Rajasthan Board Class 12 Biology Syllabus

Rajasthan Board (RBSE) Class 12 Syllabus Biology – Latest 2022-2023

The Rajasthan Board 12th Biology syllabus 2022–2023 has been condensed by the Rajasthan Board. The simplified RBSE 12th 2022–23 syllabus is offered in plain language. Through a shared file, students can access the removed topics and updated Rajasthan Board 12th curriculum for 2022–2023. Students are advised to complete the Rajasthan Board Class 12 syllabus 2022-23 at least two months before the RBSE 12th exams. Students can now check the details of the RBSE syllabus for every subject below. Students can download the RBSE sample question paper and RBSE previous years’ question paper for practice. 

The Rajasthan Board 12th Biology syllabus is significant because it aids students in gaining a thorough understanding of the themes and ideas taught in the course during the academic year. Learning the syllabus will help students do well in the exams. Based on the syllabus, they can more effectively schedule their studies. We at Extramarks understand that students leave no stone unturned when preparing for the board exams. They can plan their studies more efficiently if they use the syllabus. Students can use it as a reference while preparing for exams. Students must prepare themselves for the RBSE 12th Biology syllabus, which has evolved from the previous year’s syllabus.

RBSE board Class 12 general Science or Biology is an examination for students who want to study in a good college or university. They need to clear the board exam with good marks. As board exams are conducted every year in March, students must start their preparation in September. They can plan their RBSE 12th Biology studies from this month. For better learning, students should know how much time they will spend on each subject in a week. Students can divide their study material for each subject per the syllabus of RBSE Class 12th Biology and then prepare accordingly. It will help students complete the syllabus in time before the exams.

Rajasthan Board (RBSE) Latest Syllabus Biology for Class 12

The Rajasthan Board 12th Biology syllabus for Rajasthan Board Class 12 is divided into two parts: botany and zoology. Students can obtain the comprehensive RBSE 12th Biology syllabus by clicking the link below. The syllabus is now available in Hindi and English. After going through the syllabus, students can study from the Rajasthan Board 12th Biology syllabus as prescribed by the RBSE board. Students who want to work in medicine must finish the most recent curriculum. The Class 12 Biology syllabus for the Rajasthan Board meets this need and provides the necessary knowledge and information. 

Biology is an interesting subject, which teaches students genetics and human evolution to more modern subjects such as biotechnology. The Biology subjects such as botany and zoology form the core of the syllabus. The syllabus will introduce many topics to students, which will help them to gain world knowledge. With the help of the 12th Biology syllabus RBSE, students can launch their careers in the medical science stream. 

The RBSE board will now publish the syllabus for Class 12 Biology in three schedules. Two schedules will be in Hindi and one in English. Further, these schedules will cover both the Science and Arts students.  Classes 1 to 4 in Botany include the following topics: Molecular Structure of Proteins, Cell Structure, Plant Differentiation and Development, Plant Metabolism and Photosynthesis, Plant Reproduction Systems, Plant Identification and Plant Distribution. Students can also access the Rajasthan Board 12th Biology syllabus by clicking on the URL below:

Rajasthan Board 12th Biology syllabus Preparation Tips and Strategies

The present Rajasthan Board 12th Biology syllabus consists of the traditional as well as the latest topics related to the subject. Class 12 is primarily divided into two sections, including botany and zoology. Both theory and practice classes are covered in the syllabus. We provide students with a brief description of the Class 12 Biology syllabus of the Rajasthan State board. RBSE syllabus is recognised and approved by the Government of Rajasthan based on recommendation. The RBSE board exam will be conducted from 24th March to 31st March 2023 for the 10th and 12th. Additionally, students can refer to the tips and strategies given by our subject matter experts: 

  • Students should cover the latest syllabus first and start solving the RBSE sample question paper. 
  • Focus on the current topics and solve the unsolved questions in RBSE class 12 Biology.
  • Understand the objectives of all chapters that contain topics relevant to you.
  • Solve at least 10-15 questions from each chapter to improve your understanding towards the topic. 
  • Prepare a timetable for your exam preparation according to your convenience and priorities.
  • Keep revising your concepts and revise them using textbooks, notes and online sources to enhance your knowledge.
  • Keep practising by solving the RBSE class 12 Biology sample papers to understand the topics better.
  • Practice makes a man perfect! The more students practise, the more they gain confidence in understanding the subjects. Nonetheless, this reduces their fear while answering questions during exams.

Rajasthan Board Class 12 Biology Syllabus

Units Marks
Part A:: Introductory Microeconomics- Introduction
National Income Accounting
Money and Banking 8
Income and Employment 8
Government Budget 8
Open Economy 8
Part B: : Introductory Microeconomics- Introduction 6
Consumer Behaviour 10
Concept of Production and Costs 10
Perfect Competition
Market Equilibrium
Non-Competitive Markets 6
Total 80

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What do we get to learn from the Rajasthan Board 12th Biology syllabus?

Students will get to learn a lot of different types of topics, such as: 

  • Systematic and Empirical Approach: Students can learn the systematic and empirical approach beforehand.
  • Organisms: Students should know the basic concepts of organisms like cells, living organisms, cells, organs, ecosystems etc.
  • Histology: All three main histology options are available with this syllabus, such as cell structure, cellular structure, plant anatomy etc.

2. How to score better marks in Biology?

  • Students should be able to get maximum marks in Biology to get admission in good colleges. 
  • Students can prepare well and can improve their knowledge using a good approach.
  • Students must score at least one mark more than the minimum requirement of the board to get accepted.
  • Students can prepare well and can improve their knowledge using a good approach.
  • Solving the RBSE previous year question paper will help students evaluate their performance. 
  • It is essential to cover important topics and do regular revisions from time to time. 

3. How to access the latest Rajasthan Board 12th Biology syllabus?

Students can access the latest Rajasthan Board 12th Biology syllabus on our Extramarks website. It provides them with world knowledge and the right platform to learn about nature, plants, and animals. Students can also start solving the RBSE sample question paper and RBSE previous year question paper.