Demo Curriculum Details.

Demo Curriculum Details.

The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE), founded in 1958,
is in charge of three national-level examinations: The Indian Certificate of Secondary
Education (ICSE) for Class 10, The Indian School Certificate (ISC) for Class 12, and
The Certificate of Vocational Education Examination (CVE – 12). The Indian Certificate
of Secondary Education has been designed to provide an examination in a course of
general education, in accordance with the recommendations of the New Education
Policy 1986, through English as the medium of instruction. A comprehensive yet
balanced curriculum is designed to foster holistic development in all students.
ICSE Solutions for Board Examination
With the CISCE curriculum, students can become effective learners who like studying
and can successfully apply basic principles learned in several areas. Using oral,
written, and non-verbal communication skills, they should be able to express their
thoughts and ideas effectively in any situation. Extramarks provides students with all
the required guidance related to board examinations. Pre-solved papers and
numerical problems help students a lot to save their time in search of answers.
Students can find all the solutions at one stop that are needed for the ICSE Board
ICSE Board: Selina Solutions, Syllabus, Notes, Sample Papers &
Question Papers
Extramarks has provided all the important and required Board Examination solutions,
syllabus, notes, revision notes, and sample papers on its website. Students can
practice, check the solutions, and can quickly revise with the help of study notes.
ICSE Solutions for Class 10 – Concise Selina Publishers
Class 10 is a crucial year for students studying on the ICSE board. It helps the students
to decide and know what field to pursue next. Extramarks provide the students with all
the important solutions to all the questions and papers. Students can click the link
given below and access all the solutions. Students will also be given a collection of all
the solutions to questions from the Selina Concise textbooks for the ICSE board.
ICSE Solutions for Class 9 – Concise Selina Publishers
Extramarks provides students studying in the ICSE Class 9 with important solutions to
all the questions and papers. Students can click the link given below and access all
the solutions for standard 9th. Students will also be given a collection of all the
solutions to questions from the Selina Concise textbooks.
ICSE Solutions for Class 8 – Concise Selina Publishers
Students in Class 8 can visit the Extramarks website and refer to the Solutions. They
can click the link below and access it.
ICSE Solutions for Class 7 – Concise Selina Publishers
Extramarks has provided all the solutions for Class 7 ICSE Board on its official website.
Students can check it and get access by clicking the link given below.
ICSE Solutions for Class 6 – Concise Selina Publishers
Extramarks gives all of the necessary and vital solutions to all of the questions and
papers for students who study in the ICSE Board Standard 6th. Students can access
the solutions by clicking the link given below.
Previous Year Question Papers
Experience teaches everyone a lot, especially students. Previous year’s question
papers will surely help students to be aware and have a gist of the way ICSE Board
asks questions, prepares their question paper format.The student can even solve
these papers in a timeline to know how well they are prepared for the ICSE Board
ICSE Revision Notes
Class 10 Revision Notes
Students appearing for Class 10 examination can study from the revision notes that
are readily available on Extramarks website. Some of the revision pointers for
reference are given below:
• Experiment- An operation that results in properly defined outcomes is called
an experiment.
• The Measure of Central Tendency- A single quantity that helps an individual
to know the average data of the character under investigation is called the
measure of central tendency.
• Histogram- A 2D representation in graphic form that shows us the various
frequency distributions of a given data is called a histogram.
• The angle of Elevation- The angle that is present between the horizontal line
and the line of sight.
• Trigonometric Identity- A given equation that consists of ratios of trigonometry
that have true angle values is called a trigonometric Identity.
• Cylinder- A solid figure that is described by the lamina in a rectangular form
about one of its sides is called a cylinder. It has 2 flat surfaces and one curved
• Stepwise Constructions of Tangents to a Circle
• Circle- When a point is equally distant from a fixed point is called a circle.
• Matrix- A rectangular arrangement of numbers and elements in rows and
columns surrounded by square brackets is called a matrix.
• Bank- A place that lends and carries out transactions related to money
matters is called a bank.
• Force- A physical cause that is responsible for the change of state in a body
from rest to motion is called a force.
• Work- When a force moves a body, work is done.

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