UP Board Previous Year Question Paper Class 12 Physics 2019

UPMSP Previous Year Question Paper Class 12 Physics 2019

Every student who wants to pursue an education in science, engineering, or medical fields will need to master physics. Physics is a key subject in which all students will have to understand concepts very well, and if they do, they can also score very well.

Class 12th is a stepping stone to higher education in science and hence a very important milestone in the life of each student.

The UPSMP is the UP board exam, and this exam prompts students to study well, and the score of this exam may be used for admission to graduation sometimes. At times, the UPSMP class 12 scores are considered as a qualifying examination and, hence, this is a key exam for each examinee.

In order to aid this educational journey of aspirants, Extramarks subject matter experts have created various aids, including solved past year questions as well as extra questions, which can be used by aspirants to improve their knowledge and score. Students may use the Extramarks solution questions. There are several benefits to practising the Class 12 Physics previous year papers from the Uttar Pradesh Board. Time management is one of the most important topics explored in these papers.

Students will get a sense of the format of examinations, understand the marking scheme, and the weights for each topic, and understand time efficiency when they practise timed tests. Students who have trouble finishing on time are advised to time each practise test to identify the more time-consuming sections and work on improvement areas. Our highly qualified professors have gathered a collection of practise examinations, and they have selected these Class 12 Physics exam papers from the previous year.

Students can view the UP Board Physics Paper 2019 for Class 12 on the Extramarks website. Students can also access the exam’s question structure and marking scheme. These exam questions have been written based on board guidelines. Students can evaluate their performance and level of study by using exam sample questions. Besides the official website of UPMSP, the UPMSP Previous Year Question Paper Class 12 Physics 2019 is also available on the Extramarks website. Apart from the syllabus, the Extramarks website also offers UPMSP Sample Question Papers, UPMSP Previous Year Question Papers, UPMSP Syllabus and many other study tools.

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Students should be familiar with their previous year’s papers to score well in exams. These papers were written in accordance with the course syllabus and included the main points from each chapter. By comparing their preparation to the papers from the previous year, students can determine the courses that require slightly more and less effort. You can find the Class 12 Physics Previous Year Exam Questions for the 2019 UPMSP Board on Extramarks.

  • UPMSP Previous Year Question Paper Class 12 Physics 2019

UP Board Class 12 Physics Question Paper Pattern

In view of the revised syllabus, this page outlines the UP board Physics exam format. The practical exam is worth 30 marks, while the theory exam is for a total of 70 marks. The remaining components of the theory exam consist of two sections:

  • There are a total of 23 questions and 35 marks in Paper 1.
  • There are a total of 23 questions and 35 marks in Paper 2.
  • Between Papers 1 and 2, the weighting of the marks is the same.
Question type Number of questions Mark/question  Total marks
MCQ 5 1 5
Very short  8 1 8
Short  8 2 16
Long  2 3 6

The UP board Class 12 science exam has the same structure for physics, chemistry, and biology. Exams in Physics, chemistry, and practical biology are for 30 marks each, whereas theory papers are worth 70 marks for each subject.

For each of these topics’ theory exams, there are two papers with equal marks: paper 1 and paper 2 (35 each). There are fewer questions in biology exams than there are in physics and chemistry theory exams, and there are subfields for botany and zoology.

The Class 12 UP board Physics exam papers include a range of syllabus questions. The answers can be long, short, or multiple-choice in multiple-choice questions (MCQs) that are offered.

Five multiple-choice questions totalling one mark each require the examinee to choose the right answer from a list of four alternative answers. They must offer one- to two-line answers to the questions requiring short answers. The answer points for the questions requiring a lengthy answer must be carefully written, emphasising every element of the topic.

UPMSP Previous Year Question Paper Class 12 Physics 2019- Question Paper

On the UPMSP board exam, here are some suggestions for the Class 12 Physics exam.

  • All of the questions must be answered by students because they are required.
  • Section A, Section B, Section C, Section D, and Section E were among the five sections on the exam.
  • Section A has only multiple-choice questions, and each one is worth one mark.
  • Section B contained only very brief questions, each of which was worth one mark.
  • For each question in section C, marks for each question were 2, each question in section D received a value of 3 marks, and each question in section E received a value of 5 marks.
  • All four questions in section E included internal choice options. Students are only allowed to select one answer from the available options.

