UP Board Previous Year Question Paper Class 10 Social Science

 Social Science is a vast subject which comprises  History, Civics, Economics and Geography.

Under the UP board, Social Science is a crucial subject for Class 10 students. The subsequent grades earned in this subject will increase a student’s overall board exam percentage, enabling them to select a  career of their choice the following year. . Students are advised to complete the Social Science question papers from the previous five years in order to get an idea of the question paper format. The students will get to know the kind of question paper they will be answering in the board exam by completing the previous year’s question papers. Students will gain confidence, as a result, become familiar with the  pattern of the board exam paper and be able to analyse the kinds of simple or difficult questions that can be expected in the exam.

By answering the questions from Social Science Class 10 before the exam, the student gets familiar with the question paper and proves quite useful while taking the actual exam. Students who have problems  finishing the paper on time are advised to start working on these papers early.. In order to create a set of practice exams that are conveniently accessible from the Extramarks’ website, our highly qualified subject experts have selected these Class 10 Social Science questions from the Uttar Pradesh Board to make the board exam easier and more scoring for the students.

The state of Uttar Pradesh’s government established a governmental body. This reputable body is in charge of granting affiliation to educational institutions within the state of Uttar Pradesh. Every year, they hold the High School Certificate Examination for Standard 10 and provide the previous year’s papers to students in UP. Using sample exam papers is the best way to learn and prepare for the exam. This is strongly and equally advised for Class 10 students as well. They will learn about the frequently asked questions in  Social Science from the question paper based on the last five years.

 The UPMSP Previous Year Question Paper Class 10 Social Science is available on the official website of UPMSP and also on the Extramarks’ website. Apart from the UPMSP syllabus, the Extramarks website also offers UPMSP Sample Question Paper, UPMSP Previous Year Question Paper,  and much more. .

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Link to access UPMSP Previous Year Question Paper Class 10 Social Science

Extramarks provides links to Previous Years’ Question Papers Class 10 Social Science for UP Board:

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Study checklist of UPMSP Previous Years’ Question Paper Class 10 Social Science

While we provide a “study checklist” about how they can efficiently study the entire syllabus and a “preparation checklist” about how they can get ready for their Class 10 exam, it is advised that students include the following in their study plan in order to earn good marks in the subject and eventually good  percentage in their first-ever Class 10 board exams..

  • History, civics, and Geography are the subjects that make up social science. In order to understand the weightage in each subject and in each chapter on how marks are assigned, students should first align their studies with the established standards and syllabus of the board.
  • Each of the three subjects must be studied separately.
  •  While studying History it is necessary to take note of all relevant dates and events.
  • Civics is packed with legal and political jargon, so students must be familiar with them. They can ask their mentors and guides for assistance.
  • Students are advised to make notes on significant chapters in Geography so they can create their own notes and broaden their conceptual understanding. They should concentrate mostly on maps because students are likely to make mistakes here. 
  • Students should read each chapter carefully and complete the questions and answers at the end of each chapter in order to best understand the concepts being taught. .
  • They should immediately ask their teachers or mentors for assistance if they are having trouble with a particular subject or chapter.
  • When the entire syllabus is complete, students should return to the previous year’s questions and examine the pattern, their aptitude, and the frequency of questions being repeated. .
  • They should practice writing answers along with maps in Geography also needs to be done simultaneously.

Advantages of solving UPMSP Previous Year Question Paper Class 10 Social Science

  • It enables students to comprehend the format of the board  exam.
  • It helps them in their revision..
  • Both speed and accuracy are improved.
  • Instructs them on time management
  • Students can assess how they are doing.
  •   Remember your preparation is incomplete if you haven’t gone through the past years’ question   papers and sample papers!

How to download UPMSP Previous Year Question Paper Class 10 Social Science

By following these steps, anyone can obtain the UP Board Class 10 Social Science  Previous Year’s Question Paper:

  • The official website of the Uttar Pradesh Madhyamik Shiksha Parishad can be accessed at https://upmsp.edu.in.
  • Go ahead and click on the link in the downloads option.
  • Currently, you are viewing a list of download links for the Class 10 UP Board Previous Year Question Paper.
  • After selecting the next link, a list of subjects with names will appear on the screen.
  • Finally, click on the links to access the PDFs of each subject.

A checklist to prepare for UPMSP Previous Year Question Paper Class 10 Social Science

Before entering the exam hall, students taking the Social Science paper for Class 10 need to keep a few things in mind. The following is the checklist:

  • A self-assured and determined mindset: Students must develop a strong, self-assured approach to their preparation and, at last, enjoy the preparation process with this question paper.
  • Know the Question Paper Pattern: Students can use the past year’s papers to understand the exam’s question structure better. It is important to read the sample questions carefully.
  • A simple practice: Learning and practice go hand in hand. The students are expected to comprehend this.
  • Test your knowledge: Using the provided question paper, students can assess their performance on the Social Science paper and, if necessary, complete additional revisions.

To be kept in mind while writing the Class 10 Board exam.

  • Students have 15 minutes to go over the question paper carefully,  they will be given the answer sheets before the exam begins.
  • The exam is made up of three parts: A, B, and C.
  • Each part begin with a multiple-choice question, and students are required to choose the best answer.
  • Each part’s questions must be answered at once. When a student has finished a particular section, then go to the next.
  • The best results would come from students answering every question.
  • Each question must start with the question number.
  • Put the names and drawings in the appropriate places.

Preparation tips using UPMSP Previous Year Question Paper Class 10 Social Science

We have included the UP board’s previous year’s question papers as well as some of the best  preparation advice to help students do well on the UP final board exams.

  • To master the UP board exams, students should finish more practice papers and papers from previous years. We have created a list of expert and effective recommendations so students can appropriately prepare.
  • Start studying and learning about the exam structure, important topics, and more by using the UP board sample question paper.  (2021, 2019).
  • With the help and direction of an expert, mentor, or friend, you can resolve your doubts. Make a study programme for the exams using the UP board’s intermediate and high school schedules (2022).
  • Consult the finest books, and seek assistance from your subject teacher and fellow students.
  • Make a note of each subject, main concepts, and formulas, and underline the passages that are most relevant to your topic. With its assistance, students can review the complete syllabus.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How crucial is it for students to refer to Previous Year's Papers?

For the students, it is very important to refer to the previous year’s papers. The students will understand how and what to prepare for their Class 10 exam from the previous year’s papers. The students will benefit from this as they frame their answers. After working through the previous year’s papers, the ability to answer any question will boost students’ speed and confidence as they take the exam.

The top students follow a checklist that includes studying the question papers from the previous year, and all students should incorporate this into their study schedule. .

2. How can the students get complete guidance for each Social Science chapter?

 The textbook will serve as the best resource in this situation. Thus students must thoroughly read it if they want to understand the material. Additionally, students can join our Extramarks in-house experts by logging into our website. We offer material that will ensure chapter-by-chapter coaching provided by our experienced faculty.

3. How can I get full marks in the Geography map pointing section?

Map pointing needs to be done carefully and under supervision. When marking particular   spots on the map, students should be observant. They are capable of getting full marks in map pointing with enough practice. This map pointing does count toward your marks in this subject.