Rajasthan Board Class 12 Economics Question Paper 2019

Rajasthan Board Class 12 Economics Question Paper 2019

The Government of Rajasthan established the Rajasthan Secondary Education Examination Board in 1962 to oversee and govern the educational system. Every year, in April and May of the academic year, RBSE administers the SSLC exam. The board test gauges a student’s aptitude and academic performance. Students can obtain question papers from our Extramarks website to help them prepare for the upcoming SSLC test. 

Economics is an interesting subject students will witness different topics and elements on business, finance and statistics. Students should make sure that they cover the latest syllabus and try to solve the RBSE Class 12 Economics question paper 2019. As a result, individuals must enhance their performance and strengthen their problem-solving abilities. The top study material for the forthcoming test is the RBSE Class 12 Economics question paper 2019. Students can study and analyse their performance. 

The Rajasthan SSLC test questions are essential for students preparing for their exams. The kids must prepare for their upcoming board exams and focus on raising their performance levels. The RBSE Class 12 Economics question paper 2019 is now accessible on our website for students to initiate their learning journey. To comprehend the exam format and assess their areas of strength and weakness, students should practise the question papers from the previous year. Students should double-check the most recent RBSE syllabus to ensure that they don’t miss anything important. Students can also attempt to solve the RBSE sample question paper and RBSE previous year question paper provided on our website. 

Rajasthan Board (RBSE) Class 12 Economics Question Paper 2019 with Solutions 

The RBSE Class 12 Economics question paper 2019 has been made available by the Rajasthan Secondary Education Examination Board so that students can learn the format of the question paper and prepare for the test beforehand. The exam is held for students who want to enrol in college and who wish to pursue their career in the field related to the subject. For most students in the commerce stream, it is a compulsory subject, though only for some. Additionally, the candidates can enrol in an optional course, which takes an additional year or so to complete.

To prepare for the upcoming test, students can review the RBSE Class 12 Economics question paper 2019. Additionally, before the exam starts, candidates can complete the RBSE sample question paper for 2023. It aids in developing their understanding of the subject and important topics. Students will get to learn about the paper pattern, topic weightage, types of questions and marking scheme. It helps them to prepare their exam strategy and analyse their performance. 

Time management is crucial when answering any question, and it must be considered so that applicants can answer all questions within the allotted time. The RBSE Class 12 Economics question paper 2019 differs significantly from prior years’ questions in terms of subject matter, degree of difficulty, and grading methodology. However, we have offered the most recent solutions for the RBSE Class 12 Economics question paper 2019. Students can open the file by visiting the following URL:

Tips and Guidelines for Solving RBSE Class 12 Economics Question Paper 2019

Students may readily get the question papers from our website, where they can also find the RBSE Class 12 Economics question paper 2019. To reinforce their preparations and boost their confidence for the Rajasthan Board Class 12 Exam in 2023, they must complete as many board question papers as possible. The question format they would encounter in their board exam can be seen on the question paper from the previous year. The RBSE syllabus is vast. Thus students must prepare well for the exam. Further, students can refer to the tips and guidelines given by our subject matter expert: 

  • Solving RBSE Class 12 Economics question paper: Students can get the question papers from our website. They have to use the board question papers they had seen the previous year. Here they will find the new questions and ask answer methods. Students should also refer to the previous year’s papers to prepare. 
  • Study-Plan: Students should prepare well for their upcoming Class 12 exam and follow the study plan accordingly. They should always try to study well according to their syllabus. In addition, they have to prepare well for the exam and should also attempt all the questions in the chapter. They should prepare well by using our subject experts’ tips and guidelines.
  • Question Paper: Students must attempt question papers as soon as possible and accurately. They must always use our subject matter expert’s tips, practice papers and sample papers for better preparation. 
  • Coaching: It is always important to visit the coaching centre before the exam. Students should try to get help from an experienced person or an expert in the subject matter who can guide them well. 
  • Referring to our Extramarks solutions: The solutions can greatly help students as it increases their confidence and helps them prepare well for their exams. 
  • Comparing the answers: Students should refer to the solutions and compare their answers and check if they are correct or not. Further, they can evaluate their answers and shortcomings. 

Benefits of Solving RBSE Class 12 Economics Question Paper 2019 

Students have a prior understanding of the paper format by completing previous year’s question papers. It is suggested that students who are likely to have trouble finishing on time start practising as soon as possible to stay caught up. Our highly qualified teachers compiled the Rajasthan Board Class 12 question papers from this past year. On our website, we have provided solutions in easy to understand language. Students can better prepare for exams by learning the question types and formats. Solving last year’s question paper has several benefits. Most are:

  • The student’s confidence is boosted, and the RBSE Class 12 Economics question paper 2019 aids them in handling test pressure.
  • The greatest method to know what to expect on a specific question paper is to create a good plan for answering it.
  • It makes the difficult topics easier to understand and increases their chances of success on the Class 12 exam. 
  • The question paper helps the students to understand the paper pattern and marking scheme. 
  • Explain the format of the exam’s question paper so students can identify their strengths and shortcomings.
  • It aids with exam relaxation and identifies areas for improvement so that students can achieve good scores in the Economics exams for Class 12.
  • Every question has an easy-to-follow solution, which will help students in their study for the exam.
  • By working through the RBSE Class 12 Economics question paper, students can easily get the idea.
  • Helps the students achieve high scores for the RBSE board exam by properly preparing.

Extramarks Solutions 

Extramarks has a dedicated team of subject matter experts who provides solutions for students. It is presented in an easy-to-understand language. There are many research universities and high schools around the globe with various high-quality education for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Still, not all of them have great reputations like ours. Extramarks has been providing quality teaching and learning opportunities and a supportive environment for more than two decades. Millions of students refer to our solutions, which helps them improve their performance in the board exam. 

Next year, many students will take board exams, and many students are feeling a little nervous about it. So students should refer to the latest RBSE syllabus and start solving the last year’s question paper. We have provided the last five year question paper with solutions. The subject matter experts curate the solutions. Students will be able to understand the sentence structure, and learn how to write well articulated answers. Our Extramarks solutions are well known amongst the students and it prepares them for the upcoming examination. It is important to focus on the last year’s question paper and evaluate the performance.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. When will the most recent solutions for last year's question paper be available?

Latest solutions for last year’s question paper are available on our website for the students. Our subject matter experts have written the solutions in plain terms. Students can assess the responses to our solutions and analyse their flaws. The solutions help students to teach how to write well articulated answers.

2. How many multiple-choice questions were on the exam from the year before?

In the RBSE Class 12 Economics question paper, eight multiple-choice questions were posed. Students can get this paper and the most recent solutions on our website. 

3. What was the question paper format from the prior year?

Five sections have been created from the questions’ sequence. Section A features four multiple-choice questions, whilst Section B comprises two short answer questions. The third segment covers two long answer type questions, and three short answer type questions are covered in the final section. There are 18 questions in all on the test. Students will witness objective and non-objective types of questions. Further, students should check last year’s question paper for checking their doubts.