Karnataka Board Previous Year Question Paper Class 10 Science 2018

Karnataka SSLC Board (KSEEB) Question Paper for Class 10 Science 2018

Karnataka Board set the question paper for Class 10 and scrutinised the answer sheets. Therefore, it leaves no ground for the students to write irrelevant or unstructured answers. Class 10 is a very important stage in a student’s life, as it prepares them for the upcoming higher classes. The scores of Class 10 are counted as a parameter for the admission procedure for higher education. For students who wish to have a good career, scoring well in Class 10 is necessary. Therefore, referring to KSEEB’s previous year’s question paper for Class 10 Science 2018 will benefit students. 

Science Class 10 teaches values such as tolerance, perseverance and patience; these are some of the virtues which will make students successful in future. Therefore, Class 10 Science is an important stage for every student during his growing up years. For Karnataka SSLC Board, the scores will be used to determine their merit lists. The previous year’s question paper allows the students to assess their preparation level. Additionally, students can gauge the paper’s format and the ratio of simple to difficult questions by answering these questions. Further, they can analyse their time management skills. This encourages the students to master the topic and increases their confidence in achieving a high grade. 

Before taking the exam, students are recommended to solve the previous year’s questions to eliminate any doubts they may have in any chapter. It helps to get an overall structure of the question paper pattern, marking scheme and marks distribution. Once students solve KSEEB’s previous year’s question paper Class 10 Science 2018, they should analyse the question and answers. We have provided appropriate solutions for each question to help students frame well-defined answers. Further, we have also provided a KSEEB sample question paper which is available on our Extramarks website.Scoring a high percentage is not difficult. You just require the right strategies and correct understanding of the concepts.

Karnataka Board Science Class 10 Question Paper 2018 with Solutions

Karnataka board is a reputable board in the country as it has a large number of high-quality schools. The department of Pre-university Education conducts the Karnataka exam. Students who wish to be admitted to a renowned university and college must pass the examination. The board exam is similar to any other board exam, but the difficulty level is higher in Karnataka State Board of Education. KSEEB’s previous year’s question paper Class 10 Science 2018 is available for the students on our Extramarks website. These question papers will boost the student’s confidence in  writing the exam well. 

Solving KSEEB’s previous year’s question paper Class 10 Science 2018 will help students to gain knowledge about the question paper pattern, which eventually helps to get a 100%  score. Students learn about the marks distribution and important topics expected in the exam. Further, it helps them to learn about time management which is one of the most important things to learn while preparing for any exam. 

Students should solve the previous question paper. Students can also solve the question papers of other classes. But KSEEB’s previous year’s question paper Class 10 Science 2018, will be very helpful for them. Many students have prepared well by solving these papers and scored well in their exams. Hence, these papers are important for students who really want to improve their score and do exceedingly well in their exams. . 

Science is a subject which requires a lot of reading and practice. With the help of these questions, students can enhance their speed and improve their scores in their exams. . Students must practice the answers provided in our solutions and regularly check their progress. The subject matter experts curate the solutions with the latest KSEEB syllabus. Further, students can click on the link mentioned below to access KSEEB’s previous year’s question paper Class 10 Science 2018:

  • KSEEB Class 10 Science 2018 – Question Papers & Answers

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What are the benefits of solving KSEEB's previous year's question paper Class 10 Science 2018?

Students will learn about the question paper pattern, answers writing, and the marks distribution. . Further, students will get an overall idea of the complete question paper and its varying level of difficulty. . Sometimes, they will have some topics that are consistently repeated and can be attempted in the next exam. They will learn about important topics and frequently ask questions as every board has a habit of repeating some topics.

2. How to solve and practise previous year's question papers?

Students can refer to KSEEB’s previous year’s question paper Class 10 Science 2018, with solutions which are available on Extramarks website. Further, students are required to complete the syllabus and take notes. Subsequently,  students can start solving the previous year’s question paper with their attempts. Next, they can check their answers by comparing them with the answers mentioned in the solutions. One should analyse, compare, and rewrite the answers and mark their progress.