UPMSP Previous Year Question Paper Class 12 Physics 2019- Syllabus

Section 1: Electrostatics

  • Electrical Charges and Fields
  • Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance

Section 2: Current Electricity

  • Current Electricity

Section 3: Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism

  • Moving Charges and Magnetism
  • Magnetism and Matter

Section 4: Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents

  • Electromagnetic Induction
  • Alternating Currents

Section 5: Electromagnetic Waves

  • Electromagnetic Waves

Section 6: Optics

  • Ray Optics and Optical Instruments
  • Wave Optics

Section 7: Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter

  • Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter

Section 8: Atoms and Nuclei

  • Atoms 
  • Nuclei 

Section 9: Electronic Devices

  • Semiconductor Electronics: Materials, Devices, and Simple Circuits

How to go about solving UPMSP Previous Year Question Paper Class 12 Physics 2019

Students must be familiar with the structure and weightage of the Class 12 Physics exam before sitting for the board exam. Before preparing for the Class 12 mock Physics exam on the 2019 Uttar Pradesh Board, you should first review the syllabus. Students can strengthen their areas of weakness by practising these exam questions. By regularly reviewing sample exams, students can better understand each subject and the exam questions.

To succeed in the MCQs section, students must be very thorough with their subject. Each question has a single correct response.  In rare instances where answers to a question are very similar, students may need to give serious thought to their responses before submission.

Students must be thorough with their Physics textbooks rather than solely relying on other reference study materials.

A brief answer should be one to two lines long as these are intended to be concise and exact. It is key to answer each question properly, and students must keep this in mind. 

For subject and theory questions, longer answers are required. Students must read the entire question carefully before answering as they may include subquestions, and each one needs a different answer.

It is essential to cover all difficult subjects before moving on to simpler ones. To ace the exam, each student should allot enough time to study and practise for the UP board Physics Class 12 exams.

Benefits of Solving UPMSP Previous Year Question Paper Class 12 Physics 2019

The advantages of using the 2019 UP Board 12th Physics Previous Year Paper include the following:

  • By taking the 12th mock exam provided by the UP board, students can get a sense of the exam’s structure and a sample of the questions that will be asked.
  • Students who frequently practise exams for the UP 12th grade can determine their preparation level. They will have ample time to focus on the areas that require development.
  • The question papers from the UP board for the 12th grade contain the majority of the exam question answers. Then, for the UP board exam, a sample exam or the exam from the previous year would be accepted.
  • By studying and practising the UP Board’s previous year’s exams, students will be able to comprehend the key ideas of the Class 12 syllabus and reinforce those ideas to ace the exam.
  • Students should try to finish the UP board 12th question papers within the allotted time in order to manage their time throughout the exam.
  • If you examine the materials you used to prepare for your board exams, your performance in 12th grade will be considerably better.

Preparation tips from UPMSP Previous Year Question Paper Class 12 Physics 2019

Additionally, we provide advice on how to study effectively for the UP Class 12 final Board exams. The 2019 UPMSP Class 12 Physics Previous Year Question Paper is one among them.

  • Students must finish more UP board 12th model papers and the previous year’s papers in order to master the Class 12 exams. We have compiled a list of useful tips to assist students with their preparation.To obtain a sense of the structure, subjects, and other exam themes, use the UP board 12th mock exams from 2019.
  • Speak with a friend, your instructor, or a mentor if you have any questions. Make a study schedule for the exams using the intermediate timetable from the UP board.
  • Consult your teachers, knowledgeable peers, and the best texts for guidance.
  • Highlighting significant passages that relate to your topic is a wise move. It is important to keep in mind each subject, the formula, and the main concept. It can be used to assist students in finishing the whole course.

How to download UPMSP Previous Year Question Paper Class 12 Physics 2019

You can get the Physics Previous Year Question Paper for the Class 12 UP Board by closely adhering to the directions given by Extramarks in this section. The following steps can be taken to obtain the Class 12 Physics Previous Year’s Question Paper for the 2019 UP Board:

  • The official website of the Uttar Pradesh Madhyamik Shiksha Parishad can be seen at https://upmsp.edu.in.
  • Go ahead and click the link for the downloads option.
  • The Class 12 UP Board Sample Paper download links will appear on the screen.
  • A list of topics and names will appear on the screen after clicking the next link.
  • After that, click the buttons to begin the download for each subject.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How can I achieve high marks in UPMSP Class 12?

It is not difficult to achieve high marks on the UPMSP. All you require is a detailed strategy. Students can devote enough time to each subject to finish the course in the allotted amount of time. They must understand the fundamental ideas of particular areas, such as Mathematics, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry.

2. What benefits are there for UPMSP students using the Extramarks learning app?

Students at UPMSP benefit from the Extramarks learning app in various ways. Here are some of them:

  • The website’s design is so well-known that it may help students easily.
  • The subjects have been fully prepared in accordance with the UPMSP syllabus.