Rajasthan Board Class 12 Physics Syllabus

Rajasthan Board (RBSE) Class 12 Physics Syllabus – 2022-2023

The RBSE Class 12 Physics syllabus is available here for the students. Before starting their preparation, students should thoroughly learn the RBSE syllabus. Referring to the Rajasthan Board 12th Physics syllabus is a must to score good marks in the exam. Our subject matter experts have deeply analysed the syllabus per the latest exam pattern. It is the best study material that students need for upcoming exams. We have provided the RBSE Class 12 Physics syllabus here, which will help students note the important topics. 

Physics is an interesting subject. However, many students find it difficult to answer the questions. It is important to refer to the latest syllabus and ensure they don’t miss any essential topics. The RBSE Class 12 Physics syllabus helps students grasp the subject’s major concepts thoroughly. It makes sure that the students don’t miss any important topics. The syllabus for the Class 12 students is divided into four sections: Physics and Everyday Life, Section, Measurements, Classical Mechanics, and Electricity, Magnetism and Optics. This section includes various topics which are related to everyday life. Topics in this section include various Physics concepts related to everyday life and studies.

The latest syllabus will help students score good marks in the upcoming exams. One of the main factors determining how well students perform in exams is their knowledge. A good syllabus will help students to score high marks in their respective classes. The subject matter experts on our website have analysed the RBSE Class 12 Physics syllabus and provided a detailed solution section for students. 

Rajasthan Board (RBSE) Latest Physics Syllabus – 2022-2023 for Class 12

The RBSE Class 12 Physics syllabus is an important source for preparing for the upcoming examination. The syllabus has all the components for a great foundation before the students can choose engineering or other academic courses. The Rajasthan board has adopted a future focus curriculum to include the topics in the RBSE 12th syllabus. The RBSE Class 12 Physics syllabus is divided into ten units, and students can look at the syllabus’s marking distribution. Students can find the exam pattern and the types of questions of Rajasthan Board Class 12 Physics. 

Physics is one of the essential subjects, and students must have a good command of its concepts. Thus, mastering the concepts and lessons is important and is easy if a student has understood the syllabus. It provides them with a thorough knowledge of the topics covered in the textbooks. RBSE Class 12 Physics is an important study material as it works for competitive exams such as IIT JEE and NEET. The RBSE Class 12 Physics Syllabus is available for Class 12 students. It provides detailed information about the subjects and helps students in their preparation. The syllabus includes all the topics in the RBSE Board Exam from Class 12th. Further, Class 12 is one of the most important stages in a student’s life. So due care must be taken while preparing for it. 

Only students with thorough knowledge of the syllabus can score good marks in their exams. The solutions are provided in simple language so students can easily understand and memorise them. We provide a detailed solution section for the RBSE Class 12 Physics syllabus, which will help students to score high marks in their exams. Further, students can access the syllabus for Class 12 Physics by clicking on the URL below: 

Importance of RBSE Class 12 Physics Syllabus

Physics includes 50% theory and 50% practical knowledge. Students will learn the fundamentals of Physical Science and apply the principles in their daily lives. The subject loses its meaning if experiments and practicals don’t go hand in hand with theory classes. Thus, knowing the RBSE Class 12 Physics Syllabus will help students acquire thorough knowledge. The Rajasthan board has updated the latest syllabus for the students. Besides, learning the latest RBSE Class 12 Physics syllabus is important because: 

  • It helps students to get more marks in the examination, and they can score better in the practicals.
  • RBSE Class 12 Physics syllabus helps them to prepare for further studies.
  • Students can develop their analytical skills if they understand all the topics. Students can easily get admission to prestigious colleges if they understand the latest syllabus of RBSE Class 12 Physics and have good ranks in the board exams.
  • It helps students to prepare for entrance exams of various IITs, NITs, and other engineering colleges.
  • It gives an insight into their future career, and also it will help them to excel in their academics. 
  • RBSE Class 12 Physics syllabus strengthens their basics and overall knowledge of Physics. The syllabus has been designed by the CBSE Class 12 Physics curriculum for schools in India.

Rajasthan Board Class 12 Physics Syllabus 2023-24

Unit Marks Weightage
Unit 1: Electrostatics 7
Unit 2: Current Electricity 5
Unit 3: Magnetic effect of electric current 11
Unit 4: Magnet and Magnetic Properties of Materials 3
Unit 5: Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current 7
Unit 6: Optics 9
Unit 7:Photoelectric effect and matter waves 4
Unit 8: Atomic and Nuclear Physics 6
Unit 9: Electronics 6
Unit 10: Electromagnetic waves Communication and contemporary physics 4

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the syllabus of the 10th RBSE Rajasthan?

The Rajasthan Board 10th Class syllabus consists of several important topics and information regarding all subjects, including Hindi, English, Mathematics, Science, Social and optional subjects. The RBSE Class 12 syllabus helps students know and cover the Class 12 board examination topic. 


2. How to prepare for the RBSE Class 12th exams?

Students who are going to appear for the RBSE Class 12th examination should go through the latest syllabus and get a thorough understanding of the concepts. Further, they can solve the RBSE sample question paper and the RBSE previous year question paper. Students must be aware of every subject that will be covered in the board exams to create an effective study schedule. 

3. Is there any change in the recent syllabus?

No, there were no major changes in the recent RBSE syllabus. However, the syllabus has been reduced to 30%, and students can refer to the latest syllabus, which is available on our website.