Karnataka Board Class 12 Physics Question Paper 2020

KSEEB Class 12 Physics Question Paper 2020

Karnataka State Board of Education is one of the more difficult board exams to pass. Many students in Karnataka struggle to score a decent percentage in different subjects. Especially Physics is one of the more difficult subjects students fear to answer the questions in the exam paper. However, many students practise only the textbook questions, which does not give them the overall experience of the exam paper. Thus, students must practise for the KSEEB Class 12 Physics question paper 2020 and answer these questions. Further, students can evaluate their answers and improve their performance. 

Physics is an interesting subject. However, many students fear answering numerical questions. Therefore, we have compiled essential questions from the past year question paper and made them available to students. Solving previous year question papers also helps you understand the subject’s difficulty level. Thus, we have provided various types of questions. This will help students to solve different types of questions from previous years. 

Solving KSEEB Class 12 Physics question paper 2020 helps students to understand the paper pattern and write the exam confidently. Moreover, students get a chance to evaluate themselves and improve their performance. Thus, the KSEEB Board of Education has uploaded the Karnataka Class 12 Physics Question Paper 2020, which is free. Further, they can compare their answers to our solutions and analyse which steps they need to improve their answers. Physics question paper 2020 Class 12 Karnataka board will help them to compare their answers with our solutions and analyse their answer sheet. Further, if they find any errors in their answers, they can revisit and improve the questions. 

Class 12 Physics KSEEB Question Paper 2020

Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board (KSEEB) was established on 5th June 1955 to regulate and supervise Secondary Education in Karnataka. Through the Quality Monitoring System implemented by KSEEB, the Board has produced results comparable with the best Boards in India. The Karnataka board exam is one of the most difficult exams; thus, students must practice with extreme focus. 

KSEEB releases the KSEEB Class 12 Physics question paper 2020 on the day of commencement. Students can practise these KSEEB previous year question paper for the betterment of their preparation. It is essential to go through the latest KSEEB syllabus to ensure they don’t miss any important elements of Physics. We have also added a KSEEB sample question paper, which will be useful for students as it contains full model answers relevant to the topic and type of questions asked in the Karnataka Class 12 Physics Exam.

Students need not worry about their scores preparing for the upcoming annual test. All they need to do is cover the latest KSEEB syllabus for Physics and start solving the KSEEB Class 12 Physics question paper 2020, which is available on our website. They can also get the solutions curated by our subject matter experts. The previous year’s question paper will help students prepare for the upcoming KSEEB 12th Physics exam. Solving the previous year’s question paper helps students predict the pattern of questions, and therefore, it helps them answer the questions easily.

Importance of KSEEB Class 12 Physics question paper 2020

Previous year question papers serve as important study and reference material. Students preparing for the upcoming exams can refer to the previous year’s question paper and compare their answers to our solutions. KSEEB Class 12 Physics is slated to be a challenging paper this year. The questions are set with various types: configuration-based, number-based and data interpretation-based. Most of the questions at the end of the paper ask you to speculate on different models and explain your answer. Hence, students must learn to interpret question types while solving them.

It is important to solve the previous year’s questions paper because of the following reasons: 

  • Their solutions provide the main idea of the question paper.
  • They are useful for self-assessment.
  • The questions about the same topic should be solved in the same way, and thus your accuracy levels can be increased by solving those previous year’s questions paper several times.
  • It also boosts confidence before attending preparation classes or studying at home or with friends.
  • It helps in getting rid of any doubts and uncertainties.
  • KSEEB Class 12 Physics question paper 2020 provides good reference material to use while preparing for the upcoming exams.
  • It is an excellent material to study at home when you have less time or don’t have necessary materials such as textbooks and other reference materials.
  • KSEEB Class 12 Physics question papers 2020 are useful for practising that difficult technique you may be unsure about before taking the exam.

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The Karnataka State Board of Education is difficult; students must practise efficiently to improve their performance in the upcoming exams. Therefore, they refer to our website’s previous year question paper and analyse their performance.  

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What were the changes made in KSEEB Class 12 Physics Question Paper 2020?

There were no major changes in the paper pattern. However, the Board added one-word questions such as fill in the blanks and true or false. Further, the syllabus was reduced to 30%, and the marking scheme is still the same for long and short answer types. 


2. Is solving the previous year question papers necessary?

It is important to solve the previous year question papers to understand the exam pattern of the Board. There are 40 questions in the paper, and the question paper has four sections- A, B, C and D. The exam duration is 2 hours and 30 minutes for a single question paper. Further, the standard deviation range for scores is between 20 and 60%.

3. Where can I get the latest solutions for KSEEB Class 12 Physics question paper 2020?

Students can get the latest solutions for the previous year’s question paper on our Extramarks website. Our subject matter experts curate the solutions, and students refer to these solutions to compare their responses and analyse their shortcomings.