NCERT Solutions Class 3 Maths Chapter 10

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Mathematics Chapter 10

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Mathematics Chapter 10 is one of the study materials by Extramarks to assist the child in getting a better understanding of Patterns. The solutions are prepared by subject matter experts at Extramarks keeping the CBSE guidelines in mind. As the student solves each question they will also develop the confidence to tackle such questions easily. Furthermore, every sum given in the textbook exercise is solved with a step by step methodology. This ensures that students score well  in their class tests and competitive examinations like Olympiad.

NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Mathematics Chapter 10 – Play With Patterns

Access NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Chapter 10 –Play with Patterns

NCERT Solutions For Class 3 Mathematics Chapter 10 Play With Patterns

The Class 3 Mathematics Chapter 10 deals with inculcating an understanding of patterns in students. The NCERT Solutions For Class 3 Mathematics Chapter 10 Play With Patterns features solved answers to textbook questions. These solved solutions aid children in step-by-step learning. By seeing how to solve and compose the answers they will be able to ace problem-solving, enhance their speed, accuracy and gain the much-needed confidence appearing in their examination. These solutions have been drafted by our subject experts keeping in mind the goal of making concepts simpler for young minds to comprehend so learning can be made fun and easy for students. A Class 3 student can effortlessly learn from NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Mathematics Chapter 10 by accessing them on Extramarks’ website or app. 

Growing and Reducing Patterns

Patterns either grow or reduce in a predictable manner. Thus, they can be classified as growing or reducing depending on the manner followed. This classification will apply to all kinds of patterns we come across, be it numbers or picture patterns. This seemingly simple concept has a wide range of applications both in Mathematics and otherwise, that will be extremely useful for the child. 

Picture Patterns

In Picture Patterns, certain elements are repeated in a regular manner. Shapes, colours, lines, etc may be used to create picture patterns. Two or more elements may be repeated to create a picture pattern. Mathematics Patterns for Class 3 elaborates on this concept.

Number Patterns

In Play with Patterns Class 3, we also come across decreasing and increasing patterns in numbers. This too forms an important concept.

In a growing or increasing pattern, the numbers keep on increasing following a fixed pattern. Example of growing pattern:

10,20,30,….? As we can see, here the numbers are following a set pattern of increasing by 10. The next numbers would be 40, 50, 60…, and so on. (10+10=20, 20+10=30….)

In a reducing or decreasing pattern, the numbers will reduce following a fixed pattern.

Example of decreasing pattern:

45,36, 27….? Here the numbers are following a set pattern of decreasing by 9. The next numbers would be 18 and then 9. (45-9=36, 36-9=27….)

Secret Messages

Secret Messages refer to coded messages that can be used to exchange information between two or more people. These messages also follow the rules of pattern as explained in Class 3 Mathematics Chapter 10. One of the ways we can write secret messages is by following a picture pattern or a number pattern. You can assign a number or object to every letter and thus write a coded letter that the reader will have fun decoding to reveal the intended message! This certainly is an interesting exercise for children.  


The importance of recognising patterns cannot be stressed enough for young children. The ability to understand patterns lays a foundation for strong Mathematical skills. Mathematics Patterns for Class 3 is a crucial chapter that will aid students to make predictions, improve reasoning skills, see relationships and identify irregularities. Another area where a conceptual understanding of patterns will help is in understanding algebra, data analysis, etc, in future stages. These form an important skill set that will help them achieve other milestones in life. The section on Secret Messages deals with the process of coding and decoding which makes for a fun learning activity for children and enhances their skills. Hence it is quite clear that the Class 3 Mathematics Chapter 10 is indeed a treasure trove of information and a key to understanding complex situations in the later stages of a child’s educational as well as practical journey. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is a pattern?

A pattern refers to any object, number, letter, sign, etc. arranged in a sequence or order that is repeated regularly.

2. How do patterns in Play with Patterns Class 3 help students?

By learning patterns, children are able to grasp Mathematical concepts better as patterns are the core of Mathematics. It will help build logical reasoning skills and lay a foundation for a better understanding of the subject. Counting, problem-solving, and making inferences are some of the areas where an understanding of the subject will help the students.

3. Give a brief overview of Play with Patterns Class 3 Chapter 10.

In Mathematics Patterns for Class 3 students will learn about increasing and decreasing patterns through numbers and pictures. Alongside they will also understand the order observed in growing and reducing patterns. All this forms the backbone of developing the acumen to make educated guesses and predictions that form a vital life skill.

4. What topics are covered in Play with Patterns Class 3?

There are a range of topics covered in the chapter. It deals with number patterns (increasing and decreasing) and picture patterns. Besides explaining the patterns, it also talks about the rules for growing, reducing, or extending the patterns. A section of lay with Patterns Class 3 also deals with Secret messages wherein the child learns how to use a code language.

5. Give an example of Secret Messages as explained in Play with Patterns Class 3.

Suppose you want to say ‘hello’ to your friend in code. Let us assign numbers to these letters:

5 to H

8 to E

9 to L

1 to O

So, Hello becomes 58991 in code.

This was just one method. There are various ways to code messages. We can use signs or objects as well to form such secret messages. NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Mathematics Chapter 10 by Extramarks covers numerous such tactics to make secret messages.

6. What is the best way to teach Patterns to children?

There can be multiple fun ways of teaching Patterns to children besides learning from the Play with Patterns Class 3 Chapter. Some of the techniques that can be followed are:

  • Word games or songs that use repetitive words are a great way for children to understand patterns
  • Using objects such as beads, coins, cereals, etc forms an interesting way to learn patterns. Especially in a large group, a game can be created for the children to play and learn in the process. 
  • In day-to-day living too one can reinforce the learning of patterns. Kids can be asked to observe and identify patterns that occur around them in nature or otherwise. This will make a fun and interactive game.

These are just some of the means to capture the attention and build interest of children while making them understand the concept of patterns. You can use your own out-of-the-box ideas and devise more methods or simply refer to  NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Mathematics Chapter 10.

7. How does Extramarks help you score better?

To score well in a subject like Mathematics it is crucial to develop an interest in the subject. With the carefully formulated and absolutely credible NCERT Solutions by Extramarks, children will find it simple and easy to grasp the topic. This ease of learning will facilitate mastery of the subject without finding it tedious or boring. The end result would be better marks and a strong foundation!