3 EVS Chapter 6 – Foods We Eat

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Access NCERT Solutions for Science Class 3 Chapter 6 – Foods We Eat

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Glimpses of Class 3 EVS Chapter 6 – Foods We Eat

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Famous Foods in Different Parts of India

Food crops and non-food crops can also be distinguished in the agricultural vegetation of India. India’s food industry has made an effort to keep up with the nation’s yearly population growth. Even though the work environment was genuinely lovely during those days, they frequently lack the funds to indulge in self-satisfaction.

  1. Rice is India’s main crop for making meals. The U.P., Madras state, Haryana, and the neighbouring unit state are the main states producing rice. It is also unquestionably grown in many of India’s unique regions.
  2. Wheat: After rice, wheat is the second most important crop in India. People in the nearby states of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh eat it as a staple diet. Haryana is typically the closest geographic region where it is grown.
  3. Millets (jowar and Bajra): These nearby crops are typically grown in Madras, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, and subsequently the drier Andhra Pradesh districts. It records the poor’s daily meals. It thrives particularly well in warm, dry climates with intermittent light showers.
  4. Barley: This grain is used to make beer and as a cereal. The three states with the most barley development are Haryana, U.P., and the surrounding area.
  5. Maize: It grows widely or hardly at all in India, although it is especially important in Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, and Rajasthan. Russia, the United States, Romania, and only the Balkan States jointly produce a lot of maize.
  6. Pulses: These local units expanded throughout India, particularly in Gujarat, the U.P., M.P., Bengal, and the local area. If students wish to enhance India, look no farther than the border for pulses. It frequently occurs despite the fact that the US has the most land covered by pulse vegetation globally.

The Government of India has developed a number of strategies to increase food production, including: (1) intensive farming; (2) financial incentives for farmers; (3) increased use of fertilisers and advanced varieties of seeds, which has led to the development of cutting-edge farming techniques; (4) the introduction of land-reform strategies; (5) assistance with food costs; (6) agricultural evaluation linked to farmers’ immediate aspirations; and (7) increased irrigation capacity.


In earlier sessions, students learned about the Food We Eat. A chapter in the NCERT solutions introduces students to the various kinds of food that they and their friends eat. This chapter’s main goal is to instill proper eating habits and knowledge of food types. Students can download the NCERT solutions and use the Foods We Eat revision notes to better grasp the context of this chapter. These revised NCERT solutions were put together by Extramarks subject matter experts to perfectly clarify the summary and purpose. In order to properly prepare for this chapter and clear up any questions they may have, students can include these NCERT solutions in their study materials.

This chapter covers what people eat and how dietary choices alter throughout time. Additionally, it describes how people eat. Students are advised to review the NCERT Class 3 EVS Chapter 6—Food We Eat revision notes for an expert’s brief explanation of these crucial concepts. Students can examine the knowledge that the experts have gathered in these NCERT solutions to determine how to create their answers most effectively. Students can improve their exam-taking strategy for answering questions about the NCERT solutions to get better grades. After completing the exercise questions, students should move on to the NCERT solutions that are provided with the revision notes.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why is Extramarks suggested as a tool for students to use while studying?

Students are encouraged to use Extramarks as a study aid to make sure that they fully comprehend all of the chapter’s concepts and formulas by the time they take the exam. In addition to interactive exercises, Extramarks also offers worksheets based on chapters and an endless supply of practice questions. With the help of the adaptive tests, multiple-choice questions, and sample papers offered on the Extramarks website, students who have registered can monitor their progress. The Extramarks experts produce in-depth reports and analyses to make sure that students get the most of their time learning on the platform.

2. Do students struggle to understand the NCERT solutions ?

If students are in the habit of practising frequently, the NCERT solutions are not difficult for them to understand. Students may quickly study the NCERT solutions  from the Extramarks website and perform well on their exams by getting the appropriate aid from Extramarks. Extramarks offers comprehensive NCERT solutions  to help students comprehend the subject matter. Students can engage in the doubt sessions offered on the Extramarks website if they are uncomfortable asking questions in front of their peers at school.