Rajasthan Board Class 10 English Syllabus

Rajasthan Board (RBSE) Class 10 English Syllabus – 2022-2023

The RBSE Class 10 English syllabus is available online for the students to access and to refer to. We have provided the links on our web page to download the latest syllabus. Students can access the respective syllabus by clicking on the links below. The syllabus is useful for Class 10 students as it provides them with the latest types of questions and marking schemes. Knowing the RBSE Class 10 English syllabus is the first step to preparing more efficiently for the board exams. Students can find the syllabus covering the topics and concepts from the Golden Rays and other textbooks. 

English is very important for students, as it teaches them linguistic skills. Students will get to learn different lessons, prose and poetry. Besides, students preparing for Class 10th board exams can refer to the latest RBSE 10 Class syllabus 2022-23. The Rajasthan board syllabus comprises important lessons and helps students make a good preparation plan. Further, having the detailed RBSE 10th 2022-23 syllabus enables students to study for exams in a more organised manner. Students can download the syllabus and save it for future reference to understand it better. 

Daily practice helps students improve their language skills. The teacher helps students by giving them many suggestions, examples and similar exercises. The answers given here will help students understand and practise their skills.

Referring to the latest syllabus will help students understand the exam’s structure, topics, and concepts. The RBSE Class 10 English syllabus is presented in a structured way that helps students cover the core topics and prepare for exams. The minimum marks required to pass an exam vary each year. It depends on the performance of all students. The percentage of students passing an exam will impact the minimum marks required to pass the particular RBSE 10 or any other state board exam.

Rajasthan Board (RBSE) Latest English Syllabus – 2022-2023 for Class 10

The RBSE Class 10 English syllabus comprises sections from reading, writing, grammar, prose, and poems. There are two books for English, including Golden Rays and Resolution. Students can refer to the latest syllabus and check the topic-wise marking scheme for Class 10 English. The Rajasthan Board 10th syllabus 2022-23 helps students in numerous ways. It enables them to perform better in the board exams. Students learn about the curriculum layout they will be following all year long.

Understanding the key concepts and chapters in the RBSE Class 10 English syllabus might help pupils understand them better. Students learn how their grades are distributed and become accustomed to the exam format. It makes students more confident and prepared for the board exams. It is important to analyse the latest syllabus and paper pattern carefully. It gives students an idea on what the exam will be like. It is essential to be regular in school and what is taught in class. Once students complete their syllabus they can start solving the RBSE previous year question paper. 

The RBSE Class 10 English syllabus is updated regularly depending on each subject’s curriculum. Each course syllabus provides the same information as the previous years and even shows the last date for the English examination. Students must complete reading, writing, grammar, prose, and poems successfully to gain good marks in their Class 10 exam. Referring to the latest syllabus will benefit students, and students can access the latest syllabus by clicking on the URL below: 

Importance of RBSE Class 10 English syllabus

While it is important to work hard and study, students should relax their minds and learn the RBSE Class 10 English syllabus. Students will get the complete syllabus of Class 10th English subject of Rajasthan, including topics, blueprint, and marks allotment for the topics. It helps students in their preparation for board exams. We at Extramarks bring the latest syllabus before starting preparation. Once students get the detailed syllabus, they can plan their study schedule accordingly. Learning the latest RBSE Class 10 English syllabus is important because: 

  • Students must learn the latest syllabus, and know the topics included in RBSE Class 10 English study material.
  • Students can compare those topics with previous years’ RBSE Class 10 English study material and notes. They can calculate their preparation for the Class 10 exam by checking the detailed Class 10 English syllabus right on this page.
  • They can easily determine which topics they have covered and which remain to be studied well before final exams start. 
  • Students can prepare for the exam in a better way by preparing the latest RBSE English syllabus.
  • They can start their preparation step by step and cover all topics in time for exams. It helps them to improve their performance and build a strong foundation on the subject. 


Rajasthan Board Class 10 English Syllabus

Area of Learning (section wise) Marks
Reading 14
Writing 14
Grammar 15
Textbook (Golden Rays) 23
Supplementary Book (Resolution) 10
Road Safety Education 04
Total 80

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What are the minimum qualifying marks for RBSE Class 10 English?

Students must attain a minimum of 33% marks to pass the RBSE 10th exams. Students can refer to the latest RBSE Class 10 English syllabus and solve the RBSE sample question paper. It helps students evaluate their preparation and improve their performance. 


2. What can we learn from the RBSE Class 10 English syllabus?

Students can improve their reading, writing and grammar skills. Besides, they will be able to develop their comprehension skills and learn new vocabulary. Class 10 English prepares students for upcoming classes. 

3. Which are the types of questions included in the question paper?

Students will witness different types of questions such as long answer type, short answer type, one-word type, fill in the blanks, match the pair, and true or false. The questions are divided into one, two, three and four marks. Further, students will also witness grammar-based questions and essay-writing questions.