Telangana SSC Board (TSBSE) Class 10 English Latest Syllabus 2022-2023

TSBSE is a state-level board of education in India. Telangana was formed in 2014, following the establishment of the state. Telangana’s secondary and higher secondary education is administered by the board.

The Telangana SSC Board (TSBSE) has released the latest syllabus for Class 10 English for the academic year 2022-2023. 

Some main features in the new syllabus include:

– Focus  on developing listening and speaking skills

– More opportunities to practice writing in different genres

– An increased emphasis on vocabulary building and grammar

– A revamped assessment system that includes both formative and summative assessments

With these changes, the TSBSE hopes to improve students’ English language skills and help them prepare for higher-level courses.

Telangana Board (TSBSE) English Syllabus for Class 10

The TSBSE Class 10 English Syllabus has been designed to provide students with a strong foundation in the language. The syllabus covers all the major aspects of the language, such as grammar, vocabulary, literature, and writing.

The major areas that the TSBSE Class 10 English Syllabus focuses on are as follows :

Reading Skills :

This unit focuses on developing reading skills such as skimming and scanning. Students will also learn about different types of texts and how to identify the main idea of a text.

Writing Skills :

This unit focuses on developing writing skills such as paragraphs, sentences, and grammar. Students will also learn about different types of essays and how to structure them.

Speaking and Listening Skills :

This unit focuses on developing speaking and listening skills. Students will learn how to communicate effectively in various situations. They will also learn about non-verbal communication and how to use body language to convey messages.

Literature :

This unit focuses on the appreciation of literature through the study of poems, short stories, and plays. Students will also learn about literary devices and how to analyse a text.

The latest TSBSE Class 10 English Syllabus is available on the Extramarks website. The Telangana English Syllabus on Extramarks covers all the important topics and concepts that are taught in Class 10. These include grammar, literature, writing skills, and speaking skills. Extramarks also provides exciting features like video lessons, practice questions, and mock tests.

Telangana SSC Board (TSBSE) English 2022-2023 Syllabus for Class 10

Class 10 is one of the crucial years in a student’s life, hence, Telangana SSC Board (TSBSE) pays attention to the minute details while preparing the syllabus for any subject. Keeping in view the needs and challenges of a Class 10 student., TSBSE has released the latest syllabus, including TSBSE Class 10 English syllabus. The new syllabus will be implemented from the 2022-2023 academic year.

Students can access the TSBSE syllabus along with TSBSE sample question paper and TSBSE previous year question paper  on the Extramarks website. They can practice and prepare TSBSE Class 10 English syllabus for their exams.

Class – X







Reading Text






Source / Author’s Name

Language Competencies


Grammar Written Discourses Oral Discourses


Personality Devel- opment  

A.    Attitude is Altitude

B.    Every Success Story Is Also

a Story of Great Failures Essay

C.    I will Do It


Biography Narrative





Sudha Murthy


Adjectives; synonyms; one- word substitutes


Defining and non- defining relative clauses


Biographical sketch; story






Wit and Humour  

A.   The Dear Departed (Part – I)

B.    The Dear Departed (Part – II)

C.    The Brave Potter


Play Play Folk Tale


W.S. Houghton

W.S. Houghton Marguerite Siek

Compound adjectives; words often confused; Idiomatic expressions Articles; compound prepositional phrases; simple past and present perfect Letter; conversion of a play into a story Role – play



Human Relations  

A.   The Journey

B.    Another Woman

C.    The Never-Never Nest


Narrative Poem Play


Y.D. Thongchi

Ms. Imtiaz Dharker Cedric Mount


Compound words- hyphenated, open and closed compounds


Simple past and past perfect tense




Description; short talk



Films and Theatre  

A.    Rendezvous with Ray

B.    Maya Bazaar

C.    A Tribute


Essay Review Essay

Frontline The Hindu


Collocations; One word substitution; binomials Linkers; adjectives; prepositions; verb forms-past perfect, simple past; modals Review on a film or TV programme ; reply letter; skit; report Short talk








Reading Text






Source / Author’s Name

Language Competencies




Written Discourses Oral Discourses



Social Issues / Agrarian Issues  

A.      The Storeyed House (Part – I)

B.       The Storeyed House (Part – II)

C.       Abandoned


Story Story Poem

Waman G. Hoval Waman G. Hoval Suraya Nasim Compound adjectives; Phrasal verbs; Idioms Adverbial clauses Invitation ; news report; essay  




Bio-diversity A.      Environment

B.       Or will the Dreamer Wake?

C.       ATale of Three Villages

Interview Poem Essay

M. Chevalier

_   _

Synonyms; appropriate forms of the words Non-finite clauses; reported speech; adjectives; quantifiers – no, any,

all, some, each, several

and every

Interview; description (write up) Debate


Nation and Diversity A.      My Childhood


B.       A Plea for India

C. Unity in Diversity in India

Auto biography



Abdul Kalam







Linkers ,passive voice without agent,


Diary entry, reply letter,

Short talk; role -play; group discussion




Human Rights

A.       Jamaican Fragment

B.       Once upon a Time

C.       What Is My Name?

Narrative Poem Story A.L. Hendricks Gabriel Okara P.Satyavathi Synonyms; similes and metaphors Essay; speech Debate; speech

 Note: Wherever the source is not mentioned against the text, those texts are collected and edited by the textbook committee members.

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