Rajasthan Board Class 12 Maths Syllabus

Rajasthan Board (RBSE) Class 12 Syllabus Mathematics – Latest 2022-2023

The Rajasthan Board releases the RBSE Class 12 Mathematics syllabus for students who are ready to accumulate knowledge in advanced topics in their stream of study. The committee board regulates and crafts the entire RBSE syllabus and offers students a comprehensive learning experience. The RBSE syllabus covers essential aspects and provides the details in easy-to-understand language. It is difficult to understand mathematically complex concepts; however, with our dedicated efforts to make learning easy, we have offered students the latest RBSE Class 12 Mathematics syllabus. 

Learning the latest syllabus helps students score better in exams. The number of topics added is the main reason for the revision of the syllabus. The RBSE syllabus comprises topics like mean and median, Venn diagrams, linear programming, mathematical induction and many more. The RBSE Class 12 Mathematics is a gateway to higher education or employment for students. Students need to understand each topic separately so that they can score well in all three stages of exams.

RBSE Class 12 Mathematics syllabus teaches students easily. Students can easily memorise the complex topics in the syllabus and clear their doubts regarding Mathematics. The Rajasthan Board provides RBSE Class 12 Mathematics syllabus. Rajasthan Board releases the 12th Mathematics syllabus. The syllabus offers students comprehensive knowledge, and to test the knowledge, students can practise with the RBSE sample question paper and RBSE previous year question paper. 

Rajasthan Board (RBSE) Latest Syllabus Mathematics for Class 12

The RBSE Class 12 Mathematics syllabus is meant to cater to the specific need of higher education in Rajasthan. The first step is to offer a comprehensive learning experience of enhanced versions. The board is committed to making sure that students of Class 12 will get to understand more complicated engineering and technology topics. The board ensures students cover all the necessary topics for education courses. A glance at the Class 12 Mathematics syllabus shows that both pure and applied Mathematics are given equal weight. Mathematics is given a prime place in the syllabus by employing different techniques to explain it. 

Students will get acquainted with mathematical theories, concepts, and methods, used in various disciplines. The RBSE Class 12 Mathematics syllabus consists of subjects like algebra, trigonometry, number systems, coordinate geometry, and calculus of one variable. In addition, the syllabus covers topics such as the approximate solutions of a polynomial equation. The RBSE board gives equal importance to both topics and assigns the same number of marks. In the syllabus, Mathematics is taught simply, making it easier for students to comprehend. 

Studying the latest syllabus helps students choose the right concepts and lessons. Students can plan their time and allocate their time according to the syllabus. They can understand the topics better and prepare accordingly for examinations. The RBSE Class 12 Mathematics syllabus teaches students the different aspects of Mathematics. They learn the basics to understand advanced topics. Students must properly read the subject of Mathematics. They should read the entire syllabus in detail and learn the topics with real-time examples to understand the lessons better and make a good study plan. The RBSE Board has emphasised the Class 12 Mathematics syllabus, which is important to understand concepts clearly. The board has compiled the Class 12 Mathematics syllabus according to the percentage of marks it will give for each topic and course. Furthermore, students can access the RBSE Mathematics syllabus for Class 12 by clicking on the URL below:

Rajasthan Board (RBSE) latest syllabus for Class 12 – Mathematics

The syllabus has different topics that will help students understand and make a good study plan. All topics like calculus of one variable, coordinate geometry, and algebra are carefully explained with examples and solved problems. Classes are taught using a very important method called ‘the experiment’. It helps the students apply their knowledge of the topic practically. 

The marks are distributed according to the order of the topics in which they appear. In this syllabus, the topics play an important role for students. Students must learn about each topic in detail and perform well in examinations because each section contributes to the total percentage of marks assigned by the board. The syllabus has questions from previous years. The questions from past years might be difficult for students who haven’t studied it before. In the syllabus, it is mentioned that the use of the calculator in examinations is not allowed. It will be helpful for the students who won’t use a calculator and other methods to solve questions.

More than 200 hours are spent on each subject to prepare for the examinations conducted by the RBSE board. Students must pass each subject to be eligible for the next level of education. The classes for Mathematics in RBSE are conducted by teachers with many years of teaching experience. The teachers prepare their lectures per the topics mentioned in the syllabus. The lectures are beneficial for students. It gives a clear idea about the marks secured by students and what they need to improve more at home while preparing for examinations.

RBSE Class 12 Mathematics Syllabus Preparation Tips and Strategies

Students learn the fundamentals of a number of subjects, including geometry, algebra, and trigonometry, in RBSE Class 12 Mathematics. The discussion of trigonometric equations and ideas linked to calculus graphs are other key topics. It helps students understand the format of the paper they will appear for. In addition, students learn the guidelines from the Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education to score good marks in the examination. The syllabus will help them score better in the exams and build a strong foundation in the subject. Learning the RBSE Class 12 Mathematics syllabus is important for the students because: 

  • It provides an idea to prepare for the exam.
  • It helps build knowledge and adds new ideas to the list of concepts that need to be studied.
  • It enables students to understand the topic, attempt questions, and improve their exam performance.
  • Students need to learn all the topics taught by the teacher in school so that they are not at a loss when it comes time for examinations.
  • It helps the students practise at home.
  • It builds a foundation for future higher studies.

All the students who want to appear for the RBSE Class 12 Mathematics Exam or those who have already appeared for the exam must go through the syllabus. It will help them prepare better and avoid making mistakes in any of the topics taught in school. Thus it will ensure that they score well in an exam.

Rajasthan Board Class 12 Maths Syllabus

Unit Name of Units Marks
1 Relations and functions 07
2 Algebra 15
3 Calculus 35
4 Vectors and three dimensional geometry 15
5 Probability and Probability Distribution 08
  Total 80

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What are the benefits of studying Mathematics?

Mathematics is important to a student’s daily life in many ways. It teaches them how to solve problems by applying numbers and logical thinking, what it means to be a well-rounded person with knowledge of different subjects, and more. As an undergraduate, students will be exposed to a solid base in Mathematics. Most courses will involve different Mathematics branches and other subjects like Physics or Computer Science. 

2. How to score better marks in Mathematics?

Students will be required to have sound knowledge of Mathematics for their career as civil engineers. So, during their classes, students should always remember the importance of Mathematics and try to understand the subject. Also, they can plan their study schedule according to the suggested syllabus of their department. Further, students can also practice the RBSE sample question paper and RBSE previous year question paper. 

3. Where can I access the RBSE Class 12 Mathematics syllabus?

Students can get the latest RBSE Class 12 Mathematics syllabus on the Extramarks website. Further, they can also check the latest solutions for the RBSE sample question paper. It helps them evaluate their knowledge and improve their performance.