Rajasthan Board Previous Year Question Paper Class 12 Chemistry 2018

Rajasthan Board Previous Years Question Papers Class 12 Chemistry 2018

In 1966, the Rajasthan Secondary Education Examination Board was founded. It is in charge of holding the primary test for Classes 11 and 12. This secondary education board provides the previous year’s question papers for English medium students each year to aid exam preparation. The state board textbooks and lecture notes may only sometimes be enough for pupils to succeed in  their exam. . As a result, consulting the RBSE previous year question paper Class 12 Chemistry 2018 enables students to comprehend the format of the exam and the scoring system.

The RBSE previous year’s question paper Class 12 Chemistry 2018 offers useful information regarding the marks distribution., time management, and question format. Students’ exam anxiety is reduced, and their confidence level is raised when they solve  the question  papers. These previous year’s question papers assist students in gaining practical experience and improving their performance for better results in both self assessment test and  board exams. Further, students refer to the latest RBSE syllabus and try to solve RBSE sample question papers.

Online access to the RBSE previous year’s question paper Class 12 Chemistry 2018 is available. Solving the practice exams will keep the students in this state who will take the RBSE exams  to be prepared thoroughly. These papers enable them to assess their time management skills and determine the overall exam grade. As a result, pupils can use the marks distribution to determine which areas need more revision and which questions to include in their final preparation for the exam. Students can raise their performance and grade by consulting the RBSE sample and the previous year’s exam  questions.

Rajasthan Board (RBSE) Previous Year’s Question Paper Class 12 Chemistry 2018 with Solutions

The time allotted is three hours and fifteen minutes, and there are five parts to the RBSE previous year question paper Class 12 Chemistry 2018. There are 100 possible points. A total of 20 marks are assigned to Part A, 18 to Part B, 28 to Part C, and 34 to Part D. There are several  categories, including  long answer, match the pairs, multiple choice, and one-sentence questions. One, two, three, and four marks make up the total number of marks. Students can learn much about the grading schemes and paper format from the question paper from the previous year. Understanding the pattern enables students to plan their exams and perform better.

Additionally, these past years’ question papers assist students in understanding the types of questions included in these board exams. These papers aid the students in selecting the format of the test questions and comprehending the scoring system. They  are also helpful for final board  exams because they provide a clear idea of how long it takes to finish a question paper and what kinds of questions are expected in these exams. . Online access to the RBSE previous year question paper Class 12 Chemistry 2018 is available on Extramarks website. Downloading the prior year’s question papers can help candidates taking the RBSE exams to stay abreast of the question paper pattern, the types of questions expected  and the changes if any so that they are not caught off guard. .

Students can better understand the marking system and question format by studying the previous year’s exam questions. They can assess their overall performance on the exam and improve their time management skills. As a result, pupils can use the marks distribution to determine which areas need revision and which questions to include in their preparation for the exam. Additionally, these papers assist students in understanding the types of questions included in these exams. These papers aid the students to know  the format of the test questions and comprehend the scoring system. Further, students can access the RBSE previous year question paper Class 12 Chemistry 2018 by clicking on the URL below:

Benefits of Solving the RBSE previous year’s question paper Class 12 Chemistry 2018

The study of Chemistry is interesting and one needs to really study hard to crack the exam. The board exam’s questions can be challenging for pupils to respond to. Students who want to study Chemistry can start answering questions from previous  year’s exams to gauge their level of their preparedness. Understanding the paper’s pattern and marking scheme is crucial since it gives pupils a thorough understanding of the format and aids in developing a plan to cover different types of questions. There are numerous advantages to completing the RBSE previous year question paper Class 12 Chemistry 2018. A few of the benefits are given below:

  • The question papers from prior years aid students in comprehending the test format.
  • Using the previous year’s question papers, students can evaluate their level of preparedness.
  • Students can develop their strategy based on the previous year’s question paper.
  • The challenging questions from the previous year’s question papers will be a lot of fun for the students to solve and to know where they need to focus to improve their grades..
  • Students can build a positive  attitude toward learning and enhance their problem-solving abilities by completing the question papers from past  years to step up their preparation.
  • Students can increase their confidence and know  their weak areas by solving exam papers from past  years’ question papers. The more you practise, the better you’ll get.
  • Students who understand the ideas better will perform better in the board exams.Seize every opportunity to improve your grey areas and avoid careless slips.
  • Students can examine their errors and attempt to avoid repeating them in their board exams. .
  • Extramarks believes in incorporating the best learning experiences through its own repository.To enjoy the maximum benefit of these resources, students just need to register themselves at Extramarks official website and stay ahead of the competition.

Tips and Guidelines of Solving RBSE previous year’s question paper Class 12 Chemistry 2018

Class 12 is an important stage in the student’s academic session; it teaches students different concepts. Also, it opens a plethora  of opportunities  for better career prospects. . To get admission into a desirable institution, students need to score high  marks. It is important to solve last year’s question paper which is available on the  Extramarks website. Further, students will learn about the paper pattern and marking scheme. Students will be able to build their confidence and improve their performance when they know where they went wrong and correct their mistakes. Further, students can refer to the following tips and guidelines given by our subject matter experts:

  • Students should note that there is no negative marking provided. One mark is allotted for each correct answer.
  • Students should not depend on tips and guidelines available on the internet and social media platforms. Such information  can be misleading  and might not be true.It better to follow the authentic websites which adhere to your board like the Extramarks official website or the RBSE website
  • Students should focus on their preparation rather than going through the tips and guidelines of  various social media platforms which can be misleading.
  • Students should ideally stick to the  guidelines provided by Extramarks  and read them carefully to get the better results. They may even sign up on our website for any assistance to boost your preparation with extra study materials.
  • Students should refrain from relying on third-party tips or guidelines to answer the question paper of Class 12 Chemistry 2018.
  • To get more marks: Refrain from memorising formulas, arguments, equations etc. Also, when answering the questions, students do not focus on answers but try to understand the concept correctly and provide a detailed answer to the question paper marked by teachers.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why is it necessary to solve previous year's question papers?

Students learn about the question paper pattern and marking scheme. It helps them to prepare for the examination in advance. Further, students learn about the structure of the question paper, and by solving last year’s question, they can evaluate their preparation. They get familiar with the marking scheme of the present question paper. Finally, they reflect upon their performance in last year’s examination and try to solve the problem paper accordingly.

2. Why refer to the Extramarks solutions?

Extramarks have a dedicated team of faculty experts with years of experience who prepare study material and solutions by meticulously following their RSBE guidelines and the prescribed books. They  dive deep into the past years’ question papers and prepare the solutions to provide the best study materials for students to maximise their potential. The solutions are prepared in easy-to-understand language. It helps them to understand the answers so that they can learn and improve their answer-writing skills. As the question paper is important for the students, Extramarks solutions can be really helpful for them to get a 100% score in the board exam.

3. How to improve my marks in Class 12 Chemistry?

Extramarks continuously strives to go the extra mile to provide the best resources and tries to resolve any issue students might be facing regarding their board exam preparation.In this section, we have provided you with a sample paper with marks distribution and solutions. The marks are different for every chapter and every unit test. The marks acquired by students in the unit tests will reflect their performance in the examination. Students should solve previous  year’s question papers first and compare their answers to  the  solutions provided by Extramarks experts for better results. Students may sign up on the Extramarks website for the last-minute revision guide, attend doubt clearing sessions,and to get  all the necessary information regarding the exams. In a nutshell, to revise the entire syllabus quickly and easily to get the highest possible results.