Rajasthan Board Class 12 Physics Question Paper 2020

Rajasthan Board Question Paper Class 12 Physics 2020

The Class 12 Physics exam is administered by the Rajasthan SSLC Board. The results play an important role since it serves as a criterion for selecting applicants. Thus, students must achieve good marks to gain admission to a reputable institution. It does occasionally happen, though, that students struggle to write well articulated answers. Do not fret. For the benefit of the students, our subject matter specialists have curated the solutions for last year’s question paper.  

RBSE previous year question papers were created based on the RBSE-mandated Standard and are intended to assess candidates’ comprehension of concepts and ideas. Students need help in understanding the questions. If students wish to take admission in their desired college, they need to score better marks in Physics. To improve their performance, students should cover the RBSE syllabus and try to solve last year’s question paper. 

For the current session of the RBSE Examination, students can utilise this collection of the previous year’s question papers to aid in their preparation. These exam questions are designed to identify students’ areas of weakness so they may identify and fix them. Additionally, it will ensure time management and give students a clear grasp of how to approach different types of questions. Students can use these practice questions to help them get ready for the big test.

Rajasthan Board (RBSE) Class 12 Physics Question Paper 2020 with Solutions

In the state of Rajasthan, school exams are handled by the RBSE, a government organisation. They are in charge of preserving standards throughout educational institutions and schools. All students and candidates taking board exams receive assistance from the board of education. The committee also assigns a question paper with a higher level of difficulty. Students must therefore practise the question papers from the previous year to improve their performance. 

Our subject matter experts curate and provide last year question paper solutions to help students to answer questions more quickly and accurately. Students that engage in this exercise will perform well in the board exams. These questions for Class 12 were created by our specialists using the revised syllabus, which will include lessons covered in the classroom. Before taking the actual exam, students can practise these RBSE Class 12 Physics question paper 2020.

Students will learn much by solving the question papers from the last five years. Every subject and chapter that the students must review the teacher covers in class. The RBSE Class 12 Physics question paper 2020 will also assist students in determining the paper pattern. Completing the most recent sample question paper is usually advised because they follow the most current exam format.

To help students in learning more about the different types of questions that will be asked in upcoming exams, our specialists have provided the proper solutions. Additionally, by clicking on the URL below, students can instantly obtain the RBSE Class 12 Physics question paper 2020 with solutions from the prior year:

Rajasthan Board (RBSE) Class 12 Physics Question Paper 2020 

The RBSE Class 12 Physics previous year question paper 2020 is a lengthy paper, and most students struggle to finish all the questions during the test. To explain the required physical principles, diagrams etc.  Therefore, one needs to fully understand all the key ideas and possess outstanding time management skills to perform well on the Physics exam. Students can gauge how much time they spend on each question by completing the RBSE Class 12 Physics previous year question paper. Students can also refer to the RBSE sample question paper. 

Students can increase their answer writing speed. While responding to the last year questions students should answer with the latest RBSE syllabus. Before the Class 12 exam, students can also keep an eye on their grades by comparing them to the solutions created by our subject-matter specialists. We have included the grades for each step in the solutions as well. It aids students in analysing their responses in light of the scoring criteria.

Students will have a better understanding of the length of the question paper by finishing the exam papers. They could also assess their performance for the upcoming  exam. The most recent RBSE curriculum aims to acquaint students with the core concepts of Physics, the environment, and technology. Therefore, it’s equally crucial to concentrate on these subjects and recognise any issues or queries that might occasionally arise. Students benefit from solving the last year question paper by understanding the paper pattern and marking scheme. 

Benefits of Solving the RBSE Class 12 Physics Question Paper 2020

Our subject matter specialists have gathered the Class 12 Physics exam papers from the previous years. We have also provided a suitable collection of solutions so that students may comprehend the sentence’s structure and meaning. Like in Physics, the examiner carefully examines definitions, formulas and technical terms. Students taking the RBSE Class 12 Physics question paper 2020 will be able to improve their grades with constant practice. There are various benefits of solving of last year question paper, few of them are: 

  • Candidates can understand the pattern of the exam and its possible solutions.
  • For every single question there is a viable solution that can be applied in solving it 
  • If a candidate fails to answer a particular question, s/he will be able to find out the correct answer through the answer key provided.
  • The online RBSE Class 12 Physics Question Paper 2020 will help the students in understanding the pattern of questions and they can plan accordingly. 
  • The answer key is given to the Question Paper 2020 students so that they can know how many questions they have attempted and their respective correct answers. 
  • By solving the RBSE Class 12 Physics question paper 2020, a candidate becomes mentally prepared for next year’s examinations.
  • We have provided the sample papers along with it’s solutions so that students can get an idea of how to solve Physics questions in an examination hall. This will also help them in saving time as well as avoiding unnecessary confusion  during examination.

Tips and Guidelines for Solving RBSE Class 12 Physics Question Paper 2020

Students can carefully analyse their answers and compare them to our solutions. They should look for sentence structure, definitions and important formulas. To answer the question paper from the previous year, students must also recall all the concepts. Students can sharpen their Physics abilities here, enabling them to write concise, full, and useful phrases. Students can study RBSE Class 12 Physics question paper 2020 to prepare for their next test. With this set, students can practise these questions without being interrupted. Further, students can refer to the tips and guidelines given by our subject matter experts:

  • Read the question carefully, note the question’s main idea, and respond as soon as possible.
  • To determine which answer is right, look over the possible answers in the question stem.
  • Read your answers before submitting to the review. 
  • Make sure you are using the appropriate language while answering. .
  • Use the important formulas and definitions to score more marks. 
  • The question might not specifically state what some words or phrases mean, but it might inquire which terms can be used in their place without altering the sense of a sentence.
  • Before writing your responses to multiple-choice or grammar-based questions, try to analyse the possible answers and double-check.
  • Students should check their answers by comparing our solutions and find their shortcomings. 


Exams are around the corner, so students need to focus on their studies. One option is to consult the RBSE Class 12 Physics question paper 2020 and its solutions. It is crucial to practise with utmost concentration and focus. At the same time, our team of professionals makes it simple for the students to comprehend each topic quickly and precisely formulate answers. We have gathered the past year’s test questions and made them accessible on our Extramarks website.

Students can gain additional knowledge about the marking scheme, the format of the question paper, and its many sections by looking through old question papers. There are different sections, including A, B, C, and D. Each section will receive 15 marks, according to the board. The RBSE question paper is divided into objective type (objective type and multiple choice questions) and subjective  type questions (based on essay writing).

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the importance of solving last year's question paper?

For the students, these question papers serve as crucial study material. The most sought-after study resource for students, this Rajasthan Council study material can help students obtain excellent outcomes for the upcoming exams. Students may think these questions are straightforward at times, but they may be challenging if they pay attention. Students would therefore benefit from solving the RBSE Class 12 Physics question paper 2020, and improving their performance.

2. When should students review test questions from the previous year?

At least two months before the exams, students should concentrate on and almost repeat the question paper from the previous year. Every student goes through the question paper and understands the paper pattern. As a result, they will better understand how to formulate test questions. The RBSE Class 12 Physics question paper 2020 teaches students how to manage their time and formulate well-written answers.

3. Where can I find the RBSE Class 12 Physics previous year test questions and solutions?

There are various online resources containing solved question papers. Nevertheless, millions of students consult our study guides and solutions. On our website, students can view the Physics Class 12 question paper. Additionally, we offer answers by the most recent RBSE curriculum. Students can also refer to the RBSE sample question paper for more practice.