TN Board Sample Papers for Class 10 Mathematics – Exam 2022-2023

Tamil Nadu Education Board was established in 1910. With a high literacy rate, Tamil Nadu is one of the most literate states in India. In addition to publishing syllabus, question papers, and examination results, the Tamil Nadu board is responsible for a number of educational activities.

Some of the main functions of the Tamil Nadu State Board are:

  • Enforcing the rules and regulations set by the Tamil Nadu State Board in affiliated schools.
  • Providing proper directions and support to the institutions.
  • Preparing  syllabus and textbooks for all Classes from1 through  12.
  • Conducting Class 10 Board examinations.
  • Examining the papers and announcing the results.

Class 10 students who are going to appear for the board exams are suggested to check the Tamil Nadu Sample Question Paper Class 10 Maths or other Tamil Nadu Sample Question Papers. Answering these papers helps a student to understand the level of difficulty of the exam. Extramarks help the students to understand the subjects better by providing them with the sample papers along with the solutions which can help the students while practising the Tamil Nadu Sample Question Paper Class 10 Maths and help them get 100% results in the exams.

Tamil Nadu Board (TN SSLC) Mathematics Sample Question Paper for Class 10 with Solutions

The students can practice the Tamil Nadu Sample Question Paper Class 10 Maths paper  along with the solutions in the PDF format available on the Extramarks’ website.

The sample paper can provide the students with information about the types of questions, important topics, and complex problems.

Extramarks provides the students with Tamil Nadu Sample Question Paper Class 10 Maths paper and solutions to refer to while preparing for their board exams.

Maths Question Paper for Class 10 Tamil Nadu PDF Download

In order to prepare for examinations, all students should go through  the Tamil Nadu syllabus  thoroughly  in order to understand the exam pattern and marking scheme. It allows them to start their preparation early, so they can complete their curriculum 1-2 months ahead and save time for the practice of Tamil Nadu Previous Year Question Papers and Tamil Nadu Sample Question Paper Class 10 Maths.

In the Tamil Nadu Class 10 Mathematics syllabus of 2023, students will learn chapters and topics that are crucial to their development. Students can check the examination pattern and marks distribution by referring to Tamil Nadu Sample Question Paper Class 10 Maths. The question papers of the Tamil Nadu Board are strictly based on the Tamil Nadu Class 10 syllabus, hence it is quite important for students to follow the syllabus and prepare accordingly. .

The chapters include topics such as Relations and Functions, Algebra, Trigonometry, Mensuration, and many more.

Practising Tamil Nadu Sample Question Paper Class 10 Maths is one of the best ways to revise and prepare for the Tamil Nadu Board Class 10 exams. These sample papers or past years’ papers help students understand the exam pattern better as these papers serve  as a blueprint for them to score 100% marks in the examination. Students can also get an idea of the important topics, and  important questions which are frequently repeated in the board exams. They should solve the Tamil Nadu Sample Question Paper Class 10 Maths within the time limit for the exam. Students can also use these sample papers to evaluate  their performance during  revisions.They get to know their weak areas and they can work on them to improve their grades. .

Why Should the Students Solve Previous Year Question Papers?

Extramarks understand that Mathematics is a difficult subject for some students, but it can become easy with systematic  preparation and regular practice. Start with the  basic problems and gradually progress to the advanced questions..

Solving Tamil Nadu Sample Question Paper Class 10 Maths paper that is  based on the latest question paper  pattern. The best thing a student can do is to practice  as much as they can to get  good results in their board exams. Initially it may take time to get the hang of the question and you may need to practice those questions from your Maths book followed by sample papers to be absolutely thorough in them. Hard work and patience pays off in the long run. Students should study in a non-disturbing environment with concentration and always study in a planned manner. To prepare well for the exams, they should create a timetable  and follow it regularly without fail. . During the Tamil Nadu Class 10 board exams, there is a possibility that the questions they practiced before exams might get  repeated.

The students can refer to the Tamil Nadu Sample Question Paper Class 10 Maths paper as per the latest syllabus for the upcoming Tamil Nadu Class 10 Board examinations and include these past years question papers and sample papers as a part of their syllabus. Students will be surprised with the 100% performance during the exams.


Once the students are done with their Class 10 curriculum, they are advised to  practice Tamil Nadu Sample Question Paper Class 10 Maths and start solving it. It makes the students understand the exam question paper pattern, types of questions expected  in the exam and how to answer those tricky and challenging questions. . The students will also learn how to divide and manage their time while writing the Tamil Nadu Sample Question Paper Class 10 Maths exam and give them speed and confidence to solve papers within the stipulated time. . Practising the sample papers helps the students to know about important topics which helps them to boost their performance to a great extent. All in all, going through the syllabus, solving past years’ question papers along with sample papers helps students to clarify their doubts and strengthen their preparation. It  makes them confident of securing a100% result in the exams